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BigRolliePollie 06-09-2013 11:08 AM

Does anyone have a suggestion for good reading
Does anyone have a book that can teach and explain why fats are good, and carbohydrates are bad? I need to find a book that is easy to understand for my teenage daughter. She is always trying to watch her fats, but doesn't realize that the low fat high carb diet is what is making her gain weight. She does read a lot, so I am hoping to find a book/article that might help her see the light...

tymom 06-09-2013 02:16 PM

Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat".
i am currently reading Phinney and Volek, but that may be too scientific.
Fat Head Movie is also awesome.

Nancypie11 06-09-2013 03:10 PM

Agree with fathead, it's on Hulu. It's very easy to understand.

BigRolliePollie 06-09-2013 03:37 PM

These are great suggestions, thank you!

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