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Hot Potato 06-05-2013 05:45 PM

Which plan to choose...(if any!!)...and hello!

I have a question I am hoping all of you lovely low carbers can help me with...
But first, I thought I'd introduce myself and give you some background.

I'm Hot Potato from Melbourne, Australia.

I'm 41 years old and have struggled with my weight since my late teens. I am hypothyroid and have PCOS. I currently take 1500mg metformin and 50mg
of thyroxine. My insulin is edging up (last reading was 23). When I started low carb a few weeks ago I weighed 117.4kg. I currently weigh 114.3kg. I am about 5 foot 4 1/2 inches. I had been 105kg a couple of years ago but I did nine (unsuccessful) rounds of IVF and the drugs and the comfort eating just piled on the kilos. Oh yeah, most of my weight is in my middle on my stomach. I have a 'small bum' and hips lol.

What really got me onto low carb was an article by Gary Taubes. It made so much sense! I also read Sweet Poison by David Gillespie (highly recommend it!). Since then I have read a million articles, studies, websites, etc about the low carb lifestyle. So here I am :)

The way I have been eating is kind of primal, but kind of LCHF.... I have not been limiting my fat and my carbs have been at less than 50gm a day (most days less than 30gm). I don't eat sugar or grains and very, very little fruit (maybe about a handful of berries a week). I tracked my calories for a couple of weeks and I was consistently between 1300 and 1500. My BMR is about 2200.

Finally, coming to the question part....lol... I have not lost anything on the scales for a week or so. Is it because I am just "low carbing" and not sticking well enough to a particular plan? Am I doing it right? Starting to lose a little faith that I can do this.

Any advice? Should I follow a plan? Or am I doing it right?

Thanks :)

Deosil 06-05-2013 06:03 PM

First of all. Welcome! This is a great place to get all kinds of information and support!
I am relatively new here also and would hesitate to give much in the way of guidance but there are some amazing & very knowledgeable members here that will , I am sure, be able to answer your questions.

I personally would pick a plan that will work for you and stick to it! I am doing several plans in a way all at once but I am adhering to the "rules" for each and they are working well for me. YMMV in any of this but following a plan is the best thing, imo, to encourage yourself to follow through on your new, healthier WOE.

Good Luck on your journey! :)

Pami 06-05-2013 08:47 PM

Pick a plan- read the book
I also think you should pick a plan. When you make your own diet, you
make your own rules. When something goes haywire, you can't come to
us for clarification of something you set up. There are people here with
years (even decades) of experience in various WOEs, but if you follow
the "Hot Potato" diet, we won't be much help to you.

Strawberry 06-05-2013 08:55 PM

Hi and welcome!!!!

I agree picking a plan is a good idea.

However, I wouldn't get upset because of ONE week with no loss. Water weight fluctuations vary so much that it's very common to not see a loss one week...then down 2 lbs the next...then down 1 lbs... Then nothing. Especially females retain water at certain time so the month.

Mistizoom 06-05-2013 08:58 PM

Hello! You sound very similar to me, except I'm pear shaped rather than apple shaped. I'm 43, 5'5", have PCOS (taking 1500 mg/metformin/day) also just had thyroid testing done the other day and most likely hypothyroid (I have a post about this in the thyroid forum). I am doing "low carb my way", not any particular plan, and I am losing pretty steadily. One week of no loss on the scale is not a stall. It sounds like you are eating about the same amount of calories I do, and also low carb (though I would say 40 g would be a very high day for me, 30 g or fewer is typical), high fat, and thus moderate protein (100 g a day or fewer generally for me). Not losing for a week could be any number of things. The main thing is to stick with it. I have been doing this for nearly 7 months and my fasting insulin after 6 months was cut in half from what it was last year. Feel free to join some of us losing without follwoing a particular plan on the challenges board, http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lo...b-our-way.html.

emel 06-06-2013 04:09 AM

Hi and welcome.

I just browsed the plan included in the appendices of Taubes' "Why we Get Fat". You're nearly there with your eating plan, with the only differences being that carbs are limited to 20 gm and the veggie selections are required, not optional, and there's no fruit at the beginning. A few things are limited, such as cheeses and condiments, and there's a suggestion to stay away from artificial sweeteners.

Taubes didn't write the plan, entitled "The No Sugar No Starch Diet". He just endorsed it by including it in his book. I'd be happy to paste a copy of it for you if you're interested. It's almost Atkins Induction, just a very few differences.

Aleina 06-06-2013 05:40 AM

Welcome and pick a plan,at least for the beginning. It is good to start with allowed lists. Going it on your own you might get to the day of negotiating with yourself that this peach you are craving is really very small, that you can just eat a quarter of it and leave the rest for husband,kids,dog,birds or ants. (Tick appropriate option for you ;))

Elgar 06-06-2013 06:08 AM

I also echo the folks who say pick a plan. Or at least pick a non-negotiable carb allowance (not above 40 grams if you want optimal losses). The one Taubes recommends is good, as is Protein Power. The latter allows 30-40 grams of carb a day, and does include limited cheese and berries right off. The latter was a deal breaker for me when I tried Atkins.
You'll also find being active in an on-line forum will help tremendously. Both for the encouragement and knowledge base. Good luck -- hope to see lots of losses.

Chuck41 06-06-2013 02:51 PM

I have tried a number of the "plans" over the years. I have to keep carbs down near that magic 20 number to continue weight loss. I also have to keep the protein under reasonable control as well. Since you are new to the regimen I would join the others that suggest to commit to a specific plan. That will help you learn about your eating pattern and show immediate positive results. I would highly recommend Atkins induction or the "No Sugar No Starch" plan mentioned earlier in this thread. The latter is what I personally use for the most part. I also found Taubes' WWGF book to be immensively helpful to me. Good luck.

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