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Sailor Girl 06-03-2013 01:38 PM

How much water
Do you aim to get each day?
I have a friend who was successful in losing a great deal of weight. She is now an avid marathon runner and has maintained her weight loss for well over a year now. She said that she drinks her weight in pounds in ounces of water each day. Holy cow! I don't know if I could drink 200 ounces of water each day!

Ntombi 06-03-2013 01:42 PM

I don't aim for a specific amount, but I drink a lot of water. A lot.

I typically drink more than a gallon per day.

Putz 06-03-2013 01:42 PM

I always thought it was HALF your weight in ounces....I will have no life bc I will always be in the powder room if I drink that much. LOL

Ntombi 06-03-2013 01:43 PM

Yes, the formula I always heard was half your weight in ounces.

Sailor Girl 06-03-2013 02:06 PM

Lol! 100 ounces sounds much more manageable!
Maybe she's just a super overachiever! ;)

Kath17 06-03-2013 05:56 PM

I've been back on atkins for three weeks and am drinking half my weight in ounces of water. I can't believe how many times I go to the bathroom. But I really think it's helping me stay on track because of so much focus on water I'm not thinking of food much. Plus, my dog loves to play with all the gallon jugs!

natural_born_texan 06-04-2013 09:18 AM

I drink approximately 70 oz. of pure water everyday.

Rhubarb 06-04-2013 10:27 AM

I drink a ton of liquid all day long, mostly water but coffee, tea, sometimes a diet soda. I'm really thirsty and I suffer from leg cramps if I let myself get dehydrated. I stopped counting some time ago but the last time I tracked it was at least 100 oz, usually more. I just let thirst guide me.

84k 06-04-2013 10:32 AM

I don't know ounces, but I drink at least 4l otherwise I get dehydrated...

Sunshine 57 06-04-2013 10:44 AM

I drink close to 2 gallons daily,not sure of the ozs.I have bad leg cramps too,need lots of water.I am also on Lasics,so going to bathrm a lot.

Erin57 06-04-2013 11:14 AM

I drink 64oz. I fill up a 32oz. Mason Jar with a slice of lemon and lime. I'll drink 2 of these throughout the day.

I'll drink maybe 40 more oz. of decaf herbal or green tea in the afternoon and evening. Mostly the tea is a hand to mouth thing. It gives me something to do after dinner. I put a dash of cinnamon in and call it dessert.

SugarFreeSheila 06-04-2013 11:19 AM

I've found it's easier to drink water after I've added a few ounces of organic lemon juice not from concentrate to a gallon jug of it.

Hayek 06-04-2013 11:47 AM

It varies, but between 64-128 ounces each day. I don't aim for any amount, but I have a 32 ounce bottle I fill and drink throughout the day (often with a splash of lemon). Very rarely am I ever under 64 ounces.

FatCat 06-04-2013 12:07 PM

I drink 1-2 gallons of ice water each day.

Although...I sometimes have help....:annoyed:

Pami 06-04-2013 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by FatCat (Post 16454801)
I drink 1-2 gallons of ice water each day.

Although...I sometimes have help....:annoyed:

Dang goofball.

FatCat 06-06-2013 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by Pami (Post 16455230)
Dang goofball.

I hope she meant the cat....

Aleina 06-06-2013 09:48 AM

If you drink a lot of water all at once your body cannot use it that quickly and excretes it unused. Sports drinks are seemingly better absorbed. They have salt added that the body craves after workout and therefore gets metabolised quicker. The sugar in the drinks masks the salt. If you are drinking a lot water is almost a diuretic. Adding a tiny bit of salt makes it more useable to the body ansd slows the passing . Excess water leaches minerals from your food intake. Chinese doctors recommend not to eat and drink together.

Sorry for answering questions you did not ask . ;)

FatCat 06-06-2013 10:08 AM

My Dr isn't Chinese, so I'm doing good :D

Chuck41 06-06-2013 02:13 PM

I was working out in the heat yesterday afternoon. Got to feeling really bad so went inside and got a two quart jug of ice water. Drank the whole thing in about an hour while I finished my job. Felt much better Immediately. Guess I was dehydrated when I started and working in the heat made it much worse. We need a lot of water on LC that is for sure.

MsWoods 06-06-2013 02:37 PM

I drink a lot of liquid every day. All day long I drink coffee and water. I try to get in at least a gallon of pure water during the day, and I drink probably around 50-60oz of coffee.

In the evening I drink lemon infused water, a few diet sodas, and 0 calorie carbonated lemonade's (they come in 2 liters at Walmart, different flavors) and i drink almost a 2 liter of those at night.

I drink A TON of liquid.

cfine 06-06-2013 07:07 PM

I try to drink a gallon of water per day, half of that with fresh lemons and stevia. Since I started doing this, I not only feel better, but my weight loss has sped up.

Spod 06-07-2013 08:21 AM

I drink about 80-96 ounces a day. I was told by my doctor that women should not exceed 100oz as you can start leeching minerals. I think there's some disagreement over the recommended amount, but NIH, which is highly respected and often cited in clinical publications, recommends 2.2 liters for women (9 cups) and 3 liters for men (13 cups). All I know is, when I hover around 80, I stave off salt-related water retention and its helps with regularity.

Spod 06-07-2013 08:24 AM

Mswoods - just read your comment again and wanted to mention that caffeine bevs actually cause you to leech calcium from your bones, so you may wish to monitor your calcium intake, just to be sure you're maintaining good levels :) oh how I love my coffee!!

cfine 06-07-2013 09:20 AM

I add trace minerals to my water. I think it's a wise idea for everyone to do that, especially if you are drinking a lot.

eagle eye 06-07-2013 09:38 AM

I consume around 64 oz per day :)

Strawberry 06-08-2013 12:45 AM

Easiest way to tell = your urine should be light yellow/clear. If its darker or more concentrated, you need to drink more!

Most normal people will do fine by just following their thirst (and being careful to drink a little extra if its exceptionally hot outside)

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