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baileygirl3 05-27-2013 07:14 AM

Does anyone else feel bad...
when you have a slight drop in your weight? Not mentally but physically. Kinda run down not achy but just a lil sluggish. I have noticed a pattern here over the past year. Of course my weight loss has slowed down quite a bit over the past few months as I have gotten close to goal to but for some reason as I noticed that when I drop some weight (as I did change on the scale this weekend) I feel sorta for a few days...can't really explain it...:dunno: Just curious if anyone else noticed it too. I will also outta the blue have people ask me if I lost weight or not...Its all weird.

Aleina 05-27-2013 07:25 AM

Baileygirl, I just lost a pound and I noticed the contrary that my mood is better(before weighing ;)) that I feel much clearerheaded etc. The difference between me and you is that you are nearing goal weight. An evolutionary reaction of the body to let you know "ease up girl,you are scaring me"?
Just a musing,no scientific evidence behind it.
Another more practical thing would be to ask whether your diet has varied recently/whether you are actively varying your diet to achieve the extra weightloss letīs say by increasing decreasing protein or fat.The variation may have been acceptable to your body when you were still very overweight but it might not like it so much if you do the same thing when it has almost no margin left.

Erin57 05-27-2013 07:33 AM

Yes. I feel a bit "off kilter" when I am losing. Not really a high level of anxiety, just increased tension. It's hard to explain. I'll go years without any coldsore/herpes outbreaks and only get them when I am losing. This is a signal that my body is stressed.

I use high dose L-Lysine and Beta Glucan supplements and this seems to help.

This is why I have commented that maintaining is easier than losing for me.

Edit: It's not a new thing for me. I've had to sort of "rest" at about every 20 lb. loss. I stayed at 170 lbs. for a few years and didn't really feel ready to continue to lose until this year.

avid 05-27-2013 07:52 AM

No, I can't say that I do.
I wonder if it isn't psychological.
Seriously, losing a pound or two doesn't do much to change our physiology.
But.....it may touch on some things that were pounded into our heads when
we growing up.
I know in my case, coming from a traditional Italian family, that food = love.
If you didn't eat alot of what the moms and aunts spent hours preparing then
it was taken as a form of rejection. Seriously. You could be made to feel guilty
if you didn't clean your plate and ask for seconds.
It was a big reason why I was the fattest kid in school for two years in a row.
So, if that's the case....and I admit it's a big 'if'....then toss away those old
notions and remember that food is nutruition needed to sustain life. We don't
need nearly as much as some cultures, and the TV would have us believe.

Patience 05-27-2013 09:00 AM

Bailey, it sound physiological to me, as if your body is just adjusting to the loss.
I haven't been at this long enough to note a pattern for mysef. When I have been losing (not now, in the past), I have had people ask me if I am tired or ok, even though I don't feel tired on bad. I am guessing the loss is just showing up in some haggard way on my face. It's kind of a downer, though.

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