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Sarebighair 05-23-2013 01:27 AM

For nervous newbies
Thought I'd check in & try to inspire anyone else who is just starting out. I am only on week 3 but the change in me has been surprising. I began just wanting to shift a few pounds before my holiday, giving myself a month to do so. For my two weeks on Induction, I now realise that I suffered the symptoms of Atkins flu, headaches, lethargy, miserable cow-ness etc but managed to lose 6 pounds which was really all that I needed.

What I hadn't expected was the other benefits of this way of life, I feel somehow 'cleansed' if that doesn't sound too knobbish, less bloated, just generally in a much better place. Mostly though, my skin which absurdly has been acne prone still at the grand age of 43,and which broke out horrendously at the beginning of the diet, is now clearer than it has been in years! I noticed upon waking this morning that rather than it feeling oily & bumpy as usual, it was dry, soft and clean feeling from cleansing the night before. Anyone who suffers from adult acne will know how depressing it can be & how it knocks your confidence.

I now don't want to return to my old way of eating, low fat low calorie, as it hasn't done me any favours over the years. I'm worried though about undoing all my hard work on holiday.. Does anyone with more experience have any advice please?

Many thanks & much love, S. X

lterry913 05-23-2013 08:10 AM

Just stay as true to plan as possible...if it is something you have had before you really don't need to have it as a treat just because it is there...I save holiday treats and splurges for things that I have truly not tried before or are a specialty items available only in that area.
Have a great holiday!

margame 05-24-2013 12:40 PM

i went on a skiing holiday at the end of march. i packed the dry ingredients for omms (one minute muffins) in sandwich size ziplocks. just pour one of the ziplocks in a coffee mug add the egg, stir and then nuke for 1 minute. i also packed a couple of bars of lindt 99% cacao dark chocolate bars, instant decaf coffee and artifical sweetener to use to make mocha coffees for my evenings so i wouldnt feel "left out" when everyone else was drinking and having their desert. bought the eggs and hwc at the ski hill grocery at about 50% more than what i usually pay but wtheck it was a holiday and i've spent a lot more on worse things than that. when we ate out i would order an "enhanced" salad, eg regular or cseasar salad with added grilled chicken or shrimp. while i didn't lose any weight i didn't gain any either, maybe because of the 5-6hr/day skiiing i was doing. :grin:

my advice: stay at a hotel that has at minimum a minifridge and microwave and you can keep much closer to plan. our room was advertised as "sleeps 4 with kitchenette"; the "kitchenette" was more like an appartment sized kitchen with all full sized appliances; stove, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher; cookware and dinnerware too.

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