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Spanilingo 05-22-2013 08:04 AM

Coconut oil question
I have used co oil in the past to replace other oils for cooking and baking. Is there a benefit to using it an addition to other oils --- like as a supplement or do you use it only to replace other oils. I have always used full fat as opposed to adding fat to my diet. If I add additional co to my diet, would I lower be fat in other areas or reduce something else?

Mistizoom 05-22-2013 07:13 PM

There are lots of sources that say coconut oil supplementation is beneficial. I put it in my fat bombs and usually eat a couple of those a day. I know some people put it in their bullet proof coffee and others eat it straight from the spoon. The first book I read about coconut oil supplementation in was Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon (though theirs is not a LC plan). Another one I've heard good things about (though I haven't read it myself) is The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife and Jon J. Kabara. If you do start supplementing you need to work your way up, as too much as once if you aren't use to it can make you feel unwell and/or cause gastric distress.

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