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SweetMe678 05-16-2013 04:47 PM

Hormones and Plateaus
I have a theory and I wanted to see if anyone else has come across this for themselves.

I find that weight loss gets tougher at certain points in my weight. For example right after the birth of my kiddo I went on the depo shot (scared to death of getting prego again!) I also gained about 50 pounds that year! At one point years ago I got down to that 50+ weight and stalled out, hardcore. I didn't lose any weight for about 4 months, I finally broke the stall with a fat fast.

about 6 years ago I was losing weight without really trying, after leaving my ex (besides the 180 he weighed!). I just ate moderate carbs, had a very active lifestyle, and the weight seemed to fall off. Then I stalled again at the same weight. I was fine and happy with my body at the time.

Two years ago my brother passed away the fall after I also suffered from severe depression/anxiety. I know at the time my hormones went wacky, my menstrual cycle shortened and my periods were MUCH heavier and longer. I ate my grief that winter and paid for it. The next year I had a lot of health problems. Last fall decided enough was enough and came back to Atkins.

Well I have had a mini stall now for a couple weeks. I have made a couple changes and thought I was losing again. We'll see in two weeks, which is the next time I take my measurement.

It seems like every time I stall, it has to do with weight gain/hormones from the past. I reach a weight that at some point in my life was a gain combined with hormones and I stall.

This could be my brain making things up :stars: So I thought I would ask everyone here and see if anyone else has anything to share.

Blue Skies 05-16-2013 05:44 PM

Hey SweetMe---not sure exactly how hormones effect weight loss, but I sure as heck know they do.

For instance, it is a well covered fact that stress raises the cortisol hormone and wreaks havoc on many levels, including increasing hunger. And I can also say that menopause---a drop in certain hormones--- has effected my body no end. Where I used to gain weight in my rear and thighs, it's all about my mid section now, which never used to be a problem. And my legs and butt are doing just fine, thank you. It would be weird if I hadn't seen the same think happen to so many women in menopause.

Also, longer and heavier periods are a definite symptom of peri-menopause. Don't know where you're at in this process, but if you're over 40 chances are that explains the longer and heavier periods.

Seems to me we're not going to get definitive answers on this for now. But yes, I think everyone would agree that hormones play a huge role in how our body performs, including weight loss. However, it's also true that there's not much we can do about it. Except for maybe learning how to deal w/stress better, because here the science is pretty solid.

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