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Just Russ 05-15-2013 07:01 AM

I thought I'd blown it...
We went to Applebees for Mother's Day. I had the 7oz steak & a bit of the grilled chicken off an Oriental Chicken salad wife & I shared. I was planning to have my usual salad amount from the greens. I normally have oil & vinegar dressing but I went without.
I ended up eating quite a bit of the salad, including noodles... I could taste my mouth enzymes craving more carbs that night. I didn't feed the cravings... had a bowl of my pork rinds with cinnamon & Splenda.

I hadn't been on the scale 2 previous days... when I weighed, -3. ??? (The down side is I was Miserable sick with pain (I think from a kidney stone the Dr is monitoring). I suspected the weigh in but I repeated it & it was a good reading, confirmed today. :dunno:

Blue Skies 05-15-2013 07:42 AM

I have often dropped after a treat night. And when I say treat night, I mean eating one thing I wouldn't normally have on plan, one carby thing. I don't plan treat nights for that reason, and wouldn't count on it, but it does happen.

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