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raytamtay3 05-13-2013 10:40 AM

Didn't see anyone else post it so...

B - 2 deviled eggs, coffee with almond milk and s/l, ACV with water
L - Cheese brat wurst (sp?) ACV with water
D - Bacon and cheddar pork patty and some veggie, ACV with water

Way under 20 g carbs.

GAVIV 05-13-2013 11:52 AM


B: coffee with calcium chews
L: 2-3 oz chicken with shiritake (no idea how to spell this!)
D: tilapia with veggies

A'smommy 05-13-2013 12:29 PM

Finals this week.. :p
B- Coffee w/ 2 T HWC
L- 2 T PB, almond milk w/ 4 T flax meal (disgusting but it kept me SO full yesterday)
D- Grilled chicken cooked in butter/oil, iceberg salad w/ Italian, ranch and 2 TSP hot sauce for chicken dipping!

+ 2-3 liters water!

= 1,035 calories, 86g total fat, 24g sat fat, 26 total carbs, 14 net!

Completed 2nd hr of callanetics, and squats for the day! Now off to study!

trinchick 05-13-2013 12:33 PM

B - 2 eggs, coffee with light cream
L - 4 oz ribeye steak, 1 cup caesar salad (no croutons), 1 cup roast veggies (eggplant, red pepper, red onion, mushrooms), 2 cups diced honeydew melon
D - Italian sausage in spaghetti sauce over sauteed zucchini ribbons

RDBhan 05-13-2013 01:45 PM

B: Steak, sausage, egg, coffee (2 gm)
L: Grilled chicken, salad (3 gm)
S: 1 oz almonds, 1 oz peanuts, celery, coffee (7 gm)
D: Cod, asparagus, mushrooms (3 gm)
Workout: Greek Yogurt (8 gm)

Water: 3.9 L so far, 5 goal

canadiangirl 05-13-2013 02:19 PM

B- 3 scrambled eggs, 2 coffees with splenda and hwc
L- Source Greek Yogurt (5g)
S- protein bar
D- bacon, fried eggs, sautéed mushrooms, acv tonic
S-acv tonic

illogical 05-13-2013 02:30 PM

B- Tea
S- Coffee & water
L- Chicken Shawarma salad, sprite zero
D- ??????

Mad4Chillas 05-13-2013 03:54 PM

Good Evening everyone :)


-3 Crustless Spinach & Cheese Quiches
-1/8 Cup Macadamia Nuts
-3 Cups Coffee W-1.5 Tbsp. HWC & Stevia
-4 Crustless Spinach & Cheese Quiches
-1 Jalapeno String Cheese
-16 Oz. Diet Coke
-1/8 Cup Macadamia Nuts
-1 La Croix Coconut Water
-1 Egg White Protein Shake W-PB2
-1 La Croix Coconut Water

~15g net

Clasof73 05-13-2013 04:01 PM

Working so two low carb atkins drinks

Luca 05-13-2013 04:18 PM

B-2 cups of coffee, co, splenda

L-avocado with tuna salad

snack-pack of almonds

D-4 buffalo wings w. ranch, atkins bar


cfine 05-13-2013 07:20 PM

B-one deviled egg

L-grilled chicken, veggies, clear soup

D-red snapper

S-beef jerky, cream cheese cloud

Jannybunny 05-13-2013 08:45 PM

L: Beef taco salad with salsa and sour cream; ice tea

D: Hamburger patty topped with one slice of cheddar, mustard on the side, two dill pickle slices, and a salad with ranch dressing

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