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Old 05-10-2013, 11:44 AM   #31
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Originally Posted by A&F View Post
Recently, I've started measuring weekly and taking weekly photographs (something I REALLY wish I had started doing in the beginning). I want a visual record to remind me of my progress for when I do get bogged down by the number on the scale, or just don't feel like I've made any progress whatsoever.
My brothers talked me into taking photos when I started Atkins and then taking "progress" photos. I absolutely HATED doing it in the beginning because looking at the photos made me feel like the task ahead of me was just impossible. On paper, losing 100 pounds felt *doable* because I could imagine losing bodyfat from a numerical perspective, but looking at my starting photos and thinking about how much fat I needed to lose and looking at the fact that I needed to lose fat from every part of my body *looked* to me like a superhuman task that I would never be able to realistically accomplish. But I'm so glad now that I have those progress photos because the photos now make the task seem *more achievable* because I can physically see how far I've already come.
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Old 05-10-2013, 12:09 PM   #32
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Add me to the list of those who track absolutely everything
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Old 05-13-2013, 02:04 PM   #33
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So interesting. Thanks everyone!!
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I don't track my food because, although I want to be healthy and I want to lose weight, I'm not willing to let it completely rule my life. When I track I spend so much time on it; not only the time it takes to actually record it but I also spend a heck of a lot more time thinking about it and worrying about it and planning it, etc etc. When I don't track, it doesn't hinder my weight loss. When I do track I don't notice any huge improvement in my weight loss. So I don't do it :-)

Tracking my weight, well that I used to do every day, regardless of whether I was watching what I ate or in a free-fall. Currently I'm on a 3 week hiatus from the scale though and it's really hard not to step on it in every morning! I have changed up/tweaked my diet and want to give a solid 3 weeks to see how it ultimately affects me overall, and I didn't want to be worried about the inevitable fluctuations on the scale and worrying about not losing quick enough or not losing anything at all or things like that. I am focusing on how I look in the mirror and how my clothes fit, so no weight tracking for me until June!

In the end, I think tracking your food, weight, exercise, etc. is incredibly helpful for some people and not so much for others. This journey is a personal experience that will likely be a little bit different for every single person, even though the general gist of it is the same for us all (kind of like our DNA, Every human has pretty much the exact same DNA, except for just a tiny little bit of changes here and there). I think each person should definitely try it out (and give it a good go, at least a month or 2 because a week isn't going to give you the full picture) and decide whether it helps, hinders, or doesn't matter.

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I don't own a scale, and don't plan to weigh in until at least 2-3 weeks of clean eating. And one reason I started low carbing is that I don't have to count calories, portion sizes, etc. as long as I'm under 20 carbs a day. I do count carbs, though.
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