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Deosil 04-22-2013 11:53 AM

Question about combining WOEs
Hello everyone!

I am relatively new here but I was a lurker since Jan 11th of this year when I started Atkins. I have stayed in Induction ever since and have lost around 40lbs so far. I have also increased my exercise to 20 mins minimum cardio per day and just began Callanetics. This was from being extremely sedentary over the last 8 years or so.

I have stalled recently and not seen much movement on the scale. Yesterday I began the Bullet Proof Coffee for breakfast and it is surprisingly delicious. On the Bulletproof website there is another WOE wherein you drink a BPC in the morning then are able to eat from 2pm until 8pm then nothing afterwards. I have also been reading a lot about JUDDD and that also looks like it could be an interesting thing to work with.

Carbs have always been my devil. I know this and even though I love potatoes (I am Irish lol) and pasta and bread I have always known that it is an instant weight gain when I eat them. Even when I was younger and in decent shape in the 120's - 145 lbs zone this was an issue.


I have been thinking about combining these WOE ideas into one and I wanted to get some input from anyone who may have done this or just has knowledge, pro or con, for this.

How I want to do this is as follows:

1)I will remain using Atkins Induction foods allowed and dis-allowed lists.

2)I will start my day with a BPC and then only eat from 2pm to 8pm. This is no hardship as I am a business owner and can model my day around my needs.

3)I will do all of this using JUDDD. So, every other day I will restrict my caloric intake to under 500 while still using foods acceptable on Induction.

4) I will keep going with the cardio and Callanetics, trying to keep Callanetics to Up days.

Any input anyone may have for me will be truly appreciated. Yesterday I sort of started this and modelled my day after an UP day doing everything listed above so today is my Down day if I do follow through with this idea.

Everyone on these boards seems so helpful and informative and even though I am new here I really do feel so much better having you all to help me in this WOE.

Thank you all so very much! :)

Knittering 04-22-2013 11:58 AM

That all sounds good. :) My only caution would be that when you start all these different things at once, you don't know what is or isn't working. Maybe it's the BPC, maybe it's the IF, maybe it's simply eating induction-level foods... you'll never know if you start it all at once. That makes tweaking later a lot trickier.

rubidoux 04-22-2013 12:06 PM

I have a fairly similar woe (actually, I think a lot of IF'ers eat low car or paleo, so I think many do). Currently I tend to eat once a day or in a smallish window of three hours or so, starting around 4 or 4:30 most days. And I eat high fat/mod protein/very low carb. I don't do up day/down day, but I eat fairly low cal everyday. And I don't do bulletproof, but I do have a coffee w HWC in the a.m. (I have experimented w no cals till I break my fast in the afternoon and I'd say the fat cals in the coffee don't seem to make a difference in either how I feel -- I feel surprisingly fine -- or how I lose. I prefer to have my coffee, so that's what I do.)

If you get into JUDDDing, I gotta caution you to remember why you're low carbing. I tried JUDDD a while back and crashed and burned bc I thought maybe I could get away w eating more carbs like everyone else doing JUDDD but it snowballed and I completely lost control bc I am a horrible carb addict. I may try JUDDD again at some point if I stop losing, LC of course. But if I do, I'll probably just fast on my down days bc I actually find that easier than having little dribs and drabs of food.

rubidoux 04-22-2013 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by cuppajoe (Post 16387446)
I couldn't JUDD because I am so burned out on calorie counting. I thought I found the holy grail in 5:2 intermittent fasting, but even counting calories for 2 days a week was too much for me!

I'm a big believer in IF. I never, ever thought in my wildest dreams I could survive until 11 a.m. just drinking black coffee, but doing the 8 hour diet, I see it's possible, and I even feel better not eating breakfast. I had more energy today than I've had in a long time.

Well, I know that 5/2 diet would never work for me bc I'd be eating like mad for five days a week. But I hate cal counting too and I think I'd try always eating exactly the same thing those days.

I feel a whole lot better doing IF, too, though. :). And I also never thought I'd be able to eat this way. I saw mention of it online and just dismissed it bc it sounded absurd. But then I was really eating high fat and just tended in the direction of eating much less often.

Leo41 04-22-2013 12:33 PM

I didn't do what you're planning with limited hours of eating, but I lost my final 100lbs doing JUDDD very low carb (which is how I always eat--25g carbs at most usually fewer). It worked very well. I also kept my UDs 'reasonable' and never had a problem with overeating.

On the low DDs, I ate almost exclusively protein, and you might find the high-fat bulletproof coffee too caloric for DDs because I was medically advised to get in as much protein as possible when eating so few calories.

Leo41 04-22-2013 01:55 PM

We each have to find what works for us. If I didn't 'count' (carbs and calories), I'd still weigh 300 lbs. There's no 'full' switch for my body--and because of age and medical conditions, I can't simply low carb; I need to watch my calories carefully, too.

Since I've been doing this so long, it's not the least onerous--it's more like brushing my teeth or taking a shower--something I do daily without even thinking about it.

I hope you find what's best for you.

Deosil 04-22-2013 02:56 PM

Thank you all so much for your input I truly appreciate it.

@Knittering I totally get what you are saying about knowing what is giving me the best benefit. I do know that Induction worked for me since I have already lost some weight. The BP and the IF I suppose I could do some experimenting with and maybe not do BP for a week or so and then vice versa to see what is the most effective. I will keep it in mind. :)

@cuppajoe I think I will get that book you have mentioned, The 8 Hour Diet. It sounds like it would be a good tool in my arsenal. I do have very good faith in that whatever way I choose for a WOE I WILL stick to it. I am very motivated and just plain tired of being unhealthy. :)

@Rubidoux Thank you SO much for your replies! I, too am a huge carb junkie. But, now that I have positively ID'd what it is that makes me pack on the pounds I really have no interest in the carby foods now. I think Induction may have a lot to do with that also. Since I started Induction using no sugars and very low carbs, I have not had a craving for any of the things I used to want to shovel in my yap and can hang out in a candy aisle or near any of those foods and just completely not want any. It is wonderful to feel that in control of my unhealthy habits. I also know that I need to be ever vigilant to make sure I don't lapse and if I do, to get right back on board asap.

@Leo41 That is very sound advice! I am really glad to hear from you that the concept basically works. I will definitely keep in mind about the high calorie value of BPC on down days. I may just cut back on the butter and coconut oil to half on those days.

I love this board! SO MANY wonderful, helpful people here! <3

PS: I just checked Leo's stats also. WOW that's amazing! Also, Rubidoux and Knittering have done great too! Gratz to you all!

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