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Originally Posted by fiddlejen View Post
Just recently I was watching a Michael Mosley show on PBS. There was a segment where some cheesemaker spent a week (or however long it was) eating a carefully measured & controlled "normal" but dairy-free diet, and then the same period of time eating an equivalent dairy-full diet, with exactly same amount of calories & fat. However, in the second diet, all the fat came from dairy products. At the end of each time period, **** samples were sent off to some laboratory, to test how much fat had been excreted. (I believe this is basically a less-scientific but more-telegenic version of a study that was done a number of years ago, with similar results.)

The lab result was that, with the same amount of calorie & fat consumption, on a higher-dairy diet a higher amount of Fat was excreted by the body.

This result seems to imply that a person would lose more weight on a high-dairy diet. And, maybe they would, on a low-fat, carb-burning diet.

However, the whole point of a Low-carb diet is to get one's body to burn Fat more effectively. The fat should not just be excreted. It should be Converted to ketones and used to run the body's functions. So these results make me wonder if Dairy Fat may not be converted to a usable form as effectively as other kinds of fats.

And IF so -- if our bodies (at least some of us) convert fat from Dairy into burnable ketones Less efficiently than from other sources -- that might explain why dairy causes some of us to stall.

Interesting! Now wouldn't this have been so much more informative if they had included someone already in the state of consistent ketosis and done the same experiment?

This also begins to answer something that I have wondered about which is, that body waste is being considered when accounting for reasons that a ketogenic diet allows for more calories. Perhaps due to the metabolism process and apparently, perhaps due to what is being dumped.
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