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Old 02-04-2014, 05:51 PM   #871
Junior LCF Member
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Illinois
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Start Date: October 2013

I decided to join after looking around here a bit. Lots of good advice and recipes. I'm starting to get the hang of this low carb way of eating and lost a few pounds so far. An added bonus is I no longer have heartburn! I don't crave sweets much anymore and I'm not hungry all the time.

Thanks Low Carb Friends, I'm glad I found this place!
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Stats: 170 pounds. My goal is 135
WOE: I usually stick very close to Atkins
Start Date: Feb 2014
Climbing Back On The Wagon

I lost over a 100 pounds low carbing. Then after a car accident and five surgeries later the weight has started creeping back up. I've gone from 145 to 170. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I need to get this weight back off. My doctors finally cleared me to start going to the gym again and I've been working out. I also have severe RA and so it makes working out at times very hard. I take infusions and that helps me to move. I need support. I don't have that here in my home.

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WOE: ketosis
Hello amercharl! Welcome n trust me u will feel supported here!
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Old 02-08-2014, 10:48 AM   #874
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Start Date: 9/2/2014
not new...jusr returning

Hi all. Back to low carb after my new job gained me back half of my initial loss...15 lbs. Sitting at a desk instead of on my feet can be detrimental to my waist...lol.

Anyway...started Monday and have been doing great. I have been lurking here all week for recipes, etc. Until just now. My mom was admitted to the hospital so on my way I stopped by Starbucks for a breve. Just looked at sticker on the side of the cup and they did not use sugar free syrup. I was in pretty deep ketosis this morning from the reading on the stick too. Do you all think this will do a lot of damage to my progress? Yes, I drank a Grande b4 seeing the sticker...lol
My greatest fear is that there is no PMS and this is just my personality.


Ever feel like your guardian angel went out for a smoke?
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Old 02-14-2014, 06:06 AM   #875
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WOE: Atkins
Start Date: 12/27/13

Hi everyone! My name is Laurie and I'm not 100% new to the LC lifestyle but new to the boards. I've been on Atkins since 12/27/13, trying to shed the last 15 pounds. So far I've been doing great! My husband is also joining me in this change and he's already down 20 pounds!!

I hope to get to know you all and get tons of valuable information.
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Start Date: February 1, 2014
The long journey to get my Sexyback! LOL


I figured I would introduce myself. I am 5'5", 32 year old female. I've been lurking on the boards for a couple weeks now. My husband and I started Low Carbing from Feb 1 this year. He has about 40 lbs to lose, I have anywhere from 100-110 lbs.

I've understood that for me the best way to lose weight is through cutting down my carbs. A couple years back I lost about 30lbs but got off track, didn't get back on the wagon, and regained it, then an extra 40 just to be sure. LOL My journey is to be at size where I feel sexy again. I know "sexy" is a state of mind, but for me, I have to feel it through my body too. My husband loves me any way, but I know deep down our... ahem... intimacy will improve when I feel "sexy", not just when he tells me I am. I grew up rail thin, all the way through high school. Once I started making my own money and driving my own car wherever I wanted, the pounds started to creep on. I was in denial then, thought I kept shrinking my clothes, or blamed it on the "asian clothing sizes"...LOL. Then I moved in with a (ex)boyfriend, got the depo shot, screwed my hormones and appetite, allowing me to gain 25lbs in one year. Fast forward another 2 years, and I went to go work on a cruise ship.... Yeah, you can guess what happened there! I met my future husband, our entertainment was anything that involved food/fine dining, and I gained another 40 lbs. I was 205 lbs when I got pregnant with twins, was horribly sick and ended up 170 when they were born and the swelling all went down. HA! After 8 months of barely eating due to the morning sickness, I went carb crazy! Shot straight up to 220 in one year. Finally thought I would get help at this point and did the weight loss through a medical clinic that required SERIOUS accountability! It was good until I couldn't afford it anymore. I got back down to 170 then. But even though I put 70lbs back on after that, it taught me A LOT.... Carbs in the quantities that the typical north american diet has, is very unhealthy, and that I'm super sensitive to them.

So! We picked up a copy of The 100, as I really liked the format of the menu plans, shopping lists and substitutions. I've read DANDR, BellyFatCure, and Numerous others, and agree with the whole concept. Pretty much boils down to carbs under 20 to lose weight. So that's what my hubby and I are doing. So far so good! We don't feel deprived at all! (OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fat Bombs!)

I've lost close to 10 lbs so far.

Goal 1 - Under 200
Goal 2 - 170 (lowest I've been in 10 years)
Goal 3 - 140 (weight that I was when I met my husband)
Goal 4 - whatever natural weight that my new woe takes me to. This is a lifestyle change!
Nov 2014 - First alone vacation with the hubby since the twins were born, and the honeymoon we never took ~ Gonna feel sexy!

Thanks for reading! Will chat with you on the boards!
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WOE: Atkins '72 & IF: Daily kcals <1400 & <12 carbs
Start Date: Repeat Offender: May '13 = 265 & 5 July '13 = 250
Hello! I've been exploring this site for about 5 weeks and decided to stop lurking. I almost to goal and haven't been my current weight (136 lbs as of this am) since probably junior high school. I have the losing weight part down to a science -- been yo-yoing my entire life but have never figured out the maintaining part. So I am hoping that by reading your posts and advice, successes etc, I'll be able to figure this part out as well.
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Start Date: January 7, 2014
Right, my name is Ania and I he just turned 30 couple of months ago. I'll try n be short with my story :-) so November 2012 I was fat n unhappy, I have decided to finally turn myself into a supermodel (haha ) n started low carb diet. I wasn't following any plan, just reduced my carbs n excluded all bad things like fast foods, sweets etc. my start weight was 206 lbs (I'm 5.7) after 7 months of being strict I dropped to 155lbs. That was back in June 2013. Since then I have focused on maintaining my weight because I was scared if I lose it all together I will put it all back quickly. So I challenged myself to next 6 months of keeping my weight off. This brought my to 1 January 2014 weighting 151lbs. Somehow I lost 4lbs in meanwhile. Lol. The time has come.... I am ready to continue my weight lose until my goal, which is 130lbs.
I just wanted to say... I think your plan is SUPER SMART!!! I have lost weight in the past & treated like a sprint to the finish line, and had no idea how to maintain once I got there. Hitting pause in the middle of the journey and working on maintenance makes so much sense to me.
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Old 02-15-2014, 12:30 PM   #879
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WOE: Moderate carbs, real food, portion control
Start Date: February 13, 2014
Hello all

My name is Joanne, and my friend and member StacyW introduced me to this site and I am glad she did. Thank you Stacy ! My husband and I are both looking to eat healthier and lose weight - about 60 pounds each - and I think this place will really be a good source of info and support.

I’m 56, and I’ve always been on the heavy side, but active. Blood sugar and cholesterol numbers always good. Started having problems with my hip and knees a couple years ago due to osteoarthritis, ended up with a Total Hip Replacement this past August - in October had to have the hardware removed due to infection, and now that it’s all cleared up, will have it re-installed in April. After all that, I do NOT want to get the knees done, and I know if I lose the weight it will help a lot.

Hoping to combine low carb with portion control and eating clean. Looking forward to my journey and learning from all of you !
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Old 02-15-2014, 01:53 PM   #880
Very Gabby LCF Member!!!
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WOE: Sugarbusters/SB
Start Date: Feb. 8, 2014
OK - I just got blood work back from the doctor that indicates that my blood sugar is high. The doctor said to "watch your carbs". Whatever does that mean?

I remember trying Atkins with my husband years ago and being nautious the entire time - Although I remember losing about a pound a day! Anyway, I knew from that experience that NO carbs was not the way for me to go. So, I decided the Sugarbusters or the South Beach Phase 2 diets are a good place for me to start. At least I have a diet plan... 3 meals and 2 snacks a day ...and a forbidden food list...

I lost 60lbs from March 2011 - Nov 2011 on Weight Watchers and getting my medications correct - as I have PCOS, hypothyroidism, low Vit.D... My thyroid has never stabilized and it looks like my PCOS is acting up if my 3mo. sugar blood test came back high...

Anyway, I think I will feel better if I can figure out this food thing. I need to learn how to eat a no sugar and low carb (whole grain low GI) diet. At least that is what I have learned in all my reading in the past 2 weeks. I don't know much and will need help.

Weight Goal 1: My birthday is March 5th and I would like to see my all time low adult weight from the end of my WW stint in Nov 2011- 185#
Exercise Goal: Do something!
Lifestyle Goal: Do not feel deprived b/c of what choices I have made as an adult. I can't have sugar... so what!
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Old 02-15-2014, 02:33 PM   #882
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I hate looking at myself in the mirror, but it doesn't matter what I weigh. I hated to look in mirrors at 113 pounds and at 200 lbs., a necessary evil though if you don't want to leave the house in shambles or with a piece of food in your teeth. YMMV. Ditto on the "sexy" thing, my husband is *not* much help on anything related to my appearance so I don't have any impetus to change, just doctors who say "if you lose some, you'll feel better and you'll avoid side effects of being overweight".

Anyway, I go by Rakh and am in my 40s and 5'6". From 113 lbs. in high school and told I was anemic and to take iron, to 125 in college, and a few pounds per year since. That adds up. I had been around 170 lbs. and physically active when I had my kids who are now early to late teens. I work full-time but can work at home on occasion, but with one kid underweight, it's hard to keep his food of my radar. Within the last year, a series of things led to more stress and stress-eating, so I managed to get up to 199.5 lbs. (my highest weight pg was 200 lbs...) and decided I needed to lose.

I've done LC WOE before, and got down to 150 lbs. from 170 lbs within a few months, but within a year was back to 170.

The things I learned from LC WOE before is that I have to be really really careful with LC products, that I should check my ketone levels, and that if I am not losing, I should really focus on not gaining more than getting back to losing. Another thing I have learned is that I can't get my family to do this WOE, so I have to explore LC options where I eat part of the dinner, and they eat the whole dinner (but I get more LC stuff).

I started in November, but really got serious in January, and am down to 185 lbs. (15 lbs down). I'm going to the doctor for a blood pressure check and hope they see the results there too. But I know I am losing or someone is switching out my clothes!

My plans are to set my goals every five pounds, trying for 170 lbs by summer. After that, I want to lose more but I need to see what happens. I really don't want to be anywhere near 113 lbs., because psychologically, the only way my mom lost substantial weight was due to cancer. My ultimate goal would therefore be 150 lbs. but probably no less. I don't know what I would do then, probably vacillate between 150 and 155 lbs., going back to LC induction if I go too much. I do plan to do as close to induction phase of Atkins as possible until I am down to 170, then we'll see if I can commit to getting to 150. I want to do this slow enough and comfortable enough to stay 170 or below.

I look forward to participating in this group. It has already helped me a lot picking out foods (and reminding me to get Ketostix!).

PS - my doctor said that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I can't add in much exercise for various reasons, so I am happy so far that staying close to Atkins induction phase is working.

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WOE: Just following a low carb diet
Start Date: December 2014 {again}
Hi everyone!

I've been trying LC since last summer - did great -until the holidays - - so, now I've got to get back on the wagon; so to speak. I think this forum will help, with recipes, etc. I did just get my order from Netrition.com - -so far, great tastes - the rye bread, the hot dog rolls, the onion pockets and Carbalos [haven't tried anything w that yet]. I live close to Albany [where it's shipped from], but still had it shipped - close, but not close enough to drive . Anyway, it's good to be here and I hope to get encouraged by all your words. Thanks - have a great weekend.
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New But Not New

I'm back after a 6 year absence. Last time I was posting here, I had lost a total of 50lbs on low carb in a 6 month period. I did it by eating LC and exercising moderately every day. I have also lost about 24lbs, by eating low carb, three other times in my married life. Raising children, moving, unemployment have all been factors in my abandoning this way of life.

For the last two years, I have been so miserable as I gained 30 more lbs. (Making me about 70-100lbs overweight). Every night I have gone to bed vowing to eat differently. The next day the overindulgent fullness feeling would be gone and I would give in to toast, cereal, hot cocoa, sandwiches, chips, sweets, and by nighttime I would be overly full again. Once again I would lay in bed, miserable, and vow that tomorrow would be different. It never was and I felt that I was slowly killing myself or inviting a disease. I have had a very hard time giving up the "social" aspect" of eating.

An upcoming reunion has jolted me out of my state of denial. I have 4 older sisters with their families and extended families that will be descending in this area by the 4th of July. Since I've been married (22 years now), I have always been the FAT one of the five of us sisters.

In my extended family everyone prides themselves on staying physically fit and have noticeably looked down on myself, husband and children for our "unfitness". They always bike, mountain climb, waterski, hike, etc. and our family doesn't quite feel comfortable doing those things. Needless, to say, we have felt miserable at these get togethers. So much so, that it's part of the reason we have quit going and have parted ways over the years.
But this year, the reunion is close to our home and I'm sure I won't have much excuse to opt out of the activities. I'm glad this is happening because it is the jolt I needed to get back to LC.

I'm also real close to menopause and I know I have a little window here to lose the weight before I start into all the bodily changes menopause brings on.
I've learned by LCing before that "Time plus Consistency Equals Results. I know how to cook LC foods. I like LC foods. I hope here I can receive some support and encouragement as I get my body back in shape. It takes soo much patience! I have been LCing for 2 1/2 weeks now with a 9lb loss. It's a start...I'll be more excited though when it's a 19lb loss.

Here is my goal as of today at 47 years old and 5'11": Get 70-100 lbs off, feel better in my clothes, get my wedding ring back on, position myself better physically for my older years ahead, feel lighter so my feet and knees quit hurting, and help my family improve their diets.
I am keeping an exercise log and have pinned a weight loss graph on my wall and inspirational pictures around it to keep me going and envisioning where I want to be. My favorite LC cookbooks are George Stella's.

And so....here I go....going to let time pass and work at this every day and in about a half a year I know I will see results.
Time + Consistency = RESULTS!
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Another new guy...

Hello everyone, my name is David and I am 30yrs old 228 lbs. I am looking to lose close to 50lbs and I hope it will allow me to enjoy life longer and better.

I recently tweaked my back and it has got me thinking I should be taking better care of myself so I can enjoy being with my wife and daughters for a long, long time.

I really noticed that I was gaining weight when I had to purchase new pants because my old ones were tight and uncomfortable.

I am looking forward to hearing everyone's stories and tips.
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Hello everyone! I've been lurking here since I started but I need to share my success. I started Atkins induction on Jan 4, 2014 and as of this morning, I'm down 20.8 lbs. It feels wonderful! I've got a way to go and I'm motivated and sticking with it. I've learned so much hanging out in the forums. You all have provided me with inspirational stories and good advice. Thanks so much. Talk to you soon.
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Start Date: January 2014
Need a little help

Wow Drago! Way to go! I started Atkins in mid-January and really haven't lost much. I have at least 60 pounds to lose and in 4 weeks, don't think I've lost more than 4 pounds. Sticking to 20g carbs a day....although two things I think I need to do is to add much more water (I hardly ever drink any) and get back on my treadmill. Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by mulberry View Post
Wow Drago! Way to go! I started Atkins in mid-January and really haven't lost much. I have at least 60 pounds to lose and in 4 weeks, don't think I've lost more than 4 pounds. Sticking to 20g carbs a day....although two things I think I need to do is to add much more water (I hardly ever drink any) and get back on my treadmill. Any suggestions?
Hi mulberry,

Yea, it could be the water. I drink lots. I haven't exercised much. My regimen is pretty straightforward. In the morning eggs and sometimes bacon or sausage (eggs usually in the form of muffin quiches that I learned about in the forums)... then for lunch, salad w/dressing and either a chicken leg, pork chop, bratwurst, or bit of steak. Then for dinner another cut of meat and a side of veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, or asparagus).

I did change one thing since I started... in the morning I added a cup of bullet proof coffee with the coconut oil and butter (another thing I learned about here). Right before I got off work I was feeling depleted, but adding the coffee eliminated that. Good luck.
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Your gonna do just fine... Ive done them all , they all work if you stick to them !! good luck to you !!

i am new to the posting and thread world too... I also have 100 lbs to lose.. im 2 weeks into southbeach, not losing as fast as Id like but i suppose it needs to be a lifestyle change not just a diet !!

try try again.... I am not new to the LC world but I am new to south beach. I an 2 weeks in phase one complete on to phase 2 which today is really the first day. I feel guilty eating anything and afraid that its wrong, could use some helpful hints on what to eat. today made a Greek omelet which I know is wonderful . Then lunch I made pizza well sort of.. it was a carb balance tortilla wrap 8 carbs then 3 tbls of pizza sauce and mozzarella and pepperoni 15 min in the oven and was amazing !! Dinner ... well havent at this point, not sure what to do here .. I feel quilty every time I put something in my mouth lol
I am 54 yo and want to lose at least 100 lbs, I yo yo over the years, I have lost and gained 100 lbs 2 times before... cant even believe it when I write it !! now its a health issue, I have been diagnosed with a few health conditions that could be very benificial if I lose. I am glad for advice, support or just plain ideas !! new to the blog world. especially for dieting .. thanks Kelly
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Hi Everyone. I'm 35 I have been on the forums a little bit in the past week but haven't introduced myself. I want to lose about 110 pounds from where I am now. I am down 30 pounds since Christmas. I started on a regular low diet and it was working but I was hungry and close to breaking...so instead of breaking I completely switched to Atkins. I did Atkins 10 years ago and had a lot of success and felt great...the mistake was ever stopping! I feel fantastic and remember all of reasons I need to be on low carb....I realize now that I need to be on some form of low carb my whole life! I am working on a PhD and next year I start applying for work so I would like to lose quite a bit by next January.
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Start Date: January 2014
Some changes!!

Great to hear from all of you. This week I am changing 3 things:
1. more water
2. no bars
3. back to the treadmill!
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WOE: low carb high fat
Start Date: January 9 2014

I am new to this site, and somewhat new to low carbing. I started 6 weeks ago on the counsel of my doctor. I am diabetic (type 2) and my blood sugars were way out of control, and she felt that this would help. My husband is also eating this way as he is also diabetic. I am not following a "plan" per se, but I have to keep my carbs below 40/day and eat high "good" fats. I have seen my nutritionist once, and am due to see her in 3 more weeks.
Now, I have to admit to being completely at a loss because I am basically doing this on my own, although my doctor says I am doing fine (according to the sample menu I gave her), but I have soooo many questions, and there is so much information out there! Everyone says everyone else is wrong when it comes to the way you should eat, the sweeteners you should use, and the plan you should be following! It is very confusing to someone who has basically eaten whatever she wanted. Hence the reason I am over 220 lbs (5'3" and almost 50 years old) and had blood sugars that were way off the chart. Now my blood sugars are very good and I am happy for this! But I not only have not lost any weight, I actually gained 1 this past week. I weigh myself once a week. I also wondered if all you people who are lc, exercise? I see so many people talking about losing 20 or so pounds eating this way, but no one mentions exercise. Is this because it is a "duh" thing? Or are you all losing weight without exercising? At the moment, I am unable to move too much due to just being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I am currently in physio, and she wants me to just do what she says about fixing my back before I start anything. Even walking hurts so badly. I am sorry this is so long, but I am just confused, so until I can see my nutritionist, I am looking for a bit of guidance. I did look a the newbie low carbing page, and that helped a bit. Thank you for that. Thanks for letting me rant.
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Godslamb...I will not give you advice about what to eat...I am on Atkins and love it but I believe that the same thing doesn't work for everyone. I would suggest choosing a commercial diet book that fits your doctors suggestions...ie. is below 40 carbs per, with lots of good fat...and then follow that. That way you can get recipe suggestions, guidelines, support, and clear advice on how to do things and you might feel more in control. Maybe other members have some idea of which diet could fit the bill...THen you might feel a bit less like you are teaching a class of students without a textbook...and maybe the weight will come off too. Unfortunately I am not really well
l versed in all of the diets so give you what the options are.
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Hi everyone!! I am absolutely estactic today to find this forum!!!

This is just like winning the lotto for me!! I have been an Atkins fan since 1970..something? Throughout the years, I always did my best and felt my best when I followed LC.

I got my stomach 'stapled' 22 years ago and Atkins is what I followed. I lost 92 pounds in the first year. I got down to 150 lbs and have tried to maintain around that mark. But I have been up and down like a rubber ball in the last 2 years and feel like crap. I have semi retired and have a lot more time to sit and eat and have gained 20 pounds in the last year.

I found the article on high fat, medium protein, and LC and have been doing nothing but investigating it for the last 2 1/2weeks. That's how I came across this forum today!! I said to myself...''What have I got to lose by trying this?'', so I started it 2 weeks ago and right now, I've lost 6 pounds and feel like I'm on my way again. I understand now how I failed so many times by eating waaaaay too much protein and not enough fat. I just can't learn enough right now. I've been overweight my whole life and it has done it's share of stealing my self esteem!

I am looking forward so much to learning how to work this 'way of life' plan and I need the support of all you wonderful people!! Thank you so much for having me! I'm soooo excited!!
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Welcome to the site to all you newbies!!! You will love this site because there are so many nice helpful people here! Please make sure you visit as much as you can... especially when you first start because the first week is probably the hardest.. At least for me.. After you get into ketosis (if that is the plan you are starting) you will find yourself not nearly as hungry. Make sure you check out all the other boards also.. and if you need any help feel free to let us know!!

Take care!

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Hi From Washington State

Good Morning!
I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and have finally decided to get involved.

I'm 43 and about 50 lbs from my goal weight. I am following Atkins and am having a good amount of success. I'm a mom of 2 teenagers and own a business I run out of my home.

I've completely changed things in my life and set realistic goals and rewards along the way. I love that the cravings for sweets have disappeared. I started this new way of eating the day after the Superbowl (hurray Hawks!!) and I thought it would be hard because I still have a couple of large bags of M&M's in the pantry. These would have been GONE because they are my favorite and would grab a handful each time I walked by, but they are still there just daring me...I have absolutely no craving or interest

I'm quite fortunate that my husband is also doing Atkins with me, but it was hilarious this weekend when we had gone out to eat to a steak restaurant and my 14 year old son asked if we were doing the same diet. Because it seems my husband is only eating meat (steak, sausage, bacon), and I have been eating mainly salads and vegetables .

I want to lose this weight for me. I am tired of being tired, and tired of not loving the way clothes fit and tired of being embarrassed. I get to go to the Dominican Republic this summer to watch my son play baseball, and want to look good in my shorts and tank top . My first weight loss goal is to get my nose pierced and my next goal is to get my hair cut short and meeting my goal is going to be a nice shipping spree.

I think the coolest thing that's happened to me is I was recognized yesterday at the gym!! I've been going 5 days a week and the evening worker said to me as I left yesterday, "See you tomorrow, Dee"

I'm almost 3 weeks into this and am happy that things are progressing as well as they have been. It feels good to be healthy.
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I am Following the low carb diet for preventative reasons not necessarly to lose weight, however ten pounds down would be fantastic.
My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 60 years of age and my mom is almost blind with Retina Pigmentosis, so my gene pool doesn't look to great. Research showed me that low carbing had some great effects on epilepsy, cancer and Alzheimer's.
I am a true believer that processed carbs are the bad guys in our nutrition, followed by GMOS, pesticides and plastics, and so as a mom of three I am working and playing daily with recipes to keep my family as healthy as possible.

I am also in love with low carbing, because there is nothing more delicious than cheesecake for breakfast
I am so glad to meet you all and hope to be part of your journey whatever it may be!
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Have been overweight most of my adult life. The last few years have been my heaviest. I was miserable. My wife finally talked me into doing low-carb. I hate these types of diets, I must confess. But, I've stuck with it for a little over a month now, and have lost about 20 pounds. I enjoy being back into a smaller sized jean, I had several pairs from years ago, I had been holding onto. I still need to lose about 30-40 more. But it's not been easy. I hate having to cut, cook, etc so often. I miss the convenience of eating "bad" foods. I REALLY miss eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I am sick of eggs, and having to cook every morning. But I'm sticking to it so far. I am here hoping to get some eating ideas, especially for breakfast. I do not want to spend 20 minutes cooking an omelette every morning, dirtying up more dishes.

I don't plan on sticking with this long term. It's just too difficult to go out with friends, etc, bu I am learning that I can live with smaller portions, less sweets, and less breads, etc. I think it'll be easier to maintain an ideal weight, with better habits I've practiced doing a "low carb" diet.
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A returning member

I am also posting in the Golden Years and I will be 65 in May! Friends and a niece have been extremely successful on low carb eating plans and I am very determined this time around because I am at an all time high! Hubby and I want to stay active and healthy!

I started low carb eating in January but my weekends were horrible. So today is a clean start! I am preparing my induction menus for a few days in a row knowing what foods I have on hand, and am vowing to keep on induction for these first two weeks, and most likely longer because of the amount of weight I have to lose. I find that writing everything down in a notebook/journal really works for me.

I am enjoying reading all the journals and food porn threads so that I can get some good ideas. Looking forward to a slimmer summer!
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Hi from a UK guy!

hello all!

Thought I'd say hello from the cold, north of England! I'm low-carbing & have a huge fascination with cooking (so I hope a good combination).

I have tried before but it never really worked properly...mainly due to a)-my knack of knowledge & primarily I think to ahem.....to my shame a rather bad vodka habit daily (not had a drink for 3 months-don't miss it at all!). I noticed when I quit the vodka i had more of a craving for biscuits etc (usually I do not go overboard on this)-becoming addicted to sainsburys finest chocolate chip shortbread (UK readers will know this stuff!)-4 HUGE slabs..! I;d nearly always find an excuse to buy pack 2 & sometimes pack 3! Net result-a 1 1/2 stone (14 kg approx)-gain! I was always at this time before the gain a bit 'beer-gut'-ish-like many men my age!

So...having immersed in many, many books/online-decided on approx 30 carbs a day-at least for the 1st month or so. Ketosis hit day 3 (monster thirst!) but other than that no ill-effects etc. Some may not agree but I have been having fruit (in small ammounts-very low carb stuff like raspberries, etc) & the odd 5 carb crispbread, 1/2 an apple, etc . NO sugar (just good old sucralose liquid-only one supplier on amazon uk so ordering from the states-same cost inc. post but double concentrated!)...just sucralose-in fact ordering pure sucralose to make my own liquid-will save a lot of money!

I've never ate healthier....sprouts, broccoli, mushrooms, fruits, eat well...loadsa breakfast pancakes, low carb fudge, etc...& SUPERB swede or celariac mash with cheese, garlic & mustard (yum!). ALso cheese& cream-yum!

Had no real issue with the old....toilet movements lol (!)-Do incorporate flax & coconut oil.

Week one (in real terms 4-5 days ketosis)-3 kg lost! Week 2 - 1.5 kg gone...so going the right way at a not silly fast pace or too slow. I'm also working out 3 times a week-weights, kettlebells, etc...

Now I've got my head round WHAT to cook & got myself organised (freeze 2 weeks worth mash, 1 weeks worth pancakes, low carb bread, 1 minute mug muffins for quick snacks, celeriac/sweed/turnip chips etc, make low coarb casseroles etc) its pretty easy. Can even have a curry takeawa!y (with only 1/4 a chapatti but lots of full fat yoghurt!).

Feel great for the most & can honestly see it as a way of living. I know carb counting is NOT about calories-but being a 'geek' I've kept track (just so in my head I know its primarily ketosis/body fat being burnt) for week one-average 2250-2300 cals a day. Spot on for a guy my age/build-so....IT WORKS!

Ah well...............Daniel Craig physique (he's my age!)-here I come! Hope to pop in & post updates & when time some recipes!
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