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raindroproses 04-13-2013 04:43 PM

Strange Shirataki Noodle Problem
Has anyone ever bought a package of shirataki noodles (the non tofu variety) and had the water be sort of cloudy and/or with small particles floating around in it that look kind of like tofu?

I bought a package of 6 off of a website recently, and used up two packages that were perfectly fine with no cloudy nature to the packaging or anything... but upon grabbing the third bag I noticed those little particles and wondered what the heck was up.

It'd be nice if they were still safe to eat, maybe they're just packaged in a place that uses tofu or that's a sometimes natural process when they're in the water for so long? I really don't know! This is my first time buying them, so I'm stumped and thought I'd ask the experts :laugh:

They're Miracle Noodle brand, if that helps any :)

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