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cfine 04-07-2013 04:36 PM

I know that everyone goes through this at times, but I am really miserable right now! I am hungry feeling even though I am eating plenty. I could just eat and eat and my hunger feelings are not going away. I have had close to 1000 calories of fat today to try and remedy the situation but it's not helping! My protein was at 68 grams and I had 19 net carbs. I also take supplements for cravings. I am not really craving food though, I just feel HUNGRY!

xo ashley 04-07-2013 04:41 PM

I have the same problems, I just want to snack. I will try the following:

- slice a cucumber real thinly, dip it into ranch dressing w/ Frank's hot sauce
- celery - same way

if you're ok w/ processed deli meats, try some salami/ham with cream cheese and a pickle

i'm obsessed w/ pickled veggies - so i have had the spicy hot brussel sprouts or green beans

drink a huge glass of ice water - literally CHUG it.

grab a couple hard boiled eggs. eat 'em plain. or make a small egg salad - i use mayo, tons of crushed red pepper, and celery.

cinnamon gum is my go-to-mouth occupier. at night or at work sometimes i just want to "nosh" and i have a terrible obsession w/ hot tamales candy... i grab a stick of SF cinnamon gum and chewchewchew. normally tends to help. i think some mint gum helps too, at least w/ cravings?

hope this helped... it is so hard when you just want to eat for no reason. i am such an emotional eater.

FatCat 04-07-2013 05:00 PM

if you low carb.....then eat. Make it low carb/no carb though. Pork rinds, salad, veggies, cheese, etc. And drink your water.

any other plan....I can't advise you.

Punkin 04-07-2013 06:21 PM

Are you close to goal? Are you exercising? Are you feeling cold and lethargic. You can still get hungry with LC if your lipophilic tissues aren't releasing their stored fat into your blood stream to give you the energy you need. The brain either needs glucose or ketones, or else it will send signals that result in hunger. If you are not in ketosis, its low blood sugar, if you are in ketosis, you don't have enough ketones which means that your body isn't releasing enough stored fat. Some things that help are: Low intensity exercise, keeping yourself warm, heating your lipophilic tissues (ie. placing a heating pad on a place where you have excess fat, ie. saddle bags or tummy pouch etc.). Try those things and see if it helps.

cfine 04-08-2013 04:37 PM

Thanks Punkin. I think you helped me figure out the problem. I "felt" like my body was wanting to hold on to fat for the past couple of days. That's why I upped the fat so much. As I was working out yesterday, I got really sick and dizzy. I know I am in NK because I check my blood levels. My body was desperate to hold on to fat. I even felt like I was having a hypoglycemic episode but I know that I really wasn't. It was my body playing tricks on me. I never got cold, just really hungry. I feel better today.

Punkin 04-08-2013 06:35 PM

I have been sitting on a heating pad for the last 3 days on and off, while working on my computer and it is the first time I haven't felt hungry during the day. It sounds crazy but I think because a lot of my fat is stored in my legs, I think it is releasing some of my stored fat into my bloodstream, giving me more energy and making me feel less hungry.

cfine 04-08-2013 07:06 PM

I think I will put a heating pad on my stomach and see if it helps my hunger because its back!

Demonica 04-08-2013 10:29 PM

I never knew about the heating pad thing! I bought one recently to use along with my 137 blankets to keep warm before it started getting warmer outside. It never dawned on me that I wasn't hungry while I had it on my stomach. Thank you for this information!!:up:

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