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Mommie22boys 04-01-2013 07:06 PM

? re: Bulletproof Bev's
Ok, Could someone please explain or point me to a thread that explains what bulletproof coffee is or why one drinks it? I see it mentioned all over the ML, but can't find a thread with that title. :confused:

I'm intrigued...

kiwistars 04-01-2013 07:14 PM

coffee(or tea) with coconut oil added to make it a filling snack instead of just a drink.

raindroproses 04-01-2013 07:27 PM

Not sure where the thread(s) went to, but I can help explain a bit I think anyway :)

Bulletproof coffee (or tea!) is basically the beverage plus coconut oil and heavy whipping cream. People generally drink it because it's very filling (either in place of their breakfast, or along with it so they don't eat as much) and it gives many people who drink it a boost of energy that stays with them throughout a good portion of their day.

Also, coconut oil has a lot of different health benefits that people talk about in many threads!

As far as other reasons... I'm not sure :laugh: I drink the tea myself because I can't have coffee anymore, but it's delicious! :yummy:

tymom 04-01-2013 07:36 PM

i just made it today for the first time. Delish! and yes very filling. its a good way to get in more fat if you need it.

raindroproses 04-01-2013 07:39 PM

Yes, good point on the fat! I follow NK mostly now, and I need my fat intake quite high... by switching from egg creams (too much protein!) to bulletproof tea in the morning, my levels have balanced out nicely. I usually have a mug at the end of the day too to round out the day :)

Mommie22boys 04-01-2013 07:42 PM

TYVM, ladies! I do love me some delish coffee. However, I'm doing Stillmans right now so I'm definitely not looking for added fat, lol. This does sound good for later, though. I have had CO in my coffee before AND I love hwc in my coffee, but never done both together. I've even been known to put butter in my coffee. Fat in my coffee is lovely...<sigh>

reddarin 04-01-2013 07:53 PM

Ah. Bullet Proof Coffee actually has an official recipe. It is coffee, MCT oil and butter.

You can google it for the site of the guy that created it.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe
Start with 4-500 ml (2 mugs) of black coffee brewed with my mold-free Upgraded Coffee beans. (Why this is important)
Add 2 Tbs (or more, up to 80 grams, about 2/3 of a standard stick of butter) of Kerry Gold or other UNSALTED grass-fed butter
Add 30 grams of MCT oil for max energy, weight loss and brain function (this is 6 times stronger than coconut oil, your next best choice)
Blend with a pre-heated hand blender, Magic Bullet, or (best) counter top blender until there is a creamy head of foam. (It doesn’t work well if you mix it with a spoon)


Stardust 04-02-2013 02:23 AM

I just ordered some coconut oil over the weekend so will be trying this once it arrives, will let you know how I do with it :)

Mommie22boys 04-02-2013 07:06 AM

And the purpose is increased energy and a full belly for a longer time than usual? Is that right?

natural_born_texan 04-02-2013 07:41 AM

It's a very filling morning beverage. I usually blend a cup of coffee, splenda, a splash of HWC, and a heaping Tbsp. of coconut oil in the blender for a minute or so. I'm good until 2pm or so.

I haven't had it in awhile because I don't really like coffee, but man it sure keeps you full!

reddarin 04-02-2013 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by Mommie22boys (Post 16349805)
And the purpose is increased energy and a full belly for a longer time than usual? Is that right?

Yes. Particularly if you are strict LC I think since you are fat adapted. My morning coffee mix (CO/HWC) of about 800 calories can easily see me through to 2pm or later. I don't normally go that long because I think very low calorie eating is detrimental to health and counter productive for weight loss and it is hard to get in sufficient calories if I don't eat earlier. I eat even if I am not particularly hungry because I want my metabolism to stay in the game and charged up.


LiterateGriffin 04-02-2013 07:56 AM

Yes, it's filling.

I'll typically have a cup of bulletproof coffee on days when I go to the gym, so I have sustained energy throughout my workout.

OCCASIONALLY, I've had my morning coffee, gone to the gym, eaten a seaweed snack, and taken my daughter to the park until it was time to pick up hubby from work. (NOTE: Big workout, and NO LUNCH!)

Additionally, the CO helps keep me regular. :) Haven't had coffee in a couple days, and I'm sadly noticing the effects, right now.

Knittering 04-02-2013 08:10 AM


I usually have a mug at the end of the day too to round out the day
Really? Oh man, I would never sleep! :laugh:

Reddarrin, there are lots of different recipes for it. I tried adding butter once and thought it was nasty. :sick: I'm coconut oil all the way!

clackley 04-02-2013 08:22 AM

The coconut oil or mct oil are 'ketogenic' meaning that they provide ketones and that is a benefit for those who want to be strictly fat burners.

LiterateGriffin 04-02-2013 08:24 AM

There's an "official", original recipe which is where it gets its name -- that one calls for special coffee-beans, pasture-fed butter, and MTC oil.

Like most popular recipes, it's been modified and tweaked by the many who've used it and adapted it to their own needs and tastes.

Make sure any butter you try is UNSALTED! (Ie: not the stuff you "normally" use.)

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