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Old 08-08-2013, 02:52 AM   #31
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Blond3y I think you are a genius.
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Old 08-08-2013, 08:17 AM   #32
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hahaha thanks trinigirl - i'd say more "creative" rather than genius hehehe. but i think it does work, afterwards the skins all red, so its oviouse the blood is being brought to the top layers and being circulated so evan if it doesnt stretch the fibrosis it still will help to circulate the blood with the fat in the area, which will help it flush toxins ... so either way its good. Im unsure wether it was the coffee and oil mix though, or perhaps a bit of both. after doing the treatment if i had no other plans, or if it was night time i would then exfoliate (in the bath tub because it gets messy) with cheap coffee granules and tiny bit of oil (so its mostly coffee) and then wrap my upper legs in plastic wrap / saran wrap, then put on a body firming /shaping suit that has slightly long shorts, and open crouch (so i could use the toilet if required) and i would sleep with the wrap and coffee on, next day my skin was sooo firm, it was awesome!!

I also came up with an idea, as another theory of cellulite is cellulite is created via"toxins"under the skin/in the fat, which is why beauty spas use body wraps etc .... well i had a splinter and was using magnoplasm one day when i read the tub, and it says it draws out what ever is inside, to the surface of the skin, so i thought ... what an awesome product.....then i wondered what ingredient was in it, and how it worked.... im browsing the net and discover that the cellulite wraps they use in beauty salons is made from seaweed ... and wait for it....MAGNESIUM sulphate, the same ingredient in the magnoplasm ... so its an idea to draw out excess fluid and / or toxins by putting some Magnoplasm on the skin, then wrap in saran wrap and sleep... might help :P
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Old 08-08-2013, 08:58 AM   #33
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You are definitely on to something bl0nd3y! I use epsom salt baths to help with muscle cramps and to firm up my skin... It's magnesium too! I will now have to pay extra attention whether my cellulite improves!

I have found though, that dry body brushing (I use the T-Tapp technique) helps keep skin firm and soft, and it does diminish the appearance of cellulite some. That and eating plenty of good fats, drinking enough fluids and taking my Diatomaceous Earth for that extra bit of silica are my tools against the dreaded cellulite!
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