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sweepthefloor 03-21-2013 12:49 PM

being carb sensitive
Say, what does it mean to be carb sensitive? Does that mean your body can't handle many carbs as when you were younger and more active?


Leo41 03-21-2013 01:23 PM

I don't know whether it changes with age, but I have been carb sensitive all my life.

I didn't know what my problem was until Dr. Atkins published in 1972, but when I checked my critical carb level (CCL) way back then, I could manage only about 25g of carbs before my appetite soared and my weight climbed.

I recently tested myself again, and I remain exactly the same.

I suspect this is a metabolic dysfunction that we're born with rather than something that gets 'worse' with age, but I can only share my own experience.

Vita oldie 03-21-2013 02:45 PM

I never had a problem with carbs when young.
I,had a bad time in my 50's with shingles . i was exhausted and it took 3months to begin to feel stronger but middle age spread took,hold in a big way-i,put on 28lbs! It is seems so difficult to shift but slowly I've lost 13lbs. When you age your metabolism slows so you need less food. You also are naturally less active so walking etc.is more important!
If I have carbs now I behave like an addict and in a week of eating "what the family eats" I will easily put on 8lbs-this is not being gluttonous either!

sweepthefloor 03-21-2013 03:25 PM


I am in my 50's too. My appetite has not slowed down. I have not embraced to a low carb diet plan.

I am going to try something different. Not consuming as many carbs. Guess that is why my appetite just seems to soar at times.

And exercise, I don't enjoy that at all. But who does?

cfine 03-21-2013 04:01 PM

It runs in my family. I have struggled with weight issues my whole life. LC is the only way for me to live healthy.

Punkin 03-22-2013 04:39 AM

The metabolism of carbs is a complicated process and it seems to be very individual. Some people are carb sensitive from an early age where as some people slowly develop it over time. People with a normal reaction to carbs ie. a normal metabolism, can even develop it if they abuse things like exercise and diet.

Basically what it means is how your body reacts to eating carbs. It has to do with how much insulin your body produces to deal with it. From everything I read, it seems like to produce the exact amount of insulin your body needs to deal with the amount that you have digested is almost impossible for the body to do. And it has to do with a lot of things including the rate of digestion of the carbohydrate containing food. It seems like the easily digestible carbs are the most problematic because they put a lot of stress on the pancreas to develop a lot of insulin in a short period of time to get your blood sugar back under control. That is why they suggest eating the lower GI carbs, even though they might contain the same number of grams, it puts less stress on the pancreas.

Anyways, years of your body trying to "get it right" with its production of insulin ends up causing a lot of problems. Ie. weight gain, insulin resistance, chronic health issues etc. IMHO, it probably has to do with the change in our diet over the years, we haven't really evolved to a point where we can really tolerate our typical HC diet. That is why people are going Paleo and to a less extreme, just sticking with the starchy veggies, whole grains etc. Over things like sugary, processed foods. Even for people who aren't carb sensitive, fruit is a better sweet food choice than a can of coke, because fruit has some fiber and slows down the digestive process a bit, making the sugar a bit easier to deal with.

For people who are struggling with metabolic syndrome, prediabetes of type 2 diabetes, avoiding big insulin spikes are helpful. I know for myself, that my body dumps a ton of insulin into my bloodstream if I were to eat a piece of fruit. So right now I am considered to be carb sensitive. I don't eat fruit at all. But I am on the fast track to type 2 diabetes, so I have to be a lot more careful with my diet.

I have done a lot of reading on it and it seems like even people who start out with a normal metabolism, can develop problems if they abuse diet and exercise. I don't think it is just people who have poor genetics that have to worry about the North American diet anymore.

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