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juliekaboolie 03-04-2013 08:34 AM

Developing food sensitivities... HELP!! Need some ideas!
Since my hospitalization last May for tachycardia and Long QT syndrome, I have developed some food sensitivities to several foods...probably because prior to the hospitalization I was under a great deal of chronic stress. Anyway, I'm projecting that this stress on my body created a 'perfect storm', and I became sensitive to eggs, almonds, mushrooms, garlic, nightshades....and NOW cashews! All of the above mentioned foods cause nausea, bloating, and diarrhea (sorry). Since I'm following a pretty strict autoimmune diet this also excludes dairy for a time. So what can I eat?? I'm limited to proteins like meat and fish, fats, veggies, and some fruit. Am I missing something? I am a full-time student right now in a very rigorous graduate program, and I need some go-to meal ideas that I can take with me to school. Thoughts? Thanks for your help!!

Knittering 03-04-2013 08:43 AM

Yikes, Julie. :( I hope this gets better soon.

How about containers of frozen blueberries? Beef jerky? Lunch meat roll-ups? Coconut bark? If you have a little cooler bag that would help keep stuff at the right temperature.

juliekaboolie 03-04-2013 08:51 AM

The frozen blueberries are a great idea! I've cut out chocolate for now, and I can't eat jerky or lunch meat because, believe it or not, they have added sugar and I'm being strict with no sugar. Makes for some minimal choices for sure. LOL!! Thank you for the blueberry idea! I have frozen ones I could take!

clackley 03-04-2013 08:51 AM

How about some homemade organic chicken or beef broth in a thermos ... like you would carry a coffee?

juliekaboolie 03-04-2013 08:53 AM

That's a great idea, too, Cathy! I can't get the ingredients (bones) until Friday when we get paid, but I have made that in the past and brought it. That would be great for helping to repair my stomach lining. Thanks!

juliekaboolie 03-04-2013 08:53 AM

I have been bringing peppermint tea to help my stomach.

piratejenny 03-04-2013 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by juliekaboolie (Post 16294428)
That would be great for helping to repair my stomach lining. Thanks!

gelatin is really great for repairing the stomach lining; do you have or can you get bulk unflavored gelatin? i try to take 1tbsp per day in broth or a hot drink.

l-glutamine is also known for healing the stomach lining. i buy it in 2-lb jugs and take 1tsp 2-5x/day.

i started taking DE (diatomaceous earth) a few years ago for hair growth...started a thread (on another website) & other people reported that after taking it for a few weeks, they were able to eat foods they had previously been sensitive to. nobody was sure *how* that worked...DE works in mysterious ways! :laugh:

PS--i know you asked for lunch ideas...i'm thinkin' on it... :)

can you eat seaweed?

piratejenny 03-04-2013 09:26 AM

oh, and i've been totally obsessed with resistant starch lately.

before you freak out over the word "starch"...lol...it is not digested like other starches. netrition sells resistant cornstarch, which can be cooked without changing the starch structure; many people use raw cornstarch for blood sugar control and I've come across some studies that it may help prevent colon cancer...so i would extrapolate from that that it is healing to the digestive tract.

resistant starch is also a "prebiotic", meaning that it feeds the gut flora and would be helpful for digestion. many other prebiotics that I have tried (like inulin) gave me terrible gas and cramping, but the corn starch doesn't bother me at all. (I've been taking 1tbsp at night for about a week, and I haven't had any nightmares or woken up with my heart pounding, which used to happen almost every night!!!)

juliekaboolie 03-04-2013 09:30 AM

Thanks, piratejenny!!

I have *some* gelatin...as in one small lonely box of it that I had originally planned to make sweetened (with honey) tea jello cubes. However, I've given up ALL forms of sugar except the occasional piece of fruit. The only starch I consume are sweet potatoes. No corn of any kind along with other grains. I find I bloat and become very uncomfortable. LOL! I'm a hot mess!!! Tofu is a no-no for me...I have a thyroid condition and cannot eat any soy as it interferes with my thyroid med. Thank you for your suggestions!!!

Leo41 03-04-2013 09:36 AM

Julie- I buy a grass-fed jerky online that has NO sugar or MSG or other bad additives--and it's delicious.

juliekaboolie 03-04-2013 09:39 AM

Thanks, Leo! What online source do you buy from? Is it US Wellness Meats?

piratejenny 03-04-2013 09:44 AM

Okay, how about the seaweed?

It's low-carb and the iodine might be good for your thyroid--if it doesn't interfere with your med?

I was thinking nori rolls (without rice, of course!), seaweed salad, and seaweed in soup, just for something different. :)

Besides being added to soups, gelatin can be used to make savory dishes like aspics. Kinda old-fashioned, but again, something different if you're getting bored of your current lunches.

I don't eat much corn or other grains either, but the amount of resistant starch in food (bananas, beans, potatoes, etc) is a pretty low percentage, so that's why I started supplementing with powdered starch. Bob's Red Mill sells "unmodified potato starch" which from what I've read has similar health benefits to corn starch...but more studies are probably done with the corn, and it's easy to find in grocery stores.

Anyway, I'm not trying to be pushy about the starch :o
but it doesn't get digested; it's more like a fiber, really.
The word "starch" is off-putting to us low-carbers, I know! :lol:

Did you get a stomach infection while you were in the hospital?
Are you familiar with "leaky gut syndrome"?
All these new sensitivities...kinda sounds like that might be what you have...?

jem51 03-04-2013 09:47 AM

I'll second the gelatin. I get it on line, in bulk, and use it in....well, the uses are endless.

My body does not agree w the resistant starch. I guess it resists.

Cashews are a known irritant and can cause D, which maybe good if you are stopped up but otherwise, not a good thing.

Maybe eating some of these items alone will help or follow some food combining rules just to rule out the combination causing the problem rather than the item itself.

juliekaboolie 03-04-2013 09:50 AM

Piratejenny: You are SO right: leaky gut is what I suspect from years of stress and the S.A.D. I started of doing some hardcore lowcarbing (20g and under), tried NK (it caused heart palps), and I have settled on Primal Blueprint. Right now, I'm doing Whole30 to find out EXACTLY what causes me stomach issues. The foods I mentioned I have discovered on my own that they cause nausea. I haven't tried seaweed...yet...a little scared to try it, quite honestly. LOL! But I'm willing! I'm on a SUPER strict food budget, though. I do eat bananas and squashes and sweet potatoes in moderation and find they are easy on my stomach. I'm still able to lose weight as long as I'm exercising (mainly weight lifting...but not to the point of exhaustion). I'm eating 3 meals per day to try and regulate my hormones because I often find I have no appetite and yet I don't lose weight. By eating 3 meals per day (no snacking) I'm finding I have more energy and I am JUST beginning to see a difference in quality of sleep. I may have to do a Whole90! LOL!!

Knittering 03-04-2013 10:18 AM

Maybe a squash and sweet potato soup in your thermos? That would give you more calories/nutrients than broth. Do you have access to a grill? I grill a bunch of boneless chicken thighs on the weekend, slice them up into strips, and send them in my daughter's bento box to school. They taste good hot or cold and are seasoned with just a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and paprika.

Leo41 03-04-2013 10:20 AM

Yes, Julie. That's where I buy it. I didn't know whether I could mention it here.

QueenBacon 03-04-2013 01:05 PM

I want to suggest going on balanced bites site... That'swhere I got the 21 day sugar detox from.. I bet a good pro biotic would help too.. these problemsdon't start over night, so they won't go away that fast either...
also try the book practical paleo book, there are amazing protocols in there.. That book is priceless!

svenskamae 03-04-2013 02:16 PM

Some other foods that might work for you:

Coconut butter or manna, eaten from a spoon (more palatable than coconut oil, gives you lots of energy, but build up slowly)

Avocado, eaten with a spoon from the shell or mashed with a little lime juice and salt and brought along in a container

Macademia nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts; nut butters (bring a spoon along with the jar); trail mix made with nuts, seeds, and a little dried fruit (Google "paleo trail mix" for recipes, leave out honey, etc. as needed)

Slices of smoked salmon

I second the suggestions to look into diatomacieous earth (sp?) and get the book "Practical Paleo."

Can you take probiotics in the form of kimchi, refrigerated sauerkraut, coconut yogurt, kombucha, or pill supplements? It may take your stomach a while to adjust to a probiotic, so start small and know that bloating, etc. from that source will only last a few days.

juliekaboolie 03-04-2013 08:21 PM

Thanks for all the great ideas! I actually own Practical Paleo and forgot about it! Lol! I will look at it again and its immune protocol. Thanks everyone!

lowcarbella 03-04-2013 08:39 PM

being a sufferer from sensitivity to 68 foods,here are my few cents:-
healing the gut is priority.simply avoiding foods won't heal the original problem and some may find that they are increasingly getting more foods on the no list.
something that greatly helped me are digestive enzymes.Enzymedica and Theramedix are grt brands.u need to start slowly and increase dosage.work upto it.
A good quality probiotic and omega3 and aloe also helps in healing gut lining.
Another thing to look into is homeopathy,rigorous homeo from a qualified experience doc helped me tremendously.
for bloating I also take lycopodium clavatum and nux vomica and Theramedix SGI as needed only.
It is always better to stick to clean organic foods and stay away from fakee frankenstein stuff as they further irritate gut.
U cud have developed this during intake of heavy meds which also irritate gut.
By all means take a multi too.Hope u get well soon

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