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Bigblue 02-23-2013 02:51 PM

Protein Shakes...
Okay, so I eat like two meals a day...Eggs/Mayo for brunch...Salmon, butter and broccoli for dinner. Also throw in a salad with oil and vinegar....However, sometimes i find myself hungry during the day, so i snack on cheeses. Unfortunately it upsets my stomach....

Today I bought a Protein powder called Isopure. Does anyone use this? any recommendations? good or bad for LC? doesnt have any carbs in it.....

thoughts/comments appreciated.

susume 02-23-2013 08:59 PM

I do not know anything about it. I mix up a Whey Protein once and awhile - wish I would remeber to do it more often. When I do, I mix it the night before for breakfast. It taste better after sitting overnite.
Just wanted to "top" this incase someone comes on who knows something about what you are asking.

kitcub 02-23-2013 11:45 PM

I just looked it up online and it looks pretty decent. I generally stayed away from shakes until later in the plan, however, not a terrible way to get your protein in it's hard to get enough meal in each day.

Hot Tamale 02-24-2013 12:34 AM

I really like Isopure protein shakes. I have the chocolate and vanilla flavors. They mix easily and taste really good compared to others I have tried. I often mix the vanilla with frozen berries or peanut butter for variety. However, I will also have to tell you my hands-down favorite ever is by Synthrax - Matrix and the flavor is mint cookie. It tastes like thin mint cookies in a glass! Absolutely delicious. Both Isopure and Matrix mix easily and taste awesome. There's also a protein powder "fudge" recipe floating around here that is awesome - but obviously high in fat... I can't stop eating it, so I don't make it much, but you might like it. Good luck & trust me, you picked a winner with Isopure!

emel 02-24-2013 04:20 AM

It's plenty of protein with few carbs. But the downside is that there isn't much fat in it.
Could you toss in an ounce or two of heavy cream?
Or, if you're grabbing the shake on the run and your plan allows, maybe you could pair it with one of those single serving packs of nuts, or run around with a baggie with an ounce of walnuts.

And one more thought to make it portable...
Mix it up in the morning, using lots of ice and a little water and the cream. Put it into a travel mug. The ice will keep it cold for a few hours, so you can just shake it and drink.

Gladiator 02-24-2013 04:53 AM


Originally Posted by emel (Post 16277215)
It's plenty of protein with few carbs. But the downside is that there isn't much fat in it.
Could you toss in an ounce or two of heavy cream?

Hi Emel
A good point of view. :goodpost:
Protein powders does not have to make a shake. I mix with quark (Quark cheese - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), with the fatty quark. Or with less fatty quark + spoon cream.

mizzcase 02-24-2013 05:47 AM

Or coconot oil! I mix my protein mixes with almond milk and coconut oil... I use casein protein since its slow digesting and keeps me full for longer. So good :)

emel 02-24-2013 06:27 AM

Here's a simple protein bar if you do nut butters. I might make this one with almond butter. I don't think this would be as amazing-tasting as some of the more complicated recipes, but it would use the protein powder plus some fats to make a portable snack.

I found it here:


1. Natural Nut Butter of your choice
2. Heavy/Double Cream
3. Whey Protein - The flavor of your choice.

Also you can add a teaspoon or two of granulated splenda to sweeten it a little.


1. Put 50 grams of nut butter and 25 grams of whey protein into a bowl
2. Mix a little until dry and clumpy
3. Add 40ml of heavy cream. Now it magically smooths out quickly when mixed
4. Take out of bowl and shape into a bar"
To americanize the recipe (and make it slightly larger for easier math), that would be:

3 1/2 TBL almond butter
a scoop (about 1/3 cup) of whey protein powder
3 TBL heavy cream

The americanized batch would be the values for your protein powder plus 487 calories, 46.4 g fat, 11.8 carb/6.5 net, 11.4 g protein. So if your powder is 160 cal/0 fat/0 carb/40 pro, that would be 647 cal, 46.4 g fat, 11.8 carb/6.5 net, and 51.4 g protein.

That's too much per serving for me, so I'd cut the huge bar into 3 servings, for 215 cal, 15 g fat, 2.2 net carbs, and 16 g protein.

I just made this, using natural unsalted almond butter, the cream, EAS 100% whey chocolate protein powder, and a splash of davinci chocolate. I wrapped it w/Saran wrap and rolled it into a log shape about the size of a raw italian sausage. Stuck it into the freezer because it is kind of gooey. I think you could eat it at room temperature, but it would be a bit sticky.

I think I'll let it freeze some and then slice it. It's good but not great. I bet you could dip pieces of it into liquid cocoa fat bombs or cocoa crack to make little buckeyes. But that would really pack a calorie punch.

ETA... could also roll it in finely chopped nuts to keep your fingers from getting sticky.

And I'll stop mucking up the protein powder thread now lol.

clackley 02-24-2013 08:16 AM

I think whey protein is another YMMV food. I find that they make me hungry. I was adding hwc to try and improve on that but to no avail. I would still use it in certain circumstances (like for travel) but not for general consumption for me.

Another point that I came across in my readings was that the fact that some food is in a liquid form may be the issue as it is quick to digest so I thought the next time I try this I would add some chia seeds or something of that nature to slow down the digestive process.

susume 02-24-2013 10:38 AM

emel - you are so funny. That was some good help you put on, so no you were not mucking it up you funny.

This WHEY stuff I have - ya in big bold letters on the black and red jar is from Wallmart and I think I got it cuz it was on sale. It say`s "six star" on top and I got the triple chocolate one and I think I would have liked just the reg choc if I had to do it all over again. I just mix half a scoup in skim milk and then some water. I think I`ll just do water from now on. Anyhoo just for info it has 170 calories in a scoup and 30g protine, 8g. carbs, which I think is much higher than the other one I had before. So it depends on what you want from it. I do not want that much protine at one time so half a scoup is fine and I need to watch calories (ha, like I am not doing anyhoo) so that makes it 85 calories.

MaryMary 02-24-2013 11:30 AM

I think I have had the soy Isopure protein powder. I don't use whey - upsets my stomach. I use it in smoothies and berries as well as an ounce of TVP, 4 oz soymilk and 1/2 oz soy protein powder. I add 1/2 cup fruit and nuke for 1.5 min. It is like a bowl of creamy oatmeal. I don't eat grains or sugar. My daughter has made the fudge and rolled it in unsweetened coconut.

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