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kevinpadaughter33 02-19-2013 06:28 AM

My husband and i have been eating SALADS SALADS SALADS for lunch everyday...while i do enjoy my spinach salad we need a little switcherupper...anyone have any suggestions? id like it to be able to be something i can make for 3-5 days :clap: thanks in advance

Dottie 02-19-2013 06:55 AM

Try this thread:
Lots of low-cal, low-fat recipes and many are low-carb as well:)

Iwantlessofme 02-19-2013 02:54 PM

My husband and I cook hard boiled eggs turn into egg salad or tuna with mayo eat with pork rinds. Plus hamburger patties and sausage/bratwurst. Basically very low-carb lunches to allow for a slightly higher carb dinner. Hope this helps.


Julie1972 02-19-2013 04:04 PM

I make soups on the weekends for lunches during the week sometimes. I love making creamy cauliflower soup, beef with veggies soup and chicken with veggies. I also enjoy tuna or egg salad.

AsmallerME 02-19-2013 05:04 PM

Do you need to stay low fat? If not, make a big batch of chicken salad and eat that for a few days, or egg salad w/ mayo. Or go to Linda Sue's website and make a casserole. I love the spinach lasagna, coney island chili dog pie, and practically everything else. There is a creamy southwestern soup there that is also good and one pot makes like 10 bowls.

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