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picklepete 02-17-2013 08:55 PM

Way Beyond Weight

Documentary with a focus on Brazilian children, sugar, and marketing. I found it pretty terrifying!

RobbyC 02-18-2013 01:39 AM

Thank you for posting this!

1sweettea1 02-18-2013 06:25 AM

I've seen this and it is depressing as hell. We are such sheeple and it's almost like it's too little too late for our kids. Look at us as adults. We're trying desperately to stop the process of a lifetime of bad decisions and it's SO HARD to relearn everything that you've been taught. Especially when everything you've been taught had been dished out as fact from corporations and the well paid media.
Won't ever hear anything about this on the evening news, though. Not unless there's some bird-brained Hollywood actor being paid to push it.
Terrifyingly sad for future generations. Soylent Green, here we come.

SadieJack 02-18-2013 07:58 AM


Soylent Green, here we come.
Wow...I remember that movie. Scary!!

clackley 02-20-2013 07:12 AM

Thank you for sharing this link Pickle Pete. It was an engaging and eye opening documentary.

What a tragedy processed food has become.

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