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dianda 02-03-2013 01:26 PM

Anybody else get sleepy in ketosis?
I'm usually a night owl, easily staying up til 3 am. Well, every time I lower my carbs long enough to get in ketosis my days seem to shorten :laugh: It's only 9 pm here and I'm ready for bed! Does anybody else get this "side-effect"?

(I've also noticed that it doesn't last long, about a week/10 days... maybe just the time to get fat-adapted?)

svenskamae 02-03-2013 02:22 PM

I definitely became less of a night owl on low carb. I think that's a good thing--and it sure makes it easier to get up in the morning, to go to work or exercise before work.

My difficulty coping in the early morning and only falling asleep late was severe enough to qualify as a circadian rhythm disorder--and a sign that my adrenal/cortisol health wasn't great. Eating lowcarb fixed this--along with lots of other small health problems (such as acne, indigestion, eczema, and mood swings).

If you find yourself inexplicably exhausted, it may mean that you aren't getting enough salt. Salt your food generously; lowcarbers need more salt intake than people eating a high carb diet.

Britt1975 02-03-2013 06:02 PM

I'm an insomniac - have been my entire life. My mom is and my grandmother was - thank goodness it seems to have skipped my daughter. The only time I don't need a prescriptions sleep medication is when I'm on low carb. I still take a Melatonin on LC - but usually within a week of being on low carb I can wean off the Rx and switch to Melatonin with no trouble at all.

I go to bed earlier, because I actually feel sleepy at night, before I even take the Melatonin. I sleep all the way through the night, something that never happens on a high carb diet. And I wake up feeling refreshed and excited to start my day.

When I add all this up, I really have to wonder - why on earth I keep making the conscious choice to 'fall off the wagon.'

Losing the weight really is just a side benefit to this WOE - the real benefit is how fabulous I feel. Thanks for reminding me of that!!!

svenskamae 02-03-2013 06:06 PM

I'm glad that lowcarb is so effective in helping your insomnia, Britt1975. I forgot to mention that I feel much more alert when I wake up, on lowcarb, than on SAD. When eating a high carb diet, I felt groggy and grumpy, but I wake up peppy and chipper on low carb. :D

Trigger828 02-03-2013 06:08 PM

I also am a night owl. usual is 1pm. I am about 15 weeks on plan and I can't stay up past 11. 11 the eyes shut. it helps tho, more sleep time means better weight loss.

I still get bouts of fatigue. one day super energy the next I am ready to go back to bed 4 hrs. after getting up and eyes want to shut. I don't know?? I go with the flow.

Donutgobbler 02-03-2013 06:40 PM

I am def. a night OWL. I have worked 3rd shift (7pm-7:30am) for about 15 years now. I just changed to day shift for the past 3 months and I HATE IT!!! Starting next week I'm gonna go to 2nd Shift and work from 2pm-12:30am. Dr. told me to get off of nights as I need to start trying to sleep at night!! LOL. Anyhow, I have been taking sleeping pills for about 8 years now and I just kept needing more and more of them. I have been on Atkins for 3 full weeks now and I haven't used a sleeping pill in 4 days. Hopefully I can keep up this trend!

dianda 02-04-2013 03:27 AM

The sleep regulation is great. Definitely one of the benefits :)

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