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Old 01-29-2013, 02:01 PM   #1
Chatty Cathy
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Join Date: Mar 2000
Location: Ontario
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WOE: N.K.=vlc/hf/moderate protein & organic/pastured
Start Date: Restart Oct 18 2009

Anyone added this delightful dish to their woe?

I have been reading about the health benefits of fermented foods and kimchi fits the low carb bill pretty well. I have had it in restaurants before but never thought about buying it until today.

After a bit more reading, I think it may become a staple but wonder if anyone else has any experience with it in respect to low carb eating?
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Old 01-29-2013, 02:05 PM   #2
Very Gabby LCF Member!!!
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Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Barony of Three Rivers
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WOE: Reinduction 1-2-2013
I buy kim chee from Trader Joe's, but it's mild. There are peppers in it but it's not hot. I put it in hot bone broth and add cream and maybe some Bragg's liquid aminos. I love it that way.
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Old 01-29-2013, 02:09 PM   #3
Way too much time on my hands!
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WOE: Atkins
Start Date: 1/4/2008 restarted for the last time 1/3/2013
I have it once in a while. In fact, I need to buy some more. I love it
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Old 01-29-2013, 02:09 PM   #4
Senior LCF Member
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Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: Nashville, TN
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Stats: [5'8"] 230/IT IS A MYSTERY/135ish
WOE: Low carb - Intermittent fasting
Start Date: 01/2011, got lazy/married, rebooting FOR REAL 2014
I discovered kim chi a few months ago. I LOVE IT! I first tried it at my local farmers' market and was definitely digging the funky taste. I recently found an Asian supermarket near me that makes it in the back of their store and sells it by the tub for 3 dollars. They even put their ingredients on the front in printed label form—no sugar! I like it more than the stuff I tried at the farmers' market, plus it's cheaper. Shop around and I'm sure you'll find several variations.

I think it's great, except for the chunks of ginger in it. I like the ginger flavor, but chunks of ginger on their own are a bit overpowering for me, personally. It's spicy and exciting, and smells awesome. I love that funky taste! I've read that you can heat it up in a skillet, but I just eat it cold as a side item. I generally savor it separately from the rest of the meal since it has such an in-your-face flavor profile.
Cristin, otherwise known as the Mistress of the Pork Butt.

Born again from the bread crumbs—a life journal, low-carb style
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Old 01-29-2013, 02:14 PM   #5
Chatty Cathy
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Join Date: Mar 2000
Location: Ontario
Posts: 17,253
Gallery: clackley
Stats: 228.5/168/125
WOE: N.K.=vlc/hf/moderate protein & organic/pastured
Start Date: Restart Oct 18 2009
Oh I should have mentioned that I bought it from my favorite Korean grocery and it is their homemade (same deal of a tub for $3). It is really delicious and spicy. Just sorry I didn`t buy more.

Oh well, I have to go back next week anyway as their shelves were cleaned out of shirataki noodles. I believe that the word has gotten out on those....DARN!!
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Old 01-29-2013, 02:18 PM   #6
Senior LCF Member
Join Date: Sep 2012
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Stats: 168/134/125
I LOVE IT! I highly recommend it to those who don’t do diary and aren’t getting probiotics from yogurt and such. I was going to Korea town or the farmer markets to get it then was DELIGHTED to find a vegan version at Trader Joes. I’m not vegan just can’t have the shrimp they ferment it with in the traditional version so I look for vegan to be safe.
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Old 01-29-2013, 04:05 PM   #7
Major LCF Poster!
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Minneapolis
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Stats: 235/178/135 5'3"
WOE: Nutritional Ketosis/Primal/JUDDD
Start Date: January 15, 2012
I try to remember to eat a half-cup of lacto-fermented vegetables a day, for their probiotic benefits. My local food co-op, where I buy groceries, has a number of delicious kinds of canned and refrigerated lacto-fermented veggies, and I've got kimchi, green beans, and "fall salad" (mostly cabbage but with some other veggies thrown in) in my fridge at the moment. Along with being good for me, the intense/spicy/vinegarish taste is very satisfying--kind of like how sometimes all I need to feel satisfied for a snack is a good dill pickle (or a little bowl of kimchi).
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Old 01-29-2013, 04:11 PM   #8
Way too much time on my hands!
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WOE: Vegetarian SB
Start Date: June, 2005
I have eaten some almost every day for almost 40 years. My Korean friends made it and got me hooked. They made an all vegetable version, no fish.
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Old 01-29-2013, 04:12 PM   #9
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Stats: 6' 47y/o 265/193/170
Start Date: Aug 13, 2011
While I was in the army I was stationed in Korea. I ate it for years both there and stateside when I got back.

It was a doozie the first time I caught a whiff of it. I seriously thought that we had a plumbing problem at the motor pool lol. Then I found out it was part of our Korean employee's brown bag lunch. Pops ate it every day. Eventually I ate it almost every day.

There are a several varieties too. Water kimchi is some kinda awesomely good stuff! Very refreshing on a hot day.

Homemade is best but King brand is pretty close at least for cabbage kimchi (or it used to be a long time ago).

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Old 01-29-2013, 04:29 PM   #10
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Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Boston, then OH, then NYC, now SoCal. Whew!
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WOE: Atkins for weight loss, NK for maintenance.
Start Date: Restarted: 1-3-13 Original: 8-23-02
I buy it at the Asian supermarket I frequent.
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Old 01-29-2013, 04:31 PM   #11
Major LCF Poster!
Join Date: Dec 2009
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WOE: Atkins - it's a diet
I have tried numerous times to like it but I can't get past the smell. So instead I eat unpasteurized sauerkraut for the same vitamin c and good bacteria benefit.
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Old 01-29-2013, 04:33 PM   #12
Why wait, just do it NOW!
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WOE: No Diet = No Stress! Just eating healthy!

I make this once a week and eat it everyday! Have been doing this for a couple of years now. This version has no fish sauce, which I like better because I don't like fish sauce at all.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do!!

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Old 01-30-2013, 12:15 PM   #13
Major LCF Poster!
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Start Date: 1/15/2014 (this time)
I love kimchi! Homemade is great if you can make it (or get it from a local Korean )

It's kind of an acquired taste, but once you get a taste for it, you'll crave it.
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Old 01-30-2013, 01:29 PM   #14
Major LCF Poster!
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Start Date: IR/PCOS: Dx pre-diabetic 3/2010
I have a fermentation crock, and have made homemade sauerkraut. I should try my hand at kimchee, too!
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