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Sting 01-29-2013 05:50 AM

Ketogenic Ratio
Normal ketogenic diet is

Fat 75%
Protein 15% -20%
Carbs 5% -10%

Trying to work out this out example below

Fat total is 124g
Protein Total 120

But my ratio when worked out at percentages is

Fat 68%
Protein 29%

I know i need to get the protein down to 15-20% but just wondering do you use the grams or can you just go by the percentages? is that fine if i prefer to do it like that so i don't need to calculate the grams?

here is today's


and here is the foods in detail showing grams


I find it easier just to use the percentages in the first screen shot instead of comparing grams so just wondering would this be a OK way to keep a log of it or do i have to use grams?

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