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bdaustin7 01-27-2013 07:08 AM

Postpartum weight loss, low carb, and breastfeeding
You may or may not remember me- about 9 months ago I was pretty active here and doing great with my weight loss when SURPRISE! I found out I was pregnant. I'm back now, 4 weeks postpartum and ready to SHED THIS WEIGHT! I have about 50-60 pounds I'd like to lose. I'm exclusively breastfeeding my son and plan to do so for the first year (we have had troubles though so my first goal is 3 months) I would love to loose this weight in the next 3 months, if possible. I gained a whopping 80 pounds and lost 30 pounds already but that was just fluid. My weight loss has pretty much stalled out and I'm now between 192-196 (depending on the time of day I weigh)

So help me out ladies- share your postpartum low carb stories and breastfeeding tips, advice on shedding this weight ASAP!

Ps- it feels good to be back :-)

luvmybabyhead 01-27-2013 07:24 AM

Congrats! I too had problems nursing for the first 5 weeks but we got the hang of it, exclusively breastfed for 6 months, and my DD nursed for over 2 years. :)

I found that LC dramatically reduced my supply but I know that is not typical. I also worked after 12 weeks and had to pump during the day for DD to have bottles of my milk. Many women nurse with no problems while LCing. I was not one of them and I put my weight loss on hold so DD could have momma milk. I felt as though feeding her the best food possible was more important than my weight loss.

Good luck to you!

cfine 01-27-2013 07:49 AM

Congratulation on your new baby!! I really don't have any advice because I didn't do LC at the time I had my DD. I can't imagine that it's not doable though because hundreds of thousands of Mom's have fed their babies without our western diet. Having lots of veggies, protein, eggs, plenty of good fats sounds like a perfect plan to make some awesome mama milk :) Oh and water, lots of water.

lowcarbella 01-27-2013 03:04 PM

with my first one,I breastfed and lost weight like crazy.I lost 47 pounds in first 4 months and then in bits and pieces lost the last 10-15 in a year.Was not doing LC.
With this second baby,it was so much more difficult.I did lose the first 30 pounds of water weight,(I had lots of edema),but then it was just stuck all the time.I started out at maintenance levels ,slowly dropping carbs a little at a time,until baby was eating solids at least at 2-3 meals.Once I reached there,then I started OWL and then Induction.I noticed no supply issues.
Then I went on a long stall and noticed that when I increased my fats ,supply increased.I recommend reading the book Mother Food? it has great tips for supply.I used the following pancake recipe every morning for boosting the milk.Not really a pancake ,more like a warm pudding/scramble.
1/4 cup rolled oats
2 tbsp protein powder
1 cup coconut milk(or any other milk you like)
1 tsp flaxmeal
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp black sesame seeds
2 tbsp coconut oil and olive oil to fry

mix everything together and fry on a pan.I add the CC oil towards the end.This contains a lot of lactogenic foods.I did lose about 40 lbs eating almost every morning.When I stated stalling ,I just dropped this.

I still have another 40 to go and it is really a struggle right now.Baby is one,so she eats a variety of foods and I am not worried about supply.In fact I think I have more milk when I did LCHF,but YMMV.

there is no need to wean baby to lose weight IMO,just find a suitable LC WOE probably starting maintenance and going downwards.This is the only time you can feed the baby the best milk,but we can always lose weight later.All the best.

suzanneyea 01-27-2013 04:18 PM

My baby is ten months and still nursing. I went zero carb right after he was born. You can follow any of the low carb plans and you will be fine.

rubidoux 01-27-2013 09:57 PM

Well... I don't even want to tell you how old my nursing preschooler is. :o But, let's just say that I've done LC nursing for years with no problems. :)

I'd say that losing 50 to 60 pounds in three months might be a little ambitious, especially while settling into motherhood, but I don't think that nursing should keep you from losing weight or doing LC.

Congrats on your little one!

ETA: I wanted to add, because this really surprised me when it happened, that if you do nurse till a year or past... when my kids each were around 9 or ten months old, all of the sudden my metabolism really changed. I think it had been hard work to make milk until then and then my body switched gears and all of the sudden it wasn't hard work (they weren't even really eating substantial amounts of food at that point, but maybe it was milk composition, which changes as they age, or maybe just my body getting into a groove). But both times I gained like 10 or 15 pounds suddenly at that point bc I was continuing to eat as if I was working hard.

luvmybabyhead 01-28-2013 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by rubidoux (Post 16223652)
Well... I don't even want to tell you how old my nursing preschooler is. :o But, let's just say that I've done LC nursing for years with no problems. :)

I don't mean to hijack but I nursed my toddler for 31 months! :high5:

dejaht 01-28-2013 12:08 PM

I started low-carb when my baby was 11 months. Obviously not nursing as frequently as your new baby will be, but my supply was fine. He's still nursing once a day now at 17 months. My first child self-weaned at 16 months due to low supply when I was eating high carb.

Oh and Congrats on your baby, and don't push yourself too hard to lose the weight quickly. I like Lowcarbellas words "This is the only time you can feed the baby the best milk,but we can always lose weight later"

rubidoux 01-28-2013 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by luvmybabyhead (Post 16224008)
I don't mean to hijack but I nursed my toddler for 31 months! :high5:

Yay, nursing! :D We're almost done around here and while I do think its a fine time for my little one to move on, I'm not having any more babies... :cry:

Janknitz 01-28-2013 12:43 PM

Remember that it may not be possible to lose ALL of your baby weight while nursing, and that's a good thing! Mother Nature is wise enough to know that there must be sufficient reserve for you AND the baby, so those last 10 to 20 pounds may stay there until the baby is weaned. If you restrict calories to try to get it off, you may lose your milk supply before you're ready to wean, or you may harm your own health. And you don't want to deplete your body if you are planning more kids, the next baby needs your body to be optimally nourished so the next baby won't suffer a nutritional deficit.

Eat well, eat low carb but with plenty of fat, and you and your baby will thrive.

suzanneyea 01-28-2013 01:44 PM

I am begining to think I may be nursing James for a lot longer than my first son! My first stopped at a year. James is a total addict.

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