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lowcarbella 01-21-2013 07:28 AM

weekend sabotaging-need help badly
Hi I have been strict LCing for the past 1 year.One of my biggest diet obstacle used to be parties and get togethers with people forcing me their ideas on how to eat.After coming to this forum,and getting lots of suggestions from you all,I have nailed that,I am no longer scared to go out and have fun together without derailing my diet.A big Thankyou for that.There were also other troubles like eating out,cravings,sickness all of awesome ideas from here helped me nail them all.
But the past few months ,my biggest trouble is weekends.
I work hard all week and lose pounds ,only come friday nights,and the two weekend days,gain it all back.Its like everyone in my family is in a party mood.And I get carried away too.:dunno:
Dh relaxes with a glass of wine or two,and though I don't drink,seeing that something in my head goes'cmon its weekend,relax'
and for me relax means chocolates and desserts....weekends are also busy days,with shopping ,cooking,cleaning,chores and parties etc,so with all that running around,sometimes I get caught hungry and tired and stressed,and then my head says'well one bite won't hurt you' and b4 I know it,I have fallen off the slippery slope.
Now I have to do very strict LCing to lose weight,no shakes and bars,limit splenda to mornings only and with food,and watch my portions even with protein and fats.I also stay away from LC desserts even the fat fast ones,since they stall me or gain.So last weekend all I had was some extra cup of teas and coffees w splenda,some cashews and almonds,some extra helpings of lc chicken,and today I gained 2 pounds more:eek:
If I don't nail this one ,I am scared I will never get this weight off.

clackley 01-21-2013 07:39 AM

Sorry you are struggling. I think the issue is that you need to resist carbs for 2 wks. before you don't have this difficult struggle. You are putting yourself through induction every week and never deriving the benefits.

Once you have decided that you are ready to do a proper induction, be prepared with lots of induction friendly foods, making sure they are fatty and not lean and that you eat when hungry and until you are satisfied. One great and simple food is 2 eggs, scrambled with a couple of tbsp. hwc and then topped with a pat of butter!

You can do this!!

Chocolate Rose 01-21-2013 07:51 AM

I think that the biggest way for you to tackle this is to plan ahead. If you're out and about on the weekend and are starving, where will you go and what will you eat? What will you have at home that you can eat so that you don't feel deprived? I always have something in my purse that I can eat in case I get caught hungry away from home with nothing that I can eat. I always take a bottle of water in the car with me. Eggs and bacon are my at home go-to meal when I don't feel like cooking. Plan ahead and get through the first couple of weeks and you'll be fine.

Michalea 01-21-2013 08:01 AM

You are doing great, and think of the awareness and all that you are learning about your body! Don't beat yourself up, I think you need alternatives to food to feel good on the weekend. What else is relaxing? SHOPPING? (not really but it's fun) napping, always a great way to get away from food, you can't eat when you are asleep, get outta the house, or ask dh if he'll support you with lower carb treats on the weekends. Find ways of feeling good without food make it your INTENTION to feel good on the weekends, and not good in the moment, but good ALL weekend, which for you means staying on track. Forget what you've done, make a new plan. You can do this! Make it your ultimate mission to feel good, find any excuse to feel good, oh I see some sunshine through the clouds I feel good, oh they have steak on sale, I feel good, oh I bought a lottery ticket I feel good, oh the kids borrowed the car and didn't use all the gas I feel good, oh husband took out the trash without being nagged, I feel good. You can do, find a reason to feel good and MILK IT and I promise you, you will want to keep that feeling and your intentions will become your habits and you' won't look back. :)

jandjsmom 01-21-2013 08:19 AM

Everyone is different and we all have to find what works for us to make this a lifestyle rather than a diet.

Also, we all have different goals. If yours is to get the weight off as fast as possible, then all the advice above is exactly what you probably need to do.

My goal was to figure out how I was happy to eat the rest of my life and what I could do without feeling like I was always dieting. I wanted the weight off, but I also took it as a journey rather than a sprint.

It has taken me 21 months to get to goal, but I've usually taken Saturday night until Sunday night off from strict LC. Monday morning until Saturday dinner I eat super LC. I've never really tracked but just eat from LC foods and only eat if I'm hungry. I then allow myself Saturday night dinner and all day Sunday to eat without worrying. I have found that without making it feel like I'm "cheating" but free to do what I want, I usually make pretty good choices and don't go crazy. I don't go crazy, but if there is something I want to eat, I eat it. Most weekends I usually don't even have that much of "extra" stuff but sometimes I do!!

It has taken me longer to reach goal, but I made it! I have found a way I'm happy with eating and it is a lifetime WOE. I'm not one bit concerned about weight coming back on because I'm going to go off a "diet".

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