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Becky 01-10-2013 08:50 AM

Watching Steve Harvey.....(low carb mentioned)
He has a couple on where the wife went through early menopause (I believe she's 38). The Doctor they had on (Dr. Laura Berman) recommended that the wife add green leafy veggies, cut back on sugar and white carbs, nice to see she at least semi embraces low carb-ish diets. I thought it was interesting that she likened menopause/perimenopause to a pre diabetic state.

lowcarbie 01-11-2013 12:01 PM

I think that is true. Now that I am in my mid forties, I am finding that the only way for me to lose weight is on Atkins. I have to cut back on sugar, white carbs and I am eating salads and vegetables and meats. I think that is true that menopause/perimenopause is like being in a pre-diabetic state. Most of my weight is in my abdominal area and it is very hard to lose, I find that it is a MUST for me to cut back on sugar, starches and flour.

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