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Thank you to Sherri for posting this, and to everyone who has posted helpful comments...I'm in the same boat, with a voracious appetite no matter what I eat. Couple that with some emotional/boredom eating and I really struggle...

Mermaid, thanks for the comment about the hcg...very interesting. I've been wanting to try it but the 500 calories scared me. I can't imagine making it through a day on that little. Nice to hear that you've had success starting out with more than 500 calories. Heck, it would be worth it if it allowed me to eat 1500 VLC calories per day without gnawing hunger...

Congrats on your success so far, Sherri... I hope you can find a sustainable woe that will help you maintain your loss
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"Mermaid, thanks for the comment about the hcg...very interesting. I've been wanting to try it but the 500 calories scared me. I can't imagine making it through a day on that little. Nice to hear that you've had success starting out with more than 500 calories. Heck, it would be worth it if it allowed me to eat 1500 VLC calories per day without gnawing hunger... "

I had about 1,000 calories today and very little hunger. Right now after eating my 300 calorie dinner (turkey chili with shirataki orzo and a little cottage cheese in it) I feel like that was enough food. That is totally not how it goes without the HHCG. Sorry if I sound like an advert or something, but I am just really impressed by this stuff and think it could help others who are dealing with the same gnawing hunger I used to have every day. Really no need to only eat 500 calories with it unless you just badly want to.
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Old 02-08-2011, 03:25 AM   #33
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Originally Posted by *Sherri* View Post
I've been maintaining a 60lb loss for a few years without much effort. I never eat pasta or bread or rice or potatoes at home, but I'll have ice-cream a few times a week and I eat carby foods at restaurants a few times a week as well.

But something has changed in the past few months. I starved myself down to 15lb below my normal weight. I've done this before, only to gain it back. I gained it back again this time, only now the weight doesn't seem to be stopping at my normal 142lb maintenance weight. I'm struggling to stay under 150lb and I'm scared.

I think some kind of switch has been flipped and my fat cells are back in storage mode like when I was obese. I can't stop eating, and I'm deathly afraid of ever feeling hungry or tired from not getting enough food. And I'm constantly eating.

I'm trying to get back on track and keep my carbs really low. I've been eating lots of eggs and hamburger with peppers, spinach, and salsa. I'm cutting out dairy and nuts and wine all together. But I can still eat huge amounts of plain hamburger. I'm scared I'm going to keep gaining just from eggs and hamburger. There are a lot of calories in 2lb of hamburger and I can easily eat that in a day.

To be honest I've been cutting things out slowly, and I have stopped gaining. I've been 145 for a few weeks now. I'm thinking about cutting out the vegges and salsa too, and just eating eggs, hamburger, garlic, salt, and pepper for awhile. I want to do whatever it takes to stop thinking about food all the time and being scared of being hungry.


I need reassurance that eventually just eggs and hamburger and spices will make me lose my appetite. Has anyone here ever done VLC and failed to lose their appetite? I'm scared I'm going to continue to want to eat pounds and pounds of hamburger.
Please note I have insulin resistance; I have a very hard time losing weight. When I am losing, I tend to be doing a lot of walking (not high-intensity exercise by any means, but hours on my feet). That said....

I have a few ideas based on this post.

The ice cream probably had some form of sugar--this is much more likely to have a negative impact on metabolism than starches (better to have potatoes or rice than sugar, but I am not advocating to have any of these).

Starving pounds off backfires on me. It is better for me to wait it out with slow weight loss (with lots of walking--shopping all night counts!).

Eating a lot of protein--you might be converting protein to glucose...possible. it seems logical from your description.

Increasing protein will create a larger insulin release and make it harder to lose weight, it makes you tired and want to just sit--are you feeing this way?

I am loathe to try the meat and egg fast...I just don't know what I would do if it worked, I wouldn't be able to keep it up.

I am with other responses about PaNu and Dr. Bernstein. I would add to the suggestions to try having leafy green vegetables at lunch and dinner (I will even pull out frozen spinach and stir it into some hot butter to have with (or on top of) my meatloaf if I have no fresh leafy greens) before you ditch carbs all together. Maybe try eating something along the lines of a palm-sized piece of meat for your lunch/dinner and add animal fats (like butter!) and coconut oil to see if you can bring your appetite into check.

The idea here is that fat does not create an insulin response and is satisfying, so eventually your appetite adjusts back down and you eat less overall.

I am using coconut oil or butter into a cup of hot water with a cinnamon stick and if it is morning, the cinnamon stick goes into the coffee with coconut oil or butter. It may sound odd, but it is really good, filling, and helps put the breaks on the appetite for me.

Here is something else I do when I can't get full--I will put a scoop of whey powder into the blender and blend with coconut cream (or you could use regular cream) and may add some instant coffee (or instant decaf) and some ice...a whey shake is really filling--it is known for this. I only do this for emergencies (not daily like I used to).
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