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Ayeshashutu 04-29-2003 09:37 PM

If you are low-carbing, don't eat anything with maltitol, isomalt or other sugar alcohols in them... I know, it's sad youc an't eat goodies with this in it - but for 90 percent of people it throughs them to the low end of ketosis or OUT OF KETOSIS!!! If you don't believe it, just feel free to indulge and then watch your ketones disappear and your weight loss stall...

Sad, but true... The goodies with maltitol are great for the maintenance phases of lowcarbing, but not for weightloss...

almost30 04-30-2003 05:36 AM

I've only been on the diet 5 weeks and I did not notice a major change when ate some Pure De Lite bars, but the book does mention to stay away from maltitol. What I don't understand is that this site says maltitol has such an insignificant effect on blood sugar, so what is in it that hurts you? Is it because it's made from natural sugar?

I appreciate this site so much and it really has kept me focused. I admit that I goofed twice, but I have had so much energy for the past month and NO HEARTBURN!!!!

Good luck to everyone!

5 weeks on the plan

secret 04-30-2003 07:50 AM

You really shouldn't say Do Not Use maltitol to everyone.

We all have our own tolerance.

It effects some people differently than other.

I for one eat products with maltitol, lacititol..and just about every other sweetner out there. I also drink as much diet soda as I want. It does not stall my weight loss one bit.

I think it is great to warn everyone but with the diclaimer that these products may be ok.

Ayeshashutu 04-30-2003 09:06 AM

I am at several different sites and aprox 90 percent say they have stall/ketosis problems after eating sugar alcohols..

I don't know why they say it doesn't impact you, because it knocks me completely out of ketosis.. My aunt lost 33 pounds on Atkins, then found pure delite and carbolite - her weight loss stalled six months while she ate these and her ketones stayed at the low end.. She ditched the bars and the weightloss resumed..

Like I said, just eat it and test yourself, and watch the scale.. If it isn't affecting you - hey, that's great.. Unfortunately for the majority - it will affect them:(

dolyda 04-30-2003 10:51 AM

when i first started atkins, i ate a carb solutions bar almost every day in the second week...i read something that said i wasn't supposed to eat those during induction, so i stopped...that second week, i didn't lose any weight...and this week i've lost 5 lbs (just like my first)...but, i think if that's something you want to eat, you have to experiment & see how it's going to effect you :D

MissKareen11 05-12-2003 06:45 AM

Malitol has a form of laxative in it and has been known to cause bad stomach aches. That's enough for me to stay away. Cramps and going out of Ketosis. Hardly seems worth it.

Florida Mom 06-07-2003 02:32 PM

I have lost 38 pounds. I eat things with Maltitol in them. Usually I try to stick with small servings no more than once a day. I am a runner and I run 4-5 days a week. Maybe that makes a difference.

I think it is difficult to say that NOBODY can lose weight and eat products with Maltitol in them. Just remember many of us got overweight not just because we eat carbs, but because we over ate. And if you over eat chocolate it will stall you no matter what it is sweetened with. But if you eat chocolate sparingly (I stick to no more than 100 calorie portions) you might be ok. You never know until you try.


MissKareen11 06-07-2003 03:11 PM

Makes sense to me Jenna. I personally haven't had an experience with Malitol because I was afraid to try it. I have been warned by several people. But like you said moderation is the key. How long did it take you to lose the weight? Were you running before you started losing weight. Good for you, that is something to be proud of. Kareen - just a hop skip and a jump from Weston. :cool:

Ayeshashutu 06-07-2003 04:18 PM

I never said "Nobody" can eat it.. I said "most" stall on it... You said you are a runner - no wonder you can eat it.. Somewhere on here there is a thread with many questions that were asked of the Atkins staff - one thing they said is that sugar alcohols are processed as sugars in your system - so they aren't really carb free, that's why so many that aren't super active stall on them... Anyone who is running or very active everyday can eat more carbs than others and STILL lose weight...

Hope that made sense to you, if you're not clear on why "most" shouldn't eat it - go hunt that moderators post with the ??? and answers and that should help out tremendously..

Good Luck!

Florida Mom 06-08-2003 12:22 PM

I'm not UNCLEAR that most shouldn't eat it, I merely disagree with the sentiment.

My mother, father and husband all eat products with Maltitol in them. I eat the products. My mother has lost 7 lb (she wasn't very overweight), my father, 30 lb, my dh 30 lb. We all eat products with Maltitol in them. In fact my father eats Atkins bars EVERY DAY for breakfast. I am the only runner in the group.

You can eat products with Maltitol in them and still be successful on Atkins. BUT-if you eat 20 chocolate bars a week you will probably not lose weight. And it won't be the Maltitol, it will be the over eating.

It has taken me 6 months to lose 38 lb.


Ayeshashutu 06-08-2003 06:16 PM

Not all Atkins bars have maltitol in them, only the Endulge and the Peanut Butter cups... Atkins Advantage Bars are great for a meal replacement...

If your family doesn't have problems with it, that's great.. I moderate on two other forums and I don't have a single lady who can eat maltitol or isomalt without stalling... My aunt lost 30 lbs and then stalled for 6 staright months after she started eating carbolite bars. Once she ditched the bars, the weight loss resumed within a couple of days...

Like I said though - it's just "most" people that stall on them and the other thread really explains more of why this happens... For those who can eat it - more power to them!!! That's great that they can eat those products without stalling:D

Florida Mom 06-08-2003 07:00 PM

What proof do you have that "most" people stall on them?


Ayeshashutu 06-08-2003 07:36 PM

I just said I moderate two forums... Also, I studied Low carbing and Atkins for a full three years, This is based on research and information given to me by others who have experienced stalls or been kicked out of ketosis when eating items with Maltitol in them...

I'm not an arugmentative person, I've researched this way of life far to long to not know what I'm talking about... I just used low carbing for the second time to regulate my weight and hormones to conceive a baby for the second time in two and a half years after years of infertility... Every female in my family except my 13 month old daughter is diabetic - from my great grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, Myself (diet controlled) to my daughters... That's why I researched this diet to begin with and now people all over the world are referred to me through freinds on the net and I've helped them control their health problems and/or lose weight and that's why I post here - to help people...

Like I said - I am not an argumentative person - so if you can't face that people besides yourself *do* have problems with maltitol and you can't except that Atkins has documented this and that's why it's not allowed during induction - that's your perogative and your decision to feel such.. However, I don't have to defend my research of the literal hundreds of people who have told me they *do* have aproblem with maltitol..

Since I'm here to help - not argue - let's just drop it ok...:rolleyes

MissKareen11 06-08-2003 08:21 PM

Ok, I believe this board is for people to post their opinions and questions. Whether it be from previous experience or research. I don't feel we should be "challenging" each other as to how we base our opinions. I feel Ayeshashuto sounds like she knows what she is talking about and I will take her advice. But everyone should only do what feels right for them. We are here to help each other because we all have the same goal in mind: good health and weight. :)

Florida Mom 06-09-2003 07:41 AM

If you are going to spout off about a food additive being bad for weight loss you need to have something, other than your personal experience to base it on.

Just because you moderate a forum that does not make you the be all and end all of knowledge. In order to post information that a specific food additive is bad for weight loss you should be able to post links, or refer people toward studies that prove your point.

Why is your opinion more valid than someone elses?


Ayeshashutu 06-09-2003 07:51 AM

Jenna - I very clearly said that I RESEARCHED this diet for three years... I did not JUST give information as it pertained to me... I gave information that I have found in person through interviews, over the net, through forums, e-mails, information posted on the net here and in many many other forums, bulletins boards, physician's journals and low carb information and reasearch sites...

I don't know why you are so argumentative over this, but this is getting ridiculous - so I am going to turn off my e-mail notification and simply not revisit this post...

Arguing over this is stupid and I don't know why you can't face that not everyone CAN eat maltitol without bad affects. I have absolutely no reason to lie about it and I posted about it to help others.. All you want to do is basically tell me I'm an idiot and that I don't know what I am talking about...

There are people out there that I've helped - in person and on the net, and I'm always glad to help someone.. When someone like you doesn't want to be helped - or something doesn't apply to you - that's fine..but you don't have to attack me over it...

LET IT GO!!!!!!!

Ayeshashutu 06-09-2003 08:08 AM

By the way, here's what was on the Atkin's Interview thread in the main lobby:


Can you eat the endulge bars on induction or are they strictly for ongoing weightloss or maintenance?

Answer: You may not have the endulge bars or any other product that contains sugar alcohols while on induction. Your body will use the sugar alcohol as a food source thus slowing or stopping weightloss while it is in your system. It isnt the glycerine that is the problem with these but the sugar alcohol that is the problem.

GotThatFire (GTF) 06-09-2003 12:19 PM

Does anyone know (i.e., page number or chapter) in the (revised) Atkins New Diet Revolution book where it talks about not using malitol specifically? I've had carbolite bars with malitol and couldn't find info on this in the book.

I'm not finished with the book completely, but the carbolite package says "zero" net effect for carbs. I'm confused.

Florida Mom 06-09-2003 01:58 PM

I am not trying to be argumentative, I merely disagree and you are finding it difficult to accept that I do not heed your word as the gospel.

I agree that not everyone can eat maltitol, but some people can. The only way you can see if you are someone who can eat it or not is to try it, not make any changes to your diet other than the maltitol and see what happens. There is no evidence that the MAJORITY of people can't eat maltitol, only that SOME can't. I never called you an idiot and I never will. It's not the kind of thing I do.

And finally, disagreeing with you, no matter how forcefully, is not an attack. It was not personal. It was not vicious. It was just a disagreement. I suggest you grow thicker skin.


MissKareen11 06-09-2003 04:04 PM

I will see what I can find and let you know. I am not sure but I think I read about Malitol on the atkinscenter.com website. I will get back with you.

06-10-2003 12:36 PM


MissKareen11 06-10-2003 10:26 PM

Got That Fire:
Well after looking through the book I could not find anything negative about Malitol. I have heard lots of people talk about it but I guess each person should decide for themselves. DANDR states on page 128 re: induction phase: "Certain sugar alochols such as Malitol do not affect blood sugar and therefore are acceptable". So there you have it. :) However, people have stated on message boards that it gives them cramping and throws them off ketosis. I personally have had no experience with it. If you type in "Effects of Malitol" in your seach engine several sites will come up with peoples stories of the side effects they have experienced. Some good, many bad. Hope this helps. Kareen :eek:

Florida Mom 06-11-2003 10:21 AM

Thank you Miss Kareen.


GotThatFire (GTF) 06-16-2003 10:21 AM

Thanks, Karen! I couldn't remember seeing anything either and I did indulge in Carbolites chocolates which have malitol during Induction, with no ill effects so I'm glad that I wasn't off program and slowing my progress :) .

Eddi 06-21-2003 08:13 AM

I must agree with the moderation thing. Malitol has never had any effect on my weight loss -- except the one time I ate entirely too much of it (we're talking 6 servings of candy). I lost about 5 lbs that day but it was just due to the cleansing effect. Ketones were the same as ever.

I read a lot of these posts on a lot of sites and haven't seen that "most" people stall with malitol. I have noted that SOME people do.

Yes, don't overdue it. However, I have read a lot of posts about constipation. Malitol might actually help certain people. By the way, I believe the laxative effect is just caused by more water staying in the gi system -- similar to epsom salts which are one of the safer laxatives out there.

But, good advice to try the stuff in moderation and monitor how it affects YOU individually.


MissKareen11 06-22-2003 08:42 PM

Epsom salt
Eddi - you stated epsom salt is a good laxative. How do you prepare it? My sister (not on Atkins) has real problems with constipation. Maybe I can suggest the epsom salts.

Eddi 06-24-2003 06:27 PM

1-2 tsp dissolved in a glass of water (or juice/crystal lite if one can't stand the taste) and something should happen in 1-6 hours. If it does't one can re-dose, but one mustn't be in too big a hurry -- wait the whole 6 hours or one might overdue it.

Our bodies don't absorb magnesium salts so they pass though the gi tract increasing osmolarity as they go and keeping water in the bowel. When the water exits, the solid wastes go with it.

A lot of people can avoid constipation just by drinking sufficient water. Epsom salts could cause dehydration if one doesn't drink enough to stay well hydrated because it causes more water to exit in the feces.

I hope that is helpful to your sister-in-law. She might need to drink more water rather than resorting to a laxative.


MissKareen11 06-24-2003 09:53 PM

Thanks Eddi, I will let my sis know. I agree 100% about drinking enough water. I think you can't have too much. :)

DLM 08-04-2007 09:24 AM

Probably a dead thread, don't know if anyone's still watching, but I just started Atkins three days ago after last doing it (and failing) back in '03. This time I'm exercising vigorously and yesterday began monitoring with the ketone strips (which have consistently shown max ketone output).

Then I found this thread and decided to experiment last night by eating a South Beach meal bar along with my salad...was curious what effect, if any, the maltitol would have on me.

A few hours later, the ketone strip had lightened a bit, up just one shade from maximum. Then this morning I was back to max output.

So at least for me, maltitol does not seem to affect ketosis as far as disrupting it and forcing me to start over...the minor decrease last night might have happened anyway when I had the salad, for all I know. But I hold nothing against maltitol at this point.

Great site!


CarolynF 08-05-2007 02:40 PM

I avoid maltitol because it tears up my tummy/intestines..That is worse than getting knocked out of ketosis..:)

I'm glad they are making more stuff SA-free!!

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