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Originally Posted by bowulf View Post
I have posted 211 pound success story in a video on you tube. Atkins Diet Success Story

My state newspaper did recent article on it before I ran the recent marathon. The short story is I discovered how bad off I actually was at 429 pounds on the way back from Utah in a cramped airplane seat. That and watching my friends from my former unit be deployed to Iraq convinced me I needed to do something. Luckily I had a brother who tried the Atkins diet before me and had lost 75 pounds despite me jeering him initially. This was the first time I was successful in any attempt to lose weight, and I remain committed to keep proving that I am not that old Kent any longer.

My success photos can be found here.
Just thought I'd say I looove your videos on youtube...I was finally able to make chicken and a mock danish because of you! Very good tips...will be having that chocolate cake in a few days on my birthday
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I look forward to posting my weight loss story here one day...in the kinda near future
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So many amazing stories. ^_^

I have lost a little over 100 lbs, and I still have 100 to go before I'm at my goal. Would love to share my story, but I think that can wait until I reach my goal. Keep up the good work everyone! And as for those just starting out, just stick with it. It is very possible. And you CAN do it.
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Very nice stories very inspiring

I'm about to hit the 80lb mark.

As for the posts about the army I always thought you'd lose weight in the army lol esp bootcamp I heard it was grueling.
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Carole's story told by three year old "Crystal" Stay tuned for the conclusion!

This story is about Carole written by three year old “Crystal“.

I am writing this story from my inner child’s point of view.

I call my inner child Crystal, as in Crystal clear, sparkling and perfect.

Carole was born in 1943. She had a very emotionally disturbed childhood filled with heartbreaking memories.

Carole and I chose to keep the particulars a secret.

Carole had wonderful hard working parents, four sisters and a brother. She was raised in a gorgeous little town in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario., Canada.

Carole recalls that the rewards for her physical and mental abuse from outsiders were sweet treats, and pennies for candy. This quickly turned the emotionally neglected child into a teenager that ballooned into a size of 24.

Carole had a playful smile- a smile that expressed an innocent delight in life, she wanted so much to love and be loved. On the rare occasions that she attended school, she became the class clown and was sent to the principal’s office daily to receive the black leather strap across her little hands for disrupting the class with her laughter. Her laughter wasn’t genuine though it was a merely an attention seeking game, a foolish game which caused her deep hurt and humiliation.

Photographs of those years showed Carole looking forlornly alone, and her pale freckled little face betrayed the painful struggle that was going on inside her. Unshed tears gleamed in her vulnerable green eyes. Nevertheless, she remained the trouper, always doing for others, always concerned, even when suffering from rejection, fear and heartache.

She wasn’t feeling sorry for herself or playing the victim. But she was hurting, she was frustrated and she was confused.

Carole was reeling, struggling to find herself and was tired of looking after her many cousins. At the age thirteen; she worked, in hospitals, laundries, egg packing plants, menial jobs at menial wages. Unwanted feelings from times past kept cruelly floating back to the surface. Carole learned that she could sooth those painful feelings with food.

At the age of seventeen, following a heart wrenching experience, she packed a little bag, boarded the train and then she left her hometown and moved to the big city. The bright array of city lights terrified her. Penniless, hungry and with holes in each shoe, she humbled herself and had her dad send her a train ticket to go back home. The day that she was about to depart, she met Frank. When she met Frank and married at age nineteen she weighed two hundred and twenty pounds. She gave birth to seven children and suffered greatly when she had three miscarriages.

Carole’s thoughts, behaviour, and patterns crippled her life.

Her weight continued to climb and at the age of fifty-nine she weighed four Hundred and fourteen pounds. Diets did not work for her and yet she tried them all.

While watching Dr. Phil one day she came to ask herself the question, “What payoffs am I getting for my unhealthy conduct?“ That week she did a lot of soul searching and became willing not to just identify those payoffs, but to give them up.

Well at least to start to give them up!

She asked herself …

“Where am I going? Am I doing what I really want to be doing?

She realized that she had settled for less because it was easy, safe, and non-frightening, she decided to take off the blinders and deal with the reality.

Carole realized that she was filled with anger and resentment towards the people that had hurt her. Hatred, anger and resentment were eating away at her heart and soul. She experienced sleep disturbances, nightmares, depression and fatigue. She realized that she had built a wall of fat around herself to protect herself from further harm. She felt safe from a lot of things by hiding behind her weight. She foolishly thought that it protected her from unwanted advances from males. And no one expected much from a crippled old woman of her size.

After surgeries, accidents, horrific falls and a variety of many an illness. Carole spent most of her time hidden away in her bedroom living on whatever her husband brought her.
Food was her heroin; whatever feelings cropped up she had a fix ready to relieve the pain. Loneliness called for candy, rejection, set off cravings for salty junk food, sorrow was eased with a box of honey garlic chicken wings or spare ribs and he list goes on and on.

Carole developed cellulites in her legs as well as degenerative arthritis. She purchased a motorized scooter and arranged to become a member of Wheel Trans. The bus would come and take her where she needed to go. She started a swimming program and a low fat diet and struggled with a slow weight loss. From her suffering came her commitment to survive. In November of 2002 she weighed in at three four hundred and fourteen pounds.

Someone told her about the Dr Atkins plan and she bought the book and started it immediately. She was doing well until she took a terrible fall down the stairs and developed a serious bout of cellulites, which put her back to bed. In spite of her pain and bewilderment she continued on eating the low carbohydrate way and continued to lose weight.

On June, 7, 2003 she stepped on the scale and beamed with joy, for she now weighed two hundred and ninety pounds. The first time she had been less than three hundred pounds in thirty-six years. Her weight loss fluctuated a lot and there were many days of frustrations and tears. Carole quickly learned that when she chose her behaviour she also chose the consequences.

But still she carried on.
Carole giggles in a child like manner about her being the NECK, of the family. Claims that her husband Frank is the HEAD of the family. Carole borrowed the words from the show MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING; she claims to be the NECK of the family, and it’s her job to turn all of the HEADS.

I’ve watched her operate, and she does a darn good job at it too.

Having a large family with seven children, and her grandchildren and the extended family brought many new and different problems every day. Problems that cause feelings that demanded to be soothed. Most of the time Carole was strong enough to stop, identify the cause of the sudden urge to eat the wrong foods. Other times she would give into her feelings and suffer the consequences of her cheat. On a good day she would quickly make up a substitute for the fix she needed. Pork rinds would become her cinnamon buns with some butter, cinnamon and Splenda, dipped into the yogurt cheese she had strained. Tomatoes, pepperoni and cheese turned the rinds into a delicious pretend pizza. She learned how to prepare yummy low carb meals and continued to lose weight even though she wasn’t getting any exercise.

On June twenty ninth Carole weighed two hundred and eighty six pounds. The race was on to get to two hundred and seventy four pounds so that she could celebrate her first one hundred-pound weight loss. She reached that goal in July? 2003. This was a joyful day, a happy day but not the end rather a new beginning to losing the next hundred pounds. According to the medical charts for her height and frame size Carole “should” weigh one hundred and forty pounds. However Carole chose to set her final goal at one hundred and ninety-nine pounds. Frank does not like slender women! : Love:

She has not met that goal yet but is striving towards it.

Carole is happy with her husband of forty-seven years; they are enjoying their golden years together. They are not suffering from the empty nest syndrome because the family is still around daily.

Carole is yearning for the day when she can get the excess skin removed from her stomach. This is the part of her body that she dislikes the most.

Her doctor has a wonderful plastic surgeon lined up for her, this doctor does a great job and even makes a pretty “belly button” Carole has impishly claimed that she will have a gold navel ring attached as well.

She is also extremely unhappy about her upper arms. Flappers, she calls them! Carole giggles when she tells people about her grandchildren saying that she had started growing her own wings for when she becomes an angel. Oh yes! She giggles but it is a very touchy subject, as it is with most women.

Carole will turn sixty-seven on February 14, 2010 and accepts that time has ravished havoc on her body. Unfortunately the stretch marks and incisions from four large surgeries will remain on her body forever, but Carole doesn't mind them, they are just silent reminders of the cruelty she inflicted on her body.

The years of eating, drinking, smoking and using a lot of prescribed medications, and lack of fresh air and sunshine and lack of exercise show!

Carole was deeply saddened when Dr, Atkins passed away after his fateful fall.

Carole is a member of Dr. Atkins Low Carbohydrate Board. She thoroughly enjoys sharing with her new cyber family.

Together they have added on to Dr. Atkins plan by creating low carb yogurt cheese, Carole strains three of the red and white cartons of Yoplait full fat yoghurt, draining of the whey that is high in carbohydrates. This yields one full carton of creamy delicious yogurt cheese. To this assorted flavours are added to suit her desires. It is usually eaten after being sweetened with Splenda. Carole claims that yoghurt cheese is a lifesaver for her.

She also drinks a bottle of pure unsweetened cranberry juice diluted with sixty-four ounces of water. Carole claims that this is softening and even removing some of the cellulite.

Constipation was a huge problem on this new way of eating until four tablespoons of ground flaxseed was added to some yogurt cheese sweetened with Splenda. Flaxseed oil is used on salads and for cooking too, thanks heavens, no more problems there!

Carole has to force herself to drink water but she tries to get at least a gallon of water a day. Starting with a cup of boiled water with lemon juice every morning.

In the past few months there have been a lot of changes in her life. The dark clouds of depression that hung over her for years have lifted.

Her Diabetes is under control. The acid reflux has ceased. She is sleeping better and no longer has wakes up in the morning to discover that she had been on a binge that she couldn’t even remember.

However the corn syrup, milk, bread and butter would be on the kitchen table in the morning and there wasn’t anyone else to blame it on.

Carole wanted to share her healing weight loss journey with the hopes that it might help someone who is suffering the anguish that she had been suffering. She wanted to tell people to stop resisting, and to start coping. She wanted to share her honest opinion that if she could do this anyone could. She has a dream and even though the old painful feelings keep creeping up she’s not allowing them to fester, or poison her dreams. She will always have problems and she recognises that, the difference now is that she is prepared to deal with whatever comes along.

Carole is only 75 pounds from her goal of 199 pounds and she feels confident that she will reach her goal weight of 199 pounds by her birthday next year. February 14, 2010, and then maintain that weight forever. This is a way of eating than can be enjoyed.

Stay tuned folks for the continuation of... Carole’s road to success.

Carole isn’t looking for happiness she’s already got that, what she wants is optimum health and to be able to dance at her grandchildren’s wedding with the best man in the world, her husband Frank.

We’ll see you lighter!


And me, her inner child “Crystal.”
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Carole, I suspected you were a fellow Aquarian, and this post confirms it. Only we Aquarians can be so crazy in a good way and waaaaaaaay ahead of the rest in our thinking.

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Originally Posted by Eliza_Jazz View Post
Carole, I suspected you were a fellow Aquarian, and this post confirms it. Only we Aquarians can be so crazy in a good way and waaaaaaaay ahead of the rest in our thinking.

Thanks we arent' supposed to reply to the storiesas far as I know so we can start a thread below tthanks love Carole
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Thank you all for your stories! They are so inspirational!
I am kind of bummed that I need to go to bed and only got halfway down the page, but eager to read more tomorrow!
It is such a wonderful and generous gift you all give- opening yourselves up and sharing your emotions, thoughts, trials, fears, motivators, and triumphs!

I wish I could give each of you that have done this soul searching and this hard work a HUGE hug for making it and for sharing with us all! Thank you SO MUCH!

Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up; NOT fat and forty, that's for sure!
Please drop by my blog and leave a comment!
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Hello world! I have made a lifestyle change! December 21st, 2008 I went to my doctors office to weigh and I tipped the scales at 493 pounds! I was tired of fat clothes, I was tired of walking through Walmart leaning on the cart and sweating like I had just run the boston marathon by the time I got to the checkout counter! I was tired of being tired!

I went to work immediately! Cut my calories to 1200 per day and began logging everything I put in my mouth. I started hitting the YMCA. The first few weeks I rode the exercise bike for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. I recommitted to TOPS Club Inc. – (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) on Tuesday nights with a club in Valley Center #0414. TOPS is a weight loss support group that can be found just about anywhere in the US and Canada. By January 6th, 2009 I was down to 478. I came up with a slogan for our group that I follow on a daily basis. NMX – No More Excuses! We had some t-shirts made up with this logo on the front that turned out very cool looking. During this time I had been impressed with the weight loss of a member (the leader) of our TOPS Club (70+ pounds in a little over 3 months). She had been going to a Medi-Weightloss Center and loved it so I decided to give it a try! The soonest I could get in for an appointment was the 23rd of January but I went ahead and began their diet based upon her description of it. I also upped my exercise to 20 minutes, then 25, and then soon afterwards 30 minutes 3 times a week. I also began to circuit train in weights 3 times per week. By the time my first appointment came around for Medi-Weight loss, I weighed in at 454 pounds. As part of the first appointment you undergo a full physical, blood work, and EKG. Everything came back looking very good. I have been very lucky at the age of 45, (now 46), not to have diabetes but I did have a small issue with blood pressure. I was put on a 1000 – 1200 calorie diet and was instructed to keep my carbs below 25 grams per day. At this point I also began a daily regiment of taking suppliments. During a 24 hour period I take a multivitamin, calcium, 3 Omega 3 oil pills, 3 fat burner pills, 2 Stay Slim pills, and a water/blood pressure pill. I also began doing cardio 5 times a week and weights 3 times per week. By March 20th I was down to 415 pounds. At this point, I added walking to my routine. Early on I started at 1 mile 3 times a week at a brisk 4mph. I am now doing 2 miles, 3 times per week. April the 24th, I weighed in at 389 pounds and have lost 15 inches off my waist! THAT IS 104 POUNDS LOST IN 127 DAYS! The last weekend of April, I attended the TOPS Club SRD (State Recognition Days) in Topeka, Ks and was awarded 1st place in weight loss for men in Kansas! Woo Hoo! My doctor has set a goal for me at 250 pounds but I would like to see myself in the 190 – 200 range which will be a 300 pound total loss! I am a third of the way there! As I reflected on the accomplishment thus far, I thought I might help inspire other people towards taking charge over their weight issues! I plan on becoming a personal trainer when I get closer to goal. This is the first time I have delved into doing anything on the web so let’s see what I can do!

Through this process I also found a wonderful group of people who provided an excellent source of support on a Medi-Weight Loss board. The one thing I have found is you can never have enough support in this quest to become healthy! Well, today I weighed in at 325 pounds. I have 75 pounds to go before I have surgury to remove the loose skin in my ab area. 168 pounds gone forever since Christmas! I am workin my hardest to reach goal by Christmas! Wish me luck! I put together a blog to follow my progress if your interested.
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I have lost 120lbs in the last year, I average about 10lbs of weight loss per month.

It's really helped me and I enjoy my new life style of being able to do things I couldn't do before. It's been a good journey with good results. I am no longer injecting insulin. My blood pressure is in awesome numbers, I don't have the migraine headaches I used to have. All around I am in good physical shape.

I am still lonely, my wife left me 4 years ago and I haven't met anyone. I am sure once the weight is gone, my chances will improve dramatically. But I am feeling much better about myself. I don't cry much any more. I don't feel like killing myself. I actually have hope for my future and reasons to get out of bed in the morning besides to feed my face.

I think I have plumbed the depths of human misery, perhaps I didn't find the bottom for all of humanity, but I sure found how far I could go. There can be light at the end of the tunnel, but it doesn't happen over night. You have to time it with calenders, not a stopwatch. But for an action there is a reaction. If you go a positive direction long enough, you will at some point find the positive side of things.

If a diet that is hell is what you must do, then it's worth the price you pay for it. If it's not hell, then that is even better! But you got to have some kind of a plan and stick to it. You don't break it, no excuse is worth it.

The beauty I have found with my system, I don't hate it. I like it for it has made me feel better right from the start. People think I have iron will, but I don't, I just found something that works for me. I have stuck with it. That is all. Don't give up, find something that works and stick with it. Simple.

This will be the first summer in so long I can't remember that I will enjoy the season. I have been a recluse for over a decade. Between my weight and anxiety/panic attacks, I just never went out and did anything. I lived in my house/apartment in a prison of my own making with less outdoor time than REAL prisoners.

At one time, I topped the scales at 600lbs. When I started a live style change of the way I consumed food, I weighed 550lbs. I last weighed in at 429lbs. 429lbs may sound like a lot of weight and it is. But after mid 500s and hitting 600, it's like being a new person. I can't imagine how good I will feel in contrast when I have met my goal weight of 200lbs.

It's cool to come here and see other people are having success. There are so many who don't that I see, they talk like they want to, but they never put the effort into it or last long enough doing to effect real change.

People treat me different these days; they talk to me different and just act different. I am still the same person inside though. Just not so sad, and a little happier.
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Sounds like you have done a great job of moving forward in your life. I too struggle with the loneliness that obesity can bring and a few heartbreaks believing that someone else might love me...when in fact, for me, I didn't even love myself.

I am back on my journey and your story is an inspiration to me!!!!


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lexird, bravo to you Yours is a story of perseverance and victory. I know you have a long way to go still, but you have already accomplished so much! I wish you all the best in your WL journey.

As for mining the depths of misery (I've been there, I know how it feels) , it looks like you have put that behind you, and you are on your way to achieving the life you want.

If you need extra support, you are welcome to join us at the 300+ thread, home of some awesome supportive people:
300+ Support Group Getting Thin In 20-10! APRIL 2010

Staying on plan is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard.
Miles walked since July 2013 - over 1,500....and over 3,000,000 steps

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I just had my 3month diabetic dr. visit and he was happy to see I weighed 292 down
from 304. But a funny thing happened the nurse who wrote my weight down wrote
192lbs instead of 292lbs OH! if it was only that easy!
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Originally Posted by E.W. View Post
I just had my 3month diabetic dr. visit and he was happy to see I weighed 292 down
from 304. But a funny thing happened the nurse who wrote my weight down wrote
192lbs instead of 292lbs OH! if it was only that easy!
May that become true very soon!
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How much have you lost so far????

Originally Posted by lexsird View Post
I have lost 120lbs in the last year, I average about 10lbs of weight loss per month.
Lex, you and the others here, PLEASE add your total loss to the thread http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/ma...e-we-lost.html

It's over 10,000 lb now!!!

I think this is very empowering and a terrific motivational aid for the new people coming on board and wavering between "doing Atkins" and "doing Weight Watchers" or some such thing. I don't know if you go into the main room very often, so I wanted to make sure you saw this.

There are so few of the "big losers" reporting there, I think it would be cool if you were on the list!

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so inspiring! wish we can c new post's! kutgw!
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It was EASY!

I'll make this short since I haven't been on LCF since 2008. In the beginning, I weighed 380 pounds. I couldn't even walk around the house one time. Getting out of a chair wore me out! But I started walking a little at a time. The first two weeks KILLED me. Every kind of pain you can imagine, but I kept on... I was eating lots of chicken and stringbeans. In 13 months I lost 90 pounds by eating low carb on the weekdays and eating normally on the weekends (family). Now it's 09/23/2010 and I'm still 130 pounds lighter than then. Make the effort!
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Just saving a spot here for my story. I'll be back 75 pounds from now!
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Changing my lifestyle

I have been overweight since my early twenties. Even in high school I had to exercise and fight to keep thin. Now at age 60, I have spent almost 40 years letting myself go. I have changed my lifestyle now. I am continuing to lose weight and I am determined to reach my goal. I know it won't be all that easy and life does seem to get in the way, but I am not going to go back to sitting around, stuffing my mouth and blaming everything else on my condition.

In the last three weeks, I have lost 11.5 lbs. and tomorrow I weigh in again, hopefully adding to that. I already have more energy, can move without everything hurting and have started exercising. I have along journey ahead of me, but I have a lot of support.

My goals right now are:
#1 200
#2 175
#3 150

Then I will see how I feel about losing any more weight.
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You can do it!!!!l. The this place
Is a great support group.
So many great recipe's and
So many striving for the same

You will succeed.

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Well, it's been a year since I joined this site, and I've waited all year to have something to post!! I am not going to turn down an opportunity to celebrate my weight loss!
I first low-carbed in 2001. I lost too much weight too fast on a diet of nothing but black coffee, steak, and 1 string cheese a day (and NO water). Unfortunately, I developed a major kidney problem, and stopped altogether. Through the years I would halfheartedly try to start-up again, but once I felt that familiar kidney twinge, I would run to the carbs to feel better. Such a convenient excuse!
After a while, I realized I was combating kidney health with heart disease and depression. Not to mention joint destruction. Oh, the joint destruction!!! LOL
Anyway...March 2010. Suddenly, I was at the highest weight I have ever been- 350. I am 5"9 and have always been able to carry a lot of weight without looking to obese, but now I was noticing that I had sized out of Walmart, a place that sells 5X shirts. I was having trouble getting out of my car. I was in a place where I would go to get fast food and I would visit several places and make up one giant meal of all the things I liked from every fast food place, and then would generally go buy some super-rich dessert from the store. I was spending a small fortune on food.
And for some strange reason, I wasn't really feeling the food physically, you know? Like, I didn't have constant heartburn or bloating or gas or anything, which is why I think it was so easy for me to just keep piling it on.
But for the frist time in my life (which I have been obese for oh, more than 30 years of), I slowly started to feel the physical ramifications of obesity. Like, I lived in a 3rd floor apartment, and I would have to stop and rest every few steps. The cartiledge in my knees started to crackle and become painful. My back would hurt when I would walk anywhere- it would even hurt when I would be driving my car! And finally, the worst of all, I felt like when I would lay down in bed, my fat was literally choking me. Like a tight necklace you can't take off. It was scary. But still, I clung to the crap food addiction and refused to believe that I was reducing my lifespan, after all, I was 33 and totally invincible, right?
Then, the catalyst.
My 40 year-old sister died. She'd had a heart defect from birth, and had always been given dire predictions for lifespan. Yet she had a child, whih she was never supposed to be able to do, and lived past 40; a major accomplishment for someone missing the bottom half of their heart, who had countless open-heart surgeries, and finally a pacemaker installed. But the thing was my sister was the life-lovinist person you have ever met. Extremely popular, always the center of attention, tons of friends and social groups...she loved life SO MUCH. All she wanted was to have more children, but she could not. So instead she poured her heart and soul into raising her son and enjoying her friends. After living with the predictions for her whole life, and none of them coming true, I guess I just thought she would never die. That was always her attitude too!
When it happened I was not surprised, but as the immediate days passed the depth of my feelings blew me away.
I had to fly to the funeral. It was the first time my parents, brother and myself would be together for many, many years...must have been close to 25 years. I was scared and for the first time, really and truly ashamed of what I had let myself become.
I got on the plane, and not only did the seatbelt not fit- the EXTENDER didn't fit!
I was on one plane on the ride home...I had become so embarrassed about flying fat that asking for the extender became like some kind of personal demon- I would pray that the attendant would just give me one without having to ask...anyway, I clearly did not have my seatlbelt on, and the attendant looked at me, noticed the lack of a belt, and just ignored me. She let me sit there with no seatbelt because she was either also embarrased to ask, or just plain disgusted. Probablythe latter. I was relieved and mortified. Is this how everyone saw me?
Selfishly, the funeral experience was really just a big shame-wallow for me. God, I was so embarrased to be seen by/with my family, by my sister's friends...and I knew my sister would have been mortified to see me at 350 pounds.
When I got home and really started feeling the grieving process, it hit me like a wave. My sister- this woman who lived every second of her life, was cheated. All she wanted to do was stay alive and live her life, and due to no fault of her own, she was robbed. Robbed of at least another 20 years with her son, who had just graduated high school.
How selfish did I feel? Here I was, the other daughter, the one who didn't have a heart defect, the one who was free to have as many children as she wanted- and I was throwing my life away. Drowning it, murdering it. How had I come to a point where I found y life so valuless that slow suicide was preferable? That I could excuse not having a mate in my life because I was "happy being alone" or didn't want to be with a man who was attracted to fat girls.
Isn't it funny....so many overweight people develop these horrible depressive, suicidal thoughts and negative self-images BECAUSE of being overweight. And yet, the food and eating is what always makes you feel better, or whole. What a sick, sick disease. Because I know in my heart that food addiction is the deadliest addiction, because of it's range of victims- everyone. Children...oh man, being a child and trying to self-treat food addiction with no support...even with support...almost an impossible task. So sad. To grow up feeling so powerless over such a strong addiction, it is just no wonder so many of us reach adulthood and have already given up.
After my epiphany about my sister's truncated life, I decided that the only thing I could do for her now would be to live the rest of my life "for her". To live the life she could have had, but didn't. How dare I throw away a gift so precious? I was going down a road that ended under a headstone, ignoring all other roads. How could I do that to my son, my mother? MYSELF?? Didn't I deserve love, too? SO what if I was fat my whole life, did that REALLY mean I was worthless?
This time, getting back to Atkins was easy. I had a whole new motivation, you know? Not just tribute, but health. Before, in my youth, my goal for weight loss had been (what else?) guys, dating, sex life, etc. But now, oh now, it was about not dying. Being healthy. Living and being allowed to enjoy a plane ride, a family gathering. To accept that even I, after a lifetime of abuse, actually deserve a life free of shame and embarassment. Who knew?
It' s been about 16 months now, and it has been easy and hard. I am learning about my moods and hormones and how to figure out what is making me want to eat. I am being so much healthier this time- actually eating veg and drinking water, and even though I know it makes things a bit slower, I also know that it protects my vital organs, and helps ensure that clean-eating habits will stick. Because what good is losing all the weight so fast that it destroys my body?
I fall offf the wagon ALL the time. Last Christmas? I was off for the entire MONTH. But I didn't quit, I just started again and lost the weight I gained back. I seem to do this several times a year, it does seem to be seasonal and I am still trying to figure out the patterns. I tend to eat to celebrate, and that really knocks me off track. Every holiday that rolls around, I just kind of lose my head! Most recenlty, when I hit the hundred pound mark, I celebrated myself into 10 pounds. Needless to say, I didn't repeat that celebration.
I just say to myself, "You lost it once, and you will lose it again." and I just buckle-down and do it. yah, it sucks to lose the same weight twice, but what exactly is the alternative?
Sometimes I am gripped with such a compulsion that I cannot resist, and so I don't. But instead of sticking a finger down my throat, I just wake up the next day and carry on. I don't start my day-count over, I don't change my weight on my chart, I just lose until I get back to where I was and then continue tabulating. I don't count my re-lost weight again (though I do count the time), I don't think there is anything to be gained by it. LOL, sorrry, couldn't resist!!!
SO my net weight loss is about 110 at the moment. I don't know how far I need to go, because I have never, since I was a child, been in "Onederland". I guess I'll know when I get there!
The one mantra that usually gets me through the hard times is, "It will always be there": as in, the cake will always be there, the fast food, the candy bars...it's not going anywhere. It will be there next week, next month, next year and 20 years from now...and when I am at my ideal weight, I can occasionally indulge, so it's not like I'll never taste it again. This does remove the urgency of a craving, and as long as I follow it up with some nice low carb meals, the crisis passses.
But when it doesn't pass, that's OK too- it's alright. If you were running a race, and you fell down, would you get up and walk back to the starting line? Not, you'd just get up and shake it off. maybe walk a bit before you can run again. It's not the end of the diet, it's not a colossal failure, it doesn't mean I am a screw up that is destined to be fat forever. It just means chide yourself for a few minutes, remind yourself of how fat FEELS ('cause it feels pretty damn bad, right?), pat yourself on the back for even trying and applaud your accomplishments- even if your biggest accomplishemnt so far is just the DECISION.
I have found that the decision is the hardest part. Once you commit, it's pretty easy, especiialy when you really get in the "zone".
I've rambled enough. But hopefully, hopefully- I will write again in another year, and that post will be a celebration of reaching a life goal- a healthy weight that I can learn to manage.
For me, that is the scariest part- I know how to lose and I know how to gain, but that middle-road of maintenance looms like a spectre at the end of this part of my journey. Maybe it is THAT fear that is unconsiously holding me back from getting to "the end"?
Even though I have a long way to go yet, and am taking my time to some extent, I am proud. i am damn proud. I got on a plane a few months ago and was thrilled to discover I actually fit in the regular seatbelts! To me, this was like the equivilant of winning the lottery. I can buy clothes at "normal" estabishments again. I can walk up the stairs. I can sleep without fear of dying. For once I feel like I might have a crack at a life complete with a husband and friends and social situations. After so many years of almost totaly isolation, it is like a glimpse of heaven.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of this tremendous site. I don't post often, but I read so much of what you all write, and it is helpful beyond words. Only those who share your suffering can truly apprecate your triumph. And when I can't get my inspiration fix from "The Biggest Loser" (LOL) I can come here and remember that I am not alone!
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Aprilynn, you should be sssooooo proud of yourself! I want to be like you when I grow up! LOL! You are your own "Biggest Loser" but in a good way!
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I started back on 4-20-11 when I got let go from my job I had for 17 years. No explanation, just your done see you later. A real kick in the a**. I had had stomach stapling back in 1995, went from 520lb down to 230lb. Kept it off for a few years & figured out that even with the "throttle" of the staple, you can still eat lots of ice cream, candy and so forth.
Well, since I figured no one would want to hire me the way I was, plus I really didn't feel good all the time. I had bette buck up and get doing something.
Started low carb again, it is the only "diet" that I could ever stay on. This time I even cut out the 15-20 diet Dews I was drinking per day. I didn't realize the aspartame was lowering my blood sugar & making me more hungery. I also dusted off the elliptical we bought a few years back & got on it starting with 5 minutes per day.
Well it has been over a year now. I started out at around 540lb (that was before I bought a scale that would read me) and now down to 343lb. I am still plugging, looking to get down to 250lb (I am 6'5"). I have been hitting some stalls (In one right now) but you can't let it get you down.
Plus I landed a great job with one of my old comapnies competiors, sweet justice.
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This is my first post on here and am very happy to post it. Up until this point I have lost 185 lbs and plan to lose another 25 lbs but being so close is so sweet It has only been 9 months but its been allot of hard work in those 9 months.

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I'm new to this group and just wanted to say that you are an insperation. I hope life is treating you well and that happiness is the first thing you feel in the morning when you open your eyes.
Congratulations, you are amazing.
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Well I have waited almost a year to make this post.....not sure why, suppose I still can't believe I did it. I have currently lost over 130 lbs doing low carb. I suppose the last straw came when my diabetes got so out of control that I sat on the couch during a blizzard with my husband at work on night shift praying that my kids didn't find me dead the next morning. My blood sugars were way over 600 and I was having blurry vision, and knew something was not right. Well I made a deal with God and I knew he would help me if I helped myself. The next morning I made a appointment with my doctor and got serious about eating low carb. Over a course of a year I lost a average of 11 pounds a month. I specifically ate 1500 calories a day and never over 75 carbs a day with 30 to 40 being my average.
Today I still follow my eating plan and workout 5 days a week which I love! I went from a size 26 to a size 4-6 and my labs look great. Even though I still have diabetes, it is in good control. My best advice is baby steps, make small changes through out the year. I started out lowering carbs, then I start eating cleaner, then I cut out Diet Cokes, and now I drink mostly water. I am a happy camper and actually prefer low carb foods as carbs now make me feel ill if I eat too much of them. I know I don't have a lot of advice other than the baby steps and don't give up. I know if I can do it....ANYONE CAN!

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I hit the 100-lb. mark today.

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in Sept. 2011, and it scared me enough to finally take control of my life and my weight. I've been overweight my whole life, but it got really bad in my 30's, and I was 285 at my heaviest.

At 185, I'm now at the weight I was when I graduated from high school. I'm looking to get down to 170, which will be the lowest ever in my adult life. If it takes me another year to lose the last 15 lbs., that's OK!
Vilya - dog trainer and uber-geek.
Reached the beautiful town of ONEDERLAND on 7/1/2012!
Next goal: 185, to hit that Century Club mark. - ACHIEVED!! 11/4/2012
6/22/13: the 100 lb. loss only lasted a few weeks, and I've since regained some of the weight. Stats updated to reflect this.
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Originally Posted by KSUmom View Post
I have currently lost over 130 lbs doing low carb.
Thank you so much for sharing your journey and success! It is truly an inspiration as I've hit kind of a stall. I've been doing low carb (20 - 30 daily) for almost a year and have lost 70+ lbs, but find myself in a bit of a stall. No real loss in over a month. Your story definitely inspires me to keep at it.
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Originally Posted by Vilya View Post
I hit the 100-lb. mark today.
Vilya - Congratulations!! I so admire your perseverance and success. It gives me the push to keep going. Thank you so much for sharing!
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110 lbs and so grateful

last year i poured over the forum and used its advice to change my life. I am so happy I had you all though i never said it or commented but you changed my life thank you
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