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girliefriend 11-05-2004 08:24 PM

This thread is for the people that are celebrating having reached the ultimate pinnacle in their weight loss journey.....GOAL!

A place for them to share their remarkable stories with the rest of us.

Please share with us all the benefits you have derived from changing your WOE, both physically and mentally. You truly are an inspiration to those of us that follow in your footsteps.

[COLOR=crimson]****This thread is for GOAL POST stories only. Please start a new thread in the forum if you wish to post a congratulatory message.****[/COLOR]

To all our Goalies...congratulations on your most amazing accomplishments and thank you for inspiring us with your successful journeys.

gypsy_moon 11-11-2004 10:40 AM

My Story:
August 2003, I had a “Light Bulb” moment, (as Oprah would say).
I was fat, 37 years old, and frumpy.
I have always been fat, Baby photos prove it, and school photos remain hidden. Wedding photos a disaster.
I decided that this was the beginning of a change of lifestyle. I weighed 286 pounds.
I was going to lose the weight once and for all, I was going to become healthy, and I was going to enjoy life again.

I discovered the Atkins Plan online and then found this website.
I then brought the book.
It all made sense, I took 2 weeks to plan my start date, Made sure I had all the right food, Went to the Doctor, informed my family what was about to change, took the before photo and then put the plan into action.

I have found the WOL really quite easy, maybe because I had support from my Family, but as it has been pointed out to me before, I have never had access to all the products you have in the USA or UK. Low Carb products are very limited in New Zealand, so basically I have eaten very clean unprocessed foods from day one.

Best Tip: This website, I read all the success stories,(again and again) I gained inspiration from the photos and stories, (if they can do it, so can I!!)

Benefits of losing the weight:
I can go for walks again (which I love to do)
I can ride a bike again.
I love the way clothes look on me.
I can shop at any clothes store I choose.
I have not been sick (not even a cold) since the day I started.
People do not stare at me anymore.
Small children do not ask me “ Why are you so fat”
Shop assistants are nicer to me (sad but true)
Knowledge of food and its affect on my body.
I have bones!!!!
I feel calmer and a lot less moody

I was never fat and happy; I was fat, defensive, angry and very unhappy.
I love waking in the morning, ready for the new day, what new adventures will I have? Losing the weigh has help me with my self esteem, I am more confident, Willing to give anything a go, and not scared of new things or places.

In a nutshell, every part of my life is a little different, better, brighter, happier.

Best of luck to all that are still on the journey, Will look forward to reading your “Goal Post” This is truly a magical place.
Before august 2003 286 pounds
After October 2004 138 pounds

mamafitz 11-12-2004 06:48 AM

OMG!!!!!!! You look amazing!!!! Thank you SO much for sharing that!!!!!

Truly inspirational!!!!!



Groovycadreamr 11-14-2004 06:57 PM


You look terrific. You've done a wonderful job on your weight loss.

Phillybrwn 11-30-2004 02:05 PM

Gloria, you look absolutely fantastic. Congrats! I started around the same time you did and am struggling a bit. I'm happy to say I am back on plan and am determined to reach goal in 2005.

SweettoothLady 12-15-2004 04:52 PM

i am just seeing this now and i have to say gypsy_moon You are a true inspiration:shake:

Meek75 12-29-2004 04:25 AM

Thank you for posting your story. You have REALLY inspired me today.

I have 37 pounds to lose, and it has been a struggle, but after reading your story, I know I can do it.

Thanks again, and GOD Bless YOU !!


mykneesareback 01-02-2005 08:03 PM

Congrats to you, Gloria!! Your story is an inspiration, keeps those of us having trouble staying on plan to keep going, keep it up so that next visit to the doctor will still be great!!


HONEYDEWS 01-07-2005 02:24 PM

Gloria - I am so happy for you - really, your story makes me want to cry because it really hits home. I read so many stories on this site where someone loses so much in a year, you lost 148 pounds in just over a year! I don't know how you do it! Eating low carb, really watching what I have eaten I lost 30 pounds in one year - so dissapointing when I would like to have lost over 100. BUT..........that is 30 pounds I won't have to fight with anymore!;)

Could you please tell us what you did? ie, exercise, did you stay on induction the whole time? are there any foods that we can have that you didn't eat? like cheese? I would love more information about your journey.

thank you so much and :clap: :kicking: :up: you look wonderful!


CestMoiMJ 01-08-2005 04:31 PM

Though I've not always been overweight - I've always been fat in my head. Of course - when I was coming up (and I doubt things have changed that much), if you weren't skinny, you were 'fat'. By the time I was out of high-school - I was 5'4" and weighed a 'whopping' 125. Though these names were uttered in french and not only by those from the 'skinny' group, what amounted to 'Tonnage' didn't come off as cute sounding.

Don't roll your eyes yet. I eventually do get to the point where I have more than 100 lbs to lose.

So - I come to a point, in my adult life and after the birth of my second child, where I was just HUGE at 145 lbs. @@ My boss (who had absolutely NO call to make mention of my weight) asked me if I was ever gonna get rid of 'all that baby fat'. I was wearing a size 12....in 1991. But because my own mind was warped, I acknowledged and accepted the comment and I waltzed with the eating disorder monster. Weight Watchers got me started but slowly I moved into starvation mode. No more than 800 calories per day. One hour of floor exercises in the morning, one hour before bed...and somewhere between work, caring for my kids and my house, I fit in an average of 6 miles of running per day. The fact that I hate vomitting with every fiber of my body with an all-fired passion, has saved me from becoming bulemic. Any bingeing I ever indulged in was countered with a cut in my already bottom-line daily count and an increase in my exercise regimen. How bad was I? I made an appointment to see my doctor, in a total panic, because my energy level had dropped to where I couldn't run more than 'just a few miles'.

I was down to a skeletal 117 lbs when I was walking down an aisle at WalMart and saw a woman walking towards me wearing an identical pair of shorts to mine. Many people with eating disorders have this thing - judging people's appearance and then measuring themselves against that image. Well - this woman coming towards me was positively ill looking. WAY too skinny. Bones everywhere! In fact, I was so shocked, I put my hand over my mouth to smother the gasp. It wasn't until the woman coming towards me put her hand in front of her mouth that I realized that I was walking towards a mirror!! All this time I thought all the 'My God - you need to do something. You are way too skinny's' were inspired by jealousy. THESE people were my friends...and I'd discounted their concerns.

Anyhow - I regained control of my 'control' issue - and regained some of my weight back. I made relatively healthy food choices and managed to keep my weight between 130 and 145. Not too bad.

I got pregnant with our after-last, divine surprise child. Early on, I miscarried her twin, we discovered, in a most bloody fashion, that I had placenta previa, developed pre-eclampsia, ended up with incompetent placenta issues and delivered my daughter at 30 wks. I weighed, post delivery, 210 lbs.

Despite pumping milk to rival the local dairy cow output and nursing my daughter, my cycle began at 2 months post partum. Hair loss isn't uncommon in that time frame...but continued well past my dd's first birthday. Every cycle, as usual, I'd gain weight..but this time, the weight wouldn't drop off after my cycle was over. I gained 2-3 lbs every month. Suddenly, I started experiencing heart palpitations, night sweats, hot flashes, pain in my feet and insomnia that remained untouched by any meds.

After a few dx's of 'anxiety', which I didn't buy 3.5 years post partum (and our lives were running smooth as glass), I switched doctors who immediately decided to check my hormone levels. He promised he would not let this go until he discovered what the problem was. He believed my problem was due to estrogen dominance/unopposed estrogen - a vicious cycle kind of thing. Fat stores estrogen. Too much estrogen in the system will cause all of the symptoms that I'd been experiencing. I was given progesterone to offset the estrogen. Slowly, I began losing weight...but I gotta tell you, it was VERY slow.

Then I had a brainchild! Nothing said I had to be passive in all of this. A friend suggested I try Atkins. "It's really easy and the weight just melts off." I confess - I began Atkins on this kind of dare. I wasn't going to sabotage myself or anything like that. I comitted myself to doing this induction thing for at least two weeks. I weighed 261 lbs at this point. What did I have to lose but a few pounds?! And so I began. After 2 wks, I lost 17 lbs. "Yeah - but you know, this is probably just water weigh." And so reluctantly, I did another two weeks. Another 13 lbs. Okay - so maybe this had merit after all. I began in June of 2003.

In September of 2004, my weight loss had slowed to almost stopping. I tried reinducting - but then I stalled solid. I decided to call goal at 157 lbs. I was looking good, had lost far more than I ever expected I could and I was healthy. Didn't that cover my 'goals', after all? I began to add in some things that I'd not really had before aside from the occasional try. Before I knew it, I was eating about 50 carbs per day and losing weight again. I mean - it was falling off at induction rate. 150, 145, 141.....but I was in pre-maintenance and trying hard to stop. I started getting really scared. Suddenly, I was not in control anymore and feeling quite like I did back when I was in eating-disorder mode - but different. I can't explain it...

And though I don't expect any sympathy and lots of 'pfft's', I couldn't stop losing weight and it was a serious problem for me. Darned shame, right? So I added carbs and found myself at 135 - my 'absolute stopping, no more loss' point. I met with my doctor who'd set 135 as the watch point, thinking that this could be more hormone problems or worse.. He checked everything - muscle tone, heart and lungs, tested urine for a multitude of things. Everything is in healthy range. My menu is a healthy one. My calorie intake is a healthy one. He applauded my food choices and asked me a bunch of questions about how I feel, personally.

So, we're just 'watching' me, right now. I'm at 130 lbs. My carb intake is anywhere from 50-120 per day. My average is about 80.

In retrospect, I can see several things that I would have done differently. I wouldn't have been so quick to consider tweaking the program. I can see where the time is valuable and should be used to work on your mindset. I remember the day I looked in the mirror in the dressing room at Kohl's and saw a beautiful woman. I'd crossed over from the persistent criticizing and appreciating what I am. I weighed, at that time, 180 lbs.

I remember the pleasant surprise when I crossed the aisle from WOMENS to LADIES.

And the surprise when the 'beautiful' people started to befriend me. At first, I confess, I was a bit miffed. " Hunh! So NOW I'm worthy of their attention. See there? A person's value IS based on how one looks." Whose baggage is that?! It took alot of examining but ultimately I recognized that it may well have been that as I began feeling good about the way I looked, my attitude became more approachable.

Anyhow - there's much to be said for taking it a little slower and pay as much attention to how your mind is adapting as you do to your body. There's this mistaken belief for many that if you lose all your weight - your problems will just vanish. What a shocker when you get to the end and realize...the more things change, the more they stay the same. LOL

My advice now to beginners:

-INDUCTION and OWL are a means to an end. By the time you're done, you'll be eating in such a way that only those who are paying extra close attention to what's on your plate, would know that you're Atkinsing.

-Don't treat this as a diet. Treat it as a college course designed to teach you how to eat. Seriously - it's not 'how to eat to lose weight' but 'how to eat to be healthy'.

-Eat to live - don't live to eat.

-Honest to goodness - chocolate cake, crispy italian bread and a mount of whipped potatoes do NOT taste as good as seeing that beautiful person with a matching body in the mirror feels! : ;)

MesCoeurs/MesMaintenance/MmeMaintien in chat.

*edited to add recent pic link: http://community.webshots.com/photo/...46736198fxbqeC

ShellyS 01-22-2005 09:02 AM

Girlie friend.. cheri is going to take a goal photo for me when she comes in Febuary... Then.. I will post my story... :D

mamafitz 01-28-2005 10:36 AM


mimi 01-31-2005 11:27 AM


You've been a constant inspiration to me! Mostly I'd like to thank you for pointing out that ----although the journey is tough, it is truly a simple equation. Getting "I'm fat" out of one's head isn't easy, and achieving goals can be as much about how you feel than what the scale says.

Great job sweetie! You look fabulous.



gonna-B-lean 02-06-2005 10:20 AM

Lol when I heard about this sticky I couldn’t wait to be able to post in it. For me it was kinda like looking at the 100lb losers sticky when I first got here almost two years ago. I remember thinking “wow that is a million miles away but someday I will see my story in there”.

Besides being a number on the scale reaching goal is like few experiences I have ever had. The sense of accomplishment is incredible, something I hope everyone reading this will one day experience.

I am aware that the real challenge lies before me, the challenge of maintaining. The number on the scale is in reality a “mini goal” although a great accomplishment, for anyone the ultimate goal is to never return to old habits.

As I began this adventure, I guess I was much like a lost child, I was scared I was lonely and very afraid that I would not ever get out of the dark place I was in. The people on this board were here with their arms open and willing to show me how to escape from my self induced prison.

With the advice, motivation, support, guidance and friendship I received I was able to stay focused and move toward the light. With out everyone here I don’t know if I could have made the journey.

Now I am in a place I have never been. My activities, my outlook for the future and my attitude have been revived. It is like my whole body and soul have been dipped into the fountain of youth and 25 years of abuse have been washed away. Gone are the meds to keep me alive, gone are the aches and pains brought on by overloading my joints, and gone is the concern about not seeing my grand children one day.

I now have begun a serious work out program, I (usually) push myself to the limit, I am hell bent to sculpt this body into what it should have been all along. I had spent too many years dwelling in the valleys of life, after reaching the top of the mountain I know the valleys will always be behind me.

Thanks to everyone that has taken part in the adventure, you will never know what it has meant to have you along. GBL


CartBabe 04-02-2005 02:38 PM

Well, I have put this post off long enough. I just wanted to wait until a time that I had enough time to really think about it.

When I started this journey 33 months ago, I honestly did not believe this was EVER going to happen. In my heart I believed it would be like all "diets" before. I bet I have lost 1000 pounds in my lifetime! I have done weight watchers, calorie counting, TOPS, diets out of magazines, the "eat the right chemical combination" diets (you know, the ones where you eat a cup of ice cream LOL). That's just a few. I know I tried others. I was successful at SOME, but I always gained the weight back PLUS 10-20 pounds more.
When I was eleven years old, I was wearing a regular bra and wearing a size 14. When I turned 13, I worked for the next five years at getting my weight below 130. No matter how hard I worked at it.....exercise and counting calories, etc.....I could NOT ever get below that number. I told myself it was because I had a lot of muscle.
When I became pregnant with my first child at 20, I weighed about 145...after his birth I ended up weighing 175. Second child at 22 left me at 206 pounds. Third child left my weight at 216. Over the next ten years I slowly gained weight, finding myself in my early thirties and weighing 253 pounds.
My doctor told me that I had to do SOMETHING and SOON! My triglycerides were hovering around 600, and my cholesterol was edging toward 300. I started to take it seriously when I saw the trigylceride levels. I was having hypoglycemic episodes EVERY single afternoon, with blood sugars dipping into the low 50's and high 40's. What I would do, was to drink a cup of O.J., and eat a couple of crackers....these are high carb.....it would bring my sugar up and then drop me again. I found myself snacking literally CONSTANT from about 2pm until bedtime! It was not unusual to wake up in the middle of the night and stuff myself silly again on junk! I also drank about a gallon of dr pepper a day. Geez......road to destruction!
Anyway, I spent about a week looking at every diet out there. I researched, studied...knowing in my heart that it was going to HAVE to be a lifestyle change for good. Then it suddenly hit me that I was literally afraid of starving! I thought "Hmm, I will just do Atkins, because, I can eat a lot!"
And eat a LOT I DID! I started out eating large salads with mayo for dressing and plates full of hot wings...16 oz steaks...just needless to say LARGE AMOUNTS of food. AND I LOST WEIGHT!
When my weight reached 173 I stalled out BIG TIME. It was THEN that I started to lower my food amounts. I was ready. I lowered my food amounts, and after several more months I was rewarded with a whoosh to 153. THEN I stalled for NINE MONTHS! I did not cheat (I have never cheated on ths WOL). I stayed right on plan....did a lot of crying and was VERY frustrated...but...stuck to plan. THEN, one day I was reading one of Kimmers threads, and it struck me. I lowered my fat, kept my protein high, and kept my carbs below 10 (which I have always done and still do, really). I lost 30 pounds in just a few weeks! My theory here is that I had slowly lost weight over the previous nine months, but, when I started this, the water emptied out of my fat cells and I got one h3ll of a whoosh! This brought me to an unbelievable 123 pounds! I could not believe that I had not only reached goal, but had passed it by TWELVE pounds!
I felt that this was not low enough, so I REset my goal for 115 pounds. Sticking to plan like glue, it has taken me the last NINE months AGAIN to lose that eight pounds!
The benefits? My triglycerides are now 90, and my cholesterol numbers are good! The hdl/ldl ratio is in sync for the first time in my life! I am exercising and LIKING IT! I feel like a whole new person ( and really I am! ) 138 pounds are gone, and size went from 28 to a 2-4.
Drink water, exercise at least SOME, and NEVER GIVE UP! It WILL COME even if it seems like it never will. AND ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS seek support from others. This board has saved my skin a million times from despair!
Before 253 pounds
After 115 pounds

KateSmack 04-10-2005 07:28 PM

Cartbabe you ROCK! WTG everyone!

Illanit1 04-24-2005 08:06 AM

Wow! Cartbabe, your story is truely inspiring! I can really relate to being a size 14 in the 7th grade....I had been telling myself that maybe size 14 is where I'm supposed to be--but seeing you has given me such hope! Thanks for sharing!

skssam 05-01-2005 05:03 PM

Hi my Name Is Sandy (Skssam)~~I have been Low carbing for over 4 years with a few Bumps in the road!~~

I Put this Post off because I have been waiting to Buy a new Digital Camera to add new pictures with this Post!~Because our Old one died~But since I do not know when this will happen I decided I needed to Post my "I Made Goal Post " anyways and Add new Pictures when I am able to!~~

I still need to Post to the 100 lbs lost but there I thought my Story would be lost with so many wonderful Stories there already but I will Copy and Paste this there too!~~

Okay, here is my story.

I was very ill with health problems . I couldn't even walk 6 blocks with out having chest pains and being out of breath. I was taking sometimes up to 4 Nitros a day for chest pains, and I was on 7 different Medications.

I was diagnoised with diabetes and had lost function of one of my Kidneys due to extremely high blood pressure ~ 253/160!

The doctor had never seen, or talked to, anyone who was alive (or not comotose) with that high of a blood pressure reading.

I also had an enlarged heart due to my high blood pressure. I was scheduled for a Nuclear Treadmill Test with an heart specialist. When I went in for a pre- visit, she said that my diabetes and other health conditions could be reversed (except for my enlarged heart), and that I could could prevent further heart damage. She said I needed to change how I ate and that I needed to read and follow either Protein Power, or Dr. Atkins. She said that she had been doing the Dr. Atkins WOE for over 5 months. So I went out and bought both books and decided on The Atkins Plan because of the ketosis.

After the first 10 months on this WOL, I had lost 67 lbs and over 65 inches. But most important, is the fact that I had gained my health back.

I am Now 100% In good health, ( I still only have one Kidney) Low carbing has improved the function of it Tho Yah!~~And I have made huge strides. I never have to take nitro. I no longer have angina, And I Now no Longer have an enlarged heart either Yah!~~( Which I thought was not suppose to be able to be reversed I was told)

My blood sugars for diabetes are perfect without medications,. Also, I no longer have anxiety. I was off of 6 of my medications after Just the first 2 months of low carbing!~

I now can walk 5 to 7 miles a day 5 days a week with no problems .I no longer have heart burn or constipation. I use to have to take a nap everyday, and now I never need a nap and have so much more energy!

I no longer live in a fog.
I used to stay home to avoid seeing people and only went shopping when I had to. ( Now I am the Queen of Shopping)
I am more out going and Happy.

I had found a website in April of 2001 called www.Atkins&friends.com and all I can say, is that with out all my friends love and support that I found here in the Century Club, I probably would have never made it Goal weight. But this site has the very best support anywhere. I recommend anyone who is making a whole lifestyle of eating low carb , to come here. You will be glad you did.

My journey is not over. I have Lost Now a Total of 120 lbs And I used to wear a size 24 Pants and 3x tops and Now I wear a size 8/10 pants and size 12/tops (mediums)

my Jorney will never End because maintaining is Just as much of the Journey as losing!~,
but I do know
That I Will Eat This Way
~ The Low Carb Way~
for the Rest Of my Life. My Advice is to never give up even if you Stumble and fall Just Keep coming to the CC No matter what for support!~ Take your Supplements , Drink your water and get some form Of excercise started~~~ And you will Know when you Have reached your Goal when you get there it may Not always be a Number on the scale!~I was at this weight for well over a year before I realized that I am happy at this weight!~ Remeber this is your Journey so Enjoy the walk my friends!~~~ Your LC Friend Always Sandy

Pcola Girl 05-01-2006 03:24 PM

Sandy great progress with your weight and health. I to have some health problems due to my weight, most back, I have dgentive disc disease and have had several surgeries for it to, but like you I went on low carb and lost 110 lbs. already. I still have my health problems with my back and always will but I don't want any of my major organs get bad. I do have high blood pressure still and am on medication for that but hope one day to get off it.
I hope all is well with you now since your weight loss.
I have been here since yr. 2000 when I began my weight loss.
I swim for my exercise and do water aerobics to. with my back like it is its hard to do much other exercises.I do this about three times a week.

You are a inspiration to us all here.

going_down 06-15-2006 08:25 AM

I'm not at goal yet. Just reading through and anticipating my day. Looking for some motivation to keep on keeping on. :high5:

mae2mac 09-09-2006 06:24 AM

I've divided up my weight loss goals into 10 pounds each. I restarted trying to eat low carb on Aug. 28th, 281.6. This morning I weighed 289.9. So I met my first goal of losing 10 pounds as of yesterday. Still have a lot to lose but it can be done. The highest I've ever been was 315.

BlackRose943 01-20-2008 11:37 PM

My goal is to lose 115 pounds - 8 down, 107 to go. Seems so far away, but as long as I'm going in the right direction I'm happy.

CyaGirl 11-07-2008 12:59 PM

I started at 280 and I really hate admitting that. I have been so very ashamed of myself for too long. I started this WoE again on June 1, 2008 and have been losing roughly 10 pounds a month ever since. I've done LC before and had great success for about five years before I lost momentum and gained the 80 pounds I'd lost back).

So far, on my rediscovery of LC, I've lost 67 pounds. I need to lose much more, but if I did happen to settle for a weight of 150 pounds, that would put me at a total 130 pound loss. I have 63 pounds to lose to meet that goal. I would love to make it to 135 but that seems like a dream for now.

I'm happy to find you all in this place and look forward to reading your stories and sharing our common struggle.

wowgolds987 11-20-2008 07:44 PM

wow gold
Thank you for posting your story. You have REALLY inspired me today.

I have 37 pounds to lose, and it has been a struggle, but after reading your story, I know I can do it.

Thanks again, and GOD Bless YOU !!

GetFitNYC 12-08-2008 02:52 PM

I don't have a super fabulous story like some of the other folks on this site that have changed more than their eating habits. They changed their lives. People here have lost heaps more weight than I have, and they really do deserve a round of applause! :notwrthy:

I'm the classic slow metabolism case. My parents were obese (prior to gastric bypass), one brother is obese, and I was on my way to following in their footsteps. Partly because of genetics I've always had to keep myself in check.
I'm a 5'7 stocky guy. I was never 'skinny' as I'm not built that way, but I wasn't considered fat either. After college I started to put on weight, a little at a time... as is usually the case. Not long after I was offered a position as a Blues Brother's impersonator in Vegas. They actually wanted me to put on MORE weight. I took the position, and used that as an excuse to put on more and more weight. All the free food I wanted and I wanted it all. It wasnt healthy and I knew I had to do something about it.

I dropped the weight a year or so later with standard diet and exercise. I was thrilled that the usual ways worked for me. It took about a year... but I lost the weight.

Then, I moved back to NYC. There's food everywhere... It didn't take long for me to blow up like a balloon. Back in 2002 when I first found this WOE I was weighing in at around 220... and gaining. For my height, that was pretty bad. I found this site and started LC'ing. With the support of the LC chat I lost 65 lbs (not nearly as much as some of the amazing folks on this site) in a super-fast 6 months with loads of cardio exercise and super strict eating habits. (I stayed under 20 grams for about 4 of the 6 months which isnt recommended so dont use me as an example). I brought my weight down to 155 lbs. Yeah, lighter than I was in college. According to BMI charts, this is still high for my height, but honestly this was exactly where my body style belonged. I was happy... and started putting on muscle. Of course with a good workout routine you add weight because muscle weighs 2x the weight of fat. So, built up a bit I weighed in at 165. Still no matter how I tried I couldn't get a 6 pack or lose the handles...
Anyway, I've maintained the workout routine, but strayed from the LC lifestyle. I tend to put on about 10-15 lbs in a year, and then I come back to LC to take it off.
This year I put on closer to 20... and I'm back to LC again. I noticed the weight in different places than usual more dangerous areas and harder to lose areas. The weight came on more easily. I think age must be a factor

My goal is to lose this weight on a very strict work-out regiment and very strict Carb intake.

You can't believe how powerful this WAE is. I'm on day 8 of my return and I haven't crashed. My body actually has been reacting the opposite way. It's happy to be back... That's how it feels anyway.

I do have hypothyroidism, which tends to be found mostly in females. Both my brothers and my mom have it as well. Though they claim it's not genetic, I think my family would prove them wrong.

Anyway, I'm back and ready to slim down and pack on some muscle... (easy to add muscle on such a high protein diet).

My biggest piece of advice (if anyone cares to hear it) is to make sure you are prepared! Surround yourself by LC foods you're allowed to have. When you have a craving, dip into your LC supply instead. Give it a few weeks and you'll overcome the cravings.

My other goal is to get people to come to LC Chat again to help others like me lose the weight by answering questions and offering support.

99Sporty 01-02-2009 11:07 AM

Hi All,

I've done Atkins before and done pretty well. Two kids and 4 years of marriage later and I'm bigger than ever so with the support of my DH I'm going back to the gym and hard core LC eating. I'd like to lose about 130lbs. I'm starting in earnest tomorrow with a personal trainer session at the gym, tonight I'll be going to the store to stock up on 'acceptable foods'.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you - I'll be here a while!


GetFitNYC 01-04-2009 12:48 PM

Hey Amy... welcome! You'll find a lot of great support and people here on these boards.
Wish you the best!


Bluqq 01-10-2009 01:33 PM

I love these stories:love:

MzMelissa 05-31-2009 08:51 AM

great stories, lots of hope.

carolyn2816 11-05-2010 11:39 AM

reached my goal about a week ago...fabulous feeling!! Thanks you for all of your inspiration!

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