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brittone2 12-02-2013 08:47 AM

Have you purchased a vitamix recently?
MIL wants to buy us a vitamix for Christmas. She wants us to pick the best model for us vs. worrying about the price.

I am familiar with the roadshows at costco and the 6300. However, there are a few posts on chowhound that mention issues with that particular model, although lots of people clearly have no problem at all.

I think the squatter 64 oz containers look good for reaching nutbutters, etc. I imagine I want variable speed. The new pros have fans that run continuously
I think, which sounds good. I have a food processor, but I've read that the pulse is nice for making things like salsa. But if I have a Cuisinart prep 11 plus food processor, maybe I shouldn't worry about pulse.

So I arrive at the 750 pro, but that just seems like too much vitamix, kwim?

What do you have and do you like it? QVC? Pro? Costco 6300?

I have 3 kids so a 64 oz is a better option than some of the smaller containers I think for soups, smoothies, etc. vs. some of the smaller capacity containers on some of the QVC models.

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