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rob71 11-18-2013 11:11 AM

Looking for food ideas when on the run
I am looking for LC food ideas for when I am on the run (always). Eating in the car (driving) - etc. breakfast, lunch or dinner. Typically a sandwich or a fast food burger would work but there are not LC. So what are some ideas that I can eat on the run for a meal not a snack.

Nigel 11-18-2013 11:40 AM

I make wraps from lavash bread or LC tortillas and I can eat them on the way to work. You can put whatever you like in them.

If you have lc bread/bun type things, you can make an egg mcmuffin or sausage in bread/toast or bacon the same way.

You can make up some ham, cheese, and pickle spear roll ups ahead of time to grab on your make out the door.

Jerky...nuts...string cheese...cheese sticks...not a meal, but good protein will keep you from starving.

Peanut butter sandwich on LC bread.

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