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ravenrose 09-17-2013 12:24 PM

Have you tried finely milled flax meal?
I had always wondered why the flax meal I get is milled into flakes rather than a finer powder. Seemed like the powder would be better in most baking, no?

Well, I found finely milled flax meal at my 99 Cent store (quick plug for their SENSATIONAL produce bargains!) so I grabbed it and went home to experiment. It was .9999 cents for 8 ounces, btw, and $2 a pound for flaxmeal is a great price too.

So I subbed it for the normal Bob's Red Mill meal in my muffin recipe. Yikes!\

First of all, it took twice as much liquid as normal, which is a LOT. it was so thick I couldn't stir/mix it at all otherwise. and the finished muffins were much gummier than usual. I mean, they are not normally gummy at all!

Now, this just means you can't sub it for the other type of meal, not that it's a bad product. I think it has a lot of potential in making moister baked goods, when mixed with other things deftly. But it's a matter of using it as a new ingredient and not expecting it to behave like regular flax.

I recommend that people into baking mixtures who use flax give it a try and let us know what uses they find for it. Unless there is already info out there and I missed it, of course!

Soobee 09-17-2013 03:23 PM

I haven't tried finely milled flax. But I have used finely ground wheat bran instead of regular grind. And just as you said, all recipes need way more liquid. I think that when you finely grind the flax, you are actually getting more per measure. So I guess the recipe will have to be adjusted accordingly.

TBipp 09-17-2013 04:03 PM

Great posts and information. :goodpost: Thank you for sharing.

ravenrose 09-17-2013 04:48 PM

Soobee, yes, you have to weigh not measure, but even with that it absorbs a LOT of liquid and produces a gummier result. I think one could really ratchet down the eggs in something using this. And I normally put a bit of canned pumpkin in my muffins of any flavor for improved texture, which is not needed with a little of this subbing for regular flaxmeal.

Just for the record, my basic proportions are 2 parts each flax meal and oat fiber and one part whey protein isolate in making muffins.

Barbo 09-19-2013 09:24 PM

Thank you Raven
This will save a lot of us from wasting ingredients.


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