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millergirl1976 09-10-2013 08:01 PM

Pork rinds convert... Finally!
I have resisted the pork rind recipes for years, because I don't like them straight up. I went thru lots of recipes to plan for this week, and saw an oven fried chicken recipe with pork rinds as part of te breading. I finally decided to give them a try- totally delicious! Crunchy, yummy, no mealiness in my mouth. I can't wait to try this with drumsticks, I used boneless skinless thighs since that's what I had.

Give them a try!

Ntombi 09-10-2013 08:13 PM

Glad you liked them! I make mine with a mixture of grated Parmesan cheese and crushed pork rinds, and lots of seasoning. They're really good.

millergirl1976 09-10-2013 08:18 PM

Yep, that's what I did. Fresh grated parm, pork rinds, black pepper, roasted garlic salt. Totally delish! The tidbits on the foil were yummy too, and I feel like there could be a good pork rind/parm cracker in there somewhere... I am going to have to play around with that.

lterry913 09-12-2013 08:53 AM

omg...the stuff left on the foil is the best part...I often just sprinkle the left over crumbs on the pan so they crisp up...yumm

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