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bl0nd3y 07-15-2013 08:30 AM

Iv created something...strangely good.
ok, i have no idea what iv made, but my intentions were .... - for my first lot of pancakes i used to leave them in the oven overnight and re-heat, i found that they turned rock hard, like biscuits, so i had an aim to make mini pancake biscuits for when i feel like a sweet treat. For some reason they remained soft, so i cut them into cubes, and snack on them when i have the munchies.

Now the second lot i planned on making yummy fluffy pancakes, but i mistakenly mixed bread flour with cake flour (LC foods brands) and by this time i was tired, and put a few pancakes on the frypan and all three of them failed to stick together, so i put the mixture in the fridge, n decided i would fix it tomoro.

(the mixture contained
1/3 cup sweetener (nativia)
1/2 cup LC foods brown sugar sub
1/2 cup lcfoods bread flour
1/2 cup lcfoods cake flour
1/2 cup vanilla protein powder
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 tsp konjac flour
4 egg whites only
2 tbsp divinchi syrup
1 tsp powdered vanilla
pinch of cinamon - all blended in a mixer )

anyway next day, the mixture seamed to have seperated, and looked "off" although i suspect this is due to the mix of flours aswell as sweetener... so i just put it back on the blender and kept whizzing away. Then i remembered i had some miracle rice that needed to be used up, and i have previously blended miracle rice to go in anything, so i wondered if this would be any different, so i cleaned and dryed up a bag of miracle rice on the frypan with some xylitol / vanilla flavoured shaker. after removing and drying the rice i added it to the blender which it purated until the mixture was just pure liquid.

I then put it in the frypan to experiment and my first 2-3 i found due to the miracle rice, they were not holding together. so the 4th and 5th one i decided to leave on the pan on a low heat for as long as possible so i could flip them over while keeping them in one piece.

i know if miracle rice/noodles are baked, fried/dehydrated for excessive amounts of time they shrink into skinny crunchy sticks which are not pleasant, but it seams as though either this, or the strange mix of flours, has appeared to re-create an extremely thin and crunchy sweet treat, and since i had the xylitol and vanilla shaker in the pan, they taste exactly like a waffle cone. these things are delicious, so iv melted some Low fat butter sub, Walden farms maple syrup and a tsp of peanut butter and have been dipping away, but they also taste good when sprinkle with xylitol vanilla and put in the oven to caramelize.
-as they are super low in carbs, made of miracle noodles and carb free fat free pancake mix, the calories would be sooo low.

They are thin, crispy, flakey, wafer like thingys:jumpjoy:. So this is just a heads up for the experimenters out there, that blended miracle noodle / rice can be handy in cracker making. Im going to try savory as soon as my popcorn flavourings arrive ;)


Nigel 07-15-2013 09:23 AM

That's interesting. They look like great chips to me. Thanks for the recipe.

buttoni 07-15-2013 10:10 AM

How curious. They really look good! Basically, you're pureeing glucomannan when you puree the noodles up. And I'm a firm believer glucomannan is a "miracle" unto itself in baked goods. You could probably achieve the same result with direct introduction of the gluc powder......the trick would be just how much of it. I think we're only beginning to discover the varied potential of this ingredient. Good on you for yet another discovery with this item. :)

Pami 07-15-2013 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by buttoni (Post 16515830)
glucomannan is a "miracle" unto itself :)


bl0nd3y 07-15-2013 06:57 PM

i think there is also potential for some kind of pastry from it aswell. I remember when i first got the miracle noodles a few years back i read suggestions on how their used, someone mentioned in their drink...and i thought Good Gosh :sick: sounds revolting, but after pureeing it, i can see how it would work well.

is konjac flour the same as glucomannan flour? because i know with the batch of pancakes i made previously i used 2 tsps of konjac flour, and it became soo thick, then as soon as i put them on the pan, they started to become runny/liquidy. possibly because the konjac flour cooked first, leaving the rest of the mixture free to run, im unsure but i couldnt agree more - i am loving these miracle noodles/rice and plan to buy some gluc flour to bake with :laugh:

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