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tulipsandroses 07-02-2013 12:42 PM

Bob's Red Mills Low Carb Bake Mix
Wouldn't go out of my way to buy another bake mix but saw them extremely marked down at Publix and since its hard for me to pass up a good sale, LOL, I'm wondering if anyone likes this mix?

Never mind, good thing I didn't buy it. Just saw that it contains soy. I can't stand the taste of Soy flour

tofucheez 07-03-2013 07:06 AM

I've used it (and still have a few bags in the freezer). I don't like "soy taste" either, but everything I have made with this tastes great......NO soy flavor at all. I actually really like the flavor......it's tastes like that wheat-berry bread (by Orowheat??) that I used to eat years ago.

If it's still on sale, I say go for it. I was surprised at how tasty it is.

I've only ever used it to make bread/rolls....nothing lighter in texture like cake or anything, so not sure how it would do there. But the rolls are great,

tulipsandroses 07-03-2013 07:36 PM

Thx, I might pick some up. My go to mixes make great pancakes and cakes and biscuits but I'm kinda intrigued by the wheat berry taste. I saw another review that said the taste was similar to buckwheat. Buckwheat/banana/flax pancakes used to be a fave before LC.

Grammy G 07-03-2013 11:35 PM

Tulip.. would you mind sharing what mix recipe you use for pancakes,etc.?

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