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trumellow 06-13-2013 03:12 PM

Low carb bread won't rise
I made bread from this recipe:

1/2 c water
1t yeast
3/4 c vital wheat gluten
1/4 c soy flour
1/3 c flax seed meal
1 egg
1T butter
2T Splenda

The first time I made it, it turned out perfect. It rose and was light and airy. I did add 1/2t salt and substituted coconut flour for the soy flour. I also added a little more water because of the coconut flour. Also added 1/2t more of yeast.

I made it a second time and it didn't rise at all. I used the same ingredients exactly. I proofed my yeast to see if it was still active. It got foamy. I tried again with more yeast and it still didn't rise. Any ideas? I am making it in a bread machine on the light crust setting.

rosethorns 06-13-2013 03:48 PM

Low carb bread does not do well with the second rise. I use the dough cycle , then let it mix and knead. Then take it out , put in a loaf pan and let rise. Bake.

I've never seen splenda used for the sugar in yeast breads. But I may be wrong.
I would use a tsp. of real sugar. The yeast needs it for food to rise.

Maybe somebody else might know.

Dirty Harriet 06-13-2013 04:50 PM

Hi trumellow:
It is true what Esther said. the bread does not have the structure (i.e. gluten which is present in large amounts in flour & gives bread it's structure) in order to sustain the second punch from bread machines. I've tried with all types of flours and my bread is flat. I have been adding 1/4 c vital what gluten & upped my yeast as well as baking powder and it has improved somewhat; but I mix it in the bread maker, take it out, & bake them off as muffins.
Wish my late husband was still alive, as he was a pastry chef & was a master with yeast products...he would have been able to develop something I am sure.

trumellow 06-13-2013 05:12 PM

I'll try finishing it in the oven next time. I just wonder why it did so well the first time and then did badly the second time and third time. I checked it the third time and saw that it hadn't risen very much (first rise) but I had nothing to compare it to as I didn't open the lid and look at it the first time I tried it.

tofucheez 06-13-2013 05:36 PM

Did you proof your yeast the first time? You may have used up all its oomph the second and third tries by proofing it first. Not all types of yeast need to be proofed first.

Charski 06-13-2013 08:17 PM

Do you weigh your ingredients, or use measuring cups? I get my most consistent results when I weigh the ingredients.

THAT being said, I don't make LC yeast breads, I never had one that worked out well. We sprout our wheat, then dehydrate, then grind and make the bread in the machine from there.

JHoberer 06-13-2013 09:27 PM

Coconut flours differ in varb levels. It might might have been enough to feed the yeast to make it rise one time and another batch not enough.

Sit your yeast in room temperature water (usually 1/2 cup) and add a tsp of real sugar. Stir it well and let it eat on the sugar for 15 minutes. Then use it in your recipe. The bread will need protein... but you use gluten so that ought to work well. Rise it in the pan you'll bake it in- don't punch it down or do anything that would require a second rise. You might add a tsp or two of baking powder as a protective measure.

trumellow 06-13-2013 09:49 PM

I use measuring cups. I do have a scale but never use it. :laugh: Maybe I'll drag it out next time. I have always heard it is way more accurate.

Also, I didn't proof the yeast in any of the batches. I just mixed it in according to the machine instructions. I only tested it after the 2 batches failed to see if it was alive. I put a tsp in some water with a bit of sugar to see if it would foam. I forgot to mention that I also put a squeeze of honey in the second batch. Thought maybe it was the lack of sugar to feed the yeast.

As I think back on it, I think I may have used a room temperature egg the first time and cold ones the other two times. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what was different! I think I should also just get some soy flour to try instead of the coconut flour as it seems so variable.

Thanks for the help!

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