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olive oyl 06-11-2013 12:19 PM

Julienned Zucchini Pasta, heart be still!!!
I've read about julienning zucchini, tried doing it by hand with no luck, but today I bought an Oxo Julienne Peeler at Bed Bath and Beyond, came home and made wonderful zucchini pasta, really fast. Well, fast, once I figured out how to use the peeler. :o

I just sauteed it in a little EVOO, salt, pepper and garlic until the zucchini was warm, as I wanted it "al dente," and I loved it. It was just wonderful!

Now I have to find new zucchini recipes, this has opened up a whole new food idea for me. I've read about this so often, and wish I would have bought this little gadget a long time ago. It's life changing. Okay, so maybe not life changing, but it sure is wonderful! :jumpjoy:

rosethorns 06-11-2013 12:24 PM

They are great. There are tons of recipes.

alex_in_wonderland 06-11-2013 01:11 PM

I LOVE my julienne peeler! For zucchini we call them "zoodles" I don't even cook the zucchini most of the time, just a little salt, pepper, olive oil and maybe a pinch of garlic powder and they soften to my liking. I like to do meatballs in marinara, or petite scallops or chicken with alfredo.

Recently I did a low carb pad thai that consists of julienned zucc, shredded purple cabbage, a little bit of julienned carrot (I know carrots aren't low carb but there was not much, just enough to give it some color and crunch) shredded coconut,mung bean sprouts, green onions, cilantro and an almond butter based sauce. So delicious! :yummy:

olive oyl 06-11-2013 01:14 PM

Oh Yum! This all sounds wonderful, especially the pad thai and the petite scallops. I feel like I've hit the jackpot with this little peeler. So many possibilities. And what a cheap thrill, it was under $10!!!!

ChristineP 06-11-2013 01:19 PM

I think I may be able to get The Mister to eat zucchini like that (he hates zucchini).

olive oyl 06-11-2013 03:13 PM

Hmmm, I should review this after I've used it a couple of weeks, but so far, so good. I have a Cuisinart Julienne Blade, but I don't think it makes strips as narrow as the Oxo does. Maybe it's because I'm not using it on firmer veggies...

AuburnNurse 06-11-2013 03:23 PM

Olive, I ordered myself a julienne slicer off of amazon and used it twice now. I don't think it's OXO brand, though. Don't remember. I also love it! I was completely impressed. I could not believe how those tiny teeth could make anything but a shaved mess! But they did, by gosh. I loved my zoodles!

Charski 06-11-2013 03:25 PM

I'm not a big zucchini fan NORMALLY but I do love me some zoodles. I have a Spirooli cutter but it's up in a cupboard and I am too lazy to get it down most of the time. Same with the Cuisinart, for something as small as zucchini noodles.

I think I'll get me one-a those Oxo peelers - looks like the reviews on Amazon were people who had problems doing carrots, but I bet it'll last a good long time for zucchini. Thanks for the inspiration! :hugs:

Smiles 06-11-2013 08:48 PM

Hi Jan,

I was wondering if you ever tried using a spiral slicer with your zucchini? I just bought one, but haven't tried it yet.


pocahontas 06-18-2013 11:09 AM

I :heart: my OXO Julienne Peeler. I bought it on a rec from LindaSue and use it all the time. I find it fast and easier to clean that my food processor. Plus it makes the prettiest zoodles. :D

lazy girl 06-18-2013 02:45 PM

My squash hating hubby even eats zucchini ribbons sauteed in a bit of butter and served under spaghetti sauce.

However, I had a difficult time cutting the zuke with a potato peeler. I've got several BB&B coupons, so maybe I'll find a good mandolin slicer there like some of you have.

marieze 06-18-2013 05:01 PM

I bought the "spirelli" by Gefu on amazon about a year ago and we live on Zoodles! Best noodles EVER! :love:

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