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buttoni 06-05-2013 06:33 PM

Cheesie Tuna Stuffed Baked "Potatoes"
These are perhaps one of the highest carb entrees on my website, but they were OH so good and boast some very impressive nutritional stats, so IMO they are worth all the carbs. Luckily, I don't eat turnips too often, as I personally think they are a pretty carby. Use steamed cauliflower (half the carbs) if you're still in Induction and you, too, can enjoy this dish. Best wait until Phase 2 Atkins for having it over the turnips.

If you’ve never baked turnips in your microwave you simply MUST try it sometime. Wash and poke with a few holes to prevent them exploding and bake just like baked potatoes (about 4 minutes per side for large ones). Cut, fork up, butter and you’ll SWEAR you’re eating a real baked potato!!!! They’re wonderful with grilled steaks. This dish, however, is a meal unto itself. You will cut carbs in half just doing this over steamed, buttered cauliflower instead of turnips. It won’t LOOK the same, but will pretty much taste the same.


2 large turnips, about 10 oz. raw (will yield 7 oz. edible flesh)
1 6.4-oz. pouch water-pack tuna
1 c. grated Cheddar cheese
4 T. butter
3 T. finely chopped chives
c. sour cream
1/4 tsp. seasoning of your choice: (Old bay, my Seafood Spice Blend or whatever you like on seafood)
Dash salt (omit if you are extremely sodium sensitive)

DIRECTIONS: Scrub/wash the turnips, trim the stem and tip off. Stir tuna, 1 c. of the cheese, the seasoning and salt, 2 T. of the chives (reserve 1 T. for final topping) in a bowl and set aside. Chop chives finely and set aside for now. Microwave prepared turnips about 3-4 minutes on HI, turn over and microwave 3-4 minutes longer on the second side. They should feel fairly soft when slightly squeezed. Preheat oven to 350. Remove and slice in half without cutting the two parts completely apart. They will sit on the plate nicer if not cut in twain. Place the halves on medium-sized oven-proof plates you will serve on. Fork up the turnip flesh a bit, trying not to tear the skins. Top each turnip half with 1 T. butter and fork that around a bit so it melts. Dot each half with 1 T. sour cream. Next spoon the tuna-cheese mixture evenly on each turnip half. Set plates on a baking sheet and pop into preheated 350 oven for about 10 minutes. Remove and sprinkle the remaining c. of the cheese and finally the remaining chives on top and pop back into over for 5-10 minutes more until cheese if sully melted. Serve at once with perhaps a green salad.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 2 very filling adult dinner-size servings, each contains: NOTE: would make 4 smaller lunch portions for 1/4 the numerical values shown below)

665 calories
50 g fat
18.9 g carbs, 4.8 g fiber, 14.1 g NET CARBS
37.35 g protein
1332 mg sodium
847 mg potassium
59% RDA Vitamin A, 28% B6, 165 B12, 60% C, 15% D, 7% E, 45% calcium, 25% copper, 13% iron, 15% magnesium, 17% manganese, 71% niacin, 60% phosphorous, 40% riboflavin, 157% selenium, 12% thiamin, 36% zinc

Smiles 06-06-2013 09:25 PM

These sound very yummy. I'd be open to trying the turnips. I find that throwing in a higher carb day here and there can spur weight loss. These seem a good choice for one of those days :) The cauliflower version sounds great too. I :heart: cauliflower. It's a very versatile veggie, especially for us low carbers ;)

Thanks for posting this, Peggy :)


buttoni 06-07-2013 07:30 AM

Ya know it always makes me feel particularly good when a GUY takes the time to come back to my website and tell me they tried a recipe and found it easy to make and so good it will make their regular menu rotations. That happened yesterday on this recipe. It really is quite good to be so simple. :)

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