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momov2boys 04-29-2013 07:22 PM

Chicken Thighs
What ways do you prepare them?

Thanks, Rebecca

Patience 04-29-2013 07:25 PM

I put them in my minicrock pot overnight.
The I either just eat them (and freeze the broth) or make an easy soup by adding low carb mixed veggies, a little garlic, salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne. It's fairly fatty but really kills my cravings if I have for lunch.

sligh 04-29-2013 08:49 PM

This is from Linda Sue's website. It's dark and crispy and I make it a lot:

2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup Carbquik (I use 3/4 cup which her comments below suggest)
3 teaspoons Spicy Seasoning Salt or Seasoning Salt
8 chicken thighs, skin on

Place the butter in a 9x13" baking dish and put it in the oven to melt while preheating the oven to 425. Keep an eye on it so it doesn't start to brown. It should only take a couple minutes. Remove from the oven as soon as the butter has melted and set aside, keeping the butter in the baking dish. Meanwhile, combine the Carbquik and seasoning in a large plastic storage bag. One at a time add the chicken pieces to bag. Close the bag and shake to coat each piece of chicken with the Carbquik mixture. Arrange the chicken in the baking pan, skin-side down, in the melted butter. Bake at 425 35 minutes; turn the chicken pieces over and bake another 15 minutes or until the juices run clear.

Makes 8 servings
Do not freeeze

Per Serving: 248 Calories; 19g Fat; 18g Protein; 4g Carbohydrate; 3g Dietary Fiber; 1g Net Carbs

This tastes pretty much like my old Bisquick oven-fried chicken, except I used slightly different seasoning. I don't know if it's from the Carbquik or not, but the crust on the skin got very dark. I think that next time I might try lowering the oven temperature a little and baking it a bit longer and slower or maybe use part oil with the butter. It might also help to turn the chicken sooner because it was already very dark after 35 minutes. My husband said he liked the skin the way it was though. Also, I made 8 very large chicken thighs and I just barely had enough flour mixture to coat them all. Unless you're using small pieces of chicken, I think 3/4 cup of Carbquik would be better. You may not use it all, but it will give you better coverage.

And if you want to see a picture, you'll find it here:

OVEN-FRIED CHICKEN - Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes

ravenrose 04-29-2013 09:03 PM

get the Cook's Illustrated recipe for crisp baked chicken thighs. it's the BEST. it's hidden on the magazine site but available elsewhere, such as linzertortes wordpress blog.

short version, heat a flat baking sheet pretty hot, oven rack on the lowest position. I'm thinking it's 450 degrees, something like that. pierce the chicken skins in a number of places with a sharp knife tip. bake the thighs skin side down for some period, then put them on a fresh baking pan, skin side up, on the higher rack and cook till done.

that first step on the very hot sheet renders the fat under the skin and crisps it right up. delicious. be sure to save the fat from that first sheet for other uses.

JHoberer 04-30-2013 01:06 AM

Dana Carpender's heroin wings method... I add onion powder and garlic powder.

christyjo 04-30-2013 06:36 AM

Just had this last night

Chicken in Onion Cream Gravy

4 servings
2 pounds boneless chicken (I use bone in thighs)
olive oil (any oil, enough to cover the bottom of the pan)
1/2 stick butter
one large onion (15 grams)
2 14 oz. cans chicken broth (each can is 2 grams)
poultry seasoning
salt and pepper
one pint cream (6 grams per cup)

Preparation Method:

Rinse chicken and pat dry sprinkle with poultry seasoning. Heat enough oil and butter to coat the bottom of a large skillet over medium heat add chicken to pan and turn to cook just until browned, seasoning with salt, pepper and more poultry seasoning to cover both sides. Add broth that chicken pieces are almost covered. Slice one large onion thinly, separate into rings- place over chicken. no need to stir initially! cover and cook over low heat for an hour, turning several times. Remove chicken from pan, turn up heat and cook broth and onion mush until it begins to reduce and thicken lower heat to medium, add cream until gravy thickens and becomes nice and creamy.

Mistizoom 04-30-2013 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by sligh (Post 16400553)
This is from Linda Sue's website. It's dark and crispy and I make it a lot:

2 tablespoons butter
1/2 cup Carbquik (I use 3/4 cup which her comments below suggest)
3 teaspoons Spicy Seasoning Salt or Seasoning Salt
8 chicken thighs, skin on

And if you want to see a picture, you'll find it here:

OVEN-FRIED CHICKEN - Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes

DH just made this recipe this weekend and it was very good! He was missing "fried chicken" and this did the trick. We used Lawry's seasoned salt which I thought was fine but he didn't love those particular flavors so we'd use a different seasoned salt next time, or maybe just salt and pepper.

I tend to broil chicken thighs for a fast and easy supper. Just sprinkle plenty of seasoning on the thighs all over (I usually use Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt, which is salt, pepper, garlic poweder, onion powder and a couple other things, I think) then broil (500+ degrees F) about 8 inches or so from heat skin side down for 15 minutes, then turn over and broil another 5-10 minutes depending on size of the thighs. Easy and tasty.

momov2boys 04-30-2013 09:49 AM

Thank you for these great ideas!

Charski 04-30-2013 11:12 AM

This is one of our two most favorite chicken thigh recipes:


The other is to marinate the boneless/skinless thighs in Greek dressing (I make my own, but you can buy it if you want) and then grill til done, let cool a bit, slice and serve atop Greek salad (green leaf lettuce, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and red onion, some Kalamata olives, avocado if you want it, and some pepperoncinis, all with Greek dressing) - DH would eat that every night during the summer months if I'd fix it that often!

millergirl1976 04-30-2013 11:40 AM

Yummy ideas here!

My favorite grilling recipe for thighs is simple- marinate thighs in soy sauce, minced garlic and fresh, chopped rosemary. Grill and eat. There is some kind of crazy magic in that combo... delish!

Ginaaaaaa 04-30-2013 12:03 PM

This a really yummy recipe from LindaSue's recipe site.

1 tablespoon oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 cup spicy brown or Dijon mustard *
2 tablespoons dry white wine
3/4 cup parmesan cheese, the kind in a green can (3 ounces)
1 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
8 chicken thighs, bone-in and skin on *
Salt, to taste

Combine the oil and garlic in a pie plate. Let stand about 5 minutes. Add the mustard and wine to the oil. In another pie plate, mix the parmesan cheese, paprika and cayenne. Coat the chicken with the mustard mixture then coat well with the parmesan cheese mixture on all sides. Place the chicken in a non-stick foil-lined 9x13" baking pan and sprinkle any remaining parmesan cheese mixture over each piece of chicken. Bake at 350 75-90 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through and the coating is golden brown. My boneless chicken thighs took 60 minutes.

Makes 8 servings
Can be frozen but coating will turn soft

Filly 04-30-2013 12:04 PM

Love thighs! Inexpensive, tasty, and versatile. Just had some for lunch with a lemon butter sauce.

Miss Elmo 04-30-2013 12:41 PM

Chicken Lazone from this thread is so delicious. I make it with chicken thighs all the time. Make extra sauce for the next day to pour over your steamed cauliflower too. http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lo...-fabulous.html

mojave 04-30-2013 03:45 PM

I Recently put the recipe for Shoyu Chicken on the Hawaiian Theme Day at work thread. Chicken thighs Island Style.Very yummy.


hmay60 04-30-2013 05:11 PM

I just fry them in a non stick skillet, skin on, no added fat or oil needed.

alex_in_wonderland 04-30-2013 11:28 PM

I'm marinating some boneless ones right now to grill tomorrow. It's a curry marinade. For 3 lb pack o' thighs I used:

2 Tbs curry powder
2 tsp crushed peppercorns
1 tsp or so dried basil
6 cloves chopped garlic
juice of one lemon
juice of one lime
some olive oil to make it thicker

It smells sooo good. I love curried chicken thighs!
I used to love marinating them in sweet chili sauce an cilantro, but I haven't yet figured out a way to make a low carb sweet chilli sauce.

Happy cooking!

momov2boys 05-01-2013 05:16 PM

Thanks to everyone! Lots of great recipes to try!


Wishin 05-02-2013 11:02 AM

I use Carbquick and doctor it up with spices and just fry in olive oil. I don't have it this way very often but when I want thighs this is what I do. Very good.

Heidinem 05-03-2013 07:00 AM

I saute 6 or so boneless chicken legs in olive oil. When they are nearly done I sprinkle with shredded cheese, chopped jalapeno & sour cream.

ladeeda 05-05-2013 09:03 PM

I put 4 to 6 bone-in thighs in a large roasting pan (lined with heavy duty foil for easy clean up). Scatter small red potatoes, baby carrots, shiitake mushrooms between thighs. Sprinkle with sugar-free seasoned salt. Cover tightly with heavy duty foil. Bake at 350* for 1 hour. Remove foil. Baste with pan juices; bake uncovered 15 min. Baste (use a bulb baster); bake 15 min. Baste; bake 15min. (total of 45 min uncovered). Um-itty-yum and easy peasy!

ladeeda 05-05-2013 09:09 PM

I slice boneless thighs in 1/2" pcs. Fry in olive oil or butter til browned and crispy. Squirt on 3+ Tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar, several shots of hot sauce, T or so of butter and scrape pan to deglaze all those wonderful brown bits. Stir to coat the chicken. Sprinkle lightly with salt...voila...boneless wings!

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