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greybb1 04-14-2013 04:31 PM

Made some candied cinnamon pecans!
And they are pretty good. Here's what I did....

No exact measurements 'cause this was an experiment, so just play it by ear.

Steels Nature Sweet (this is Maltitol but any sugar alcohol can be used, Erythretol, Xylitol, that stevia/Erythretol mix.)

You will need a foil covered baking sheet coated with butter to pour the hot nuts on.

Put about 1/2 inch water in a frying pan along with 1/2 stick butter and bring to a rolling boil. Put about 1 cup sweetener in the boiling water and keep boiling until it becomes syrupy. Add more sweetener if after a few minutes it doesn't start getting like syrup.

When it does reach the syrup stage and while it's still boiling, add the pecans. You want to add enough pecans to coat them and stir and stir until the pecans start to roast. You can smell them getting toasty! :yummy:

Just when they start to brown take them off the heat and sprinkle with cinnamon and stir it in well.

Pour onto buttered foil, spread out and let cool. I sprinkled them with Splenda and cinnamon after they cooled to add a little extra sweet taste.

When they cool, break them up and store in a zippy bag or a covered container.

They come out really good! Just be careful not to eat too many or you will pay for it later!

jigglenomore 04-14-2013 06:23 PM

Awesome! :high5: Can't wait to try these!

Charski 04-14-2013 08:20 PM

I would not be able to be trusted around those. They'd all disappear MUCH too fast. They sound SOOOO good!

buttoni 04-15-2013 07:41 AM

I'm like you, Car, when I make these for Xmas gift giving, I find can't stop eating them. There are far fewer for gifting when it's all said and done. :) Best thing for me is to not have them around at all.

greybb1 04-15-2013 03:51 PM

I'm beginning to see that you gals are right! :D

Charski 04-15-2013 07:36 PM

Some of us have been around that "can't stop with a few" block one or twelve times! :laugh:

Melrose 04-18-2013 09:22 AM

Sounds too good not to subscribe.

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