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Old 03-18-2013, 02:01 PM   #31
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I think that eventually you will find the recipes you like the best and stick with them. I must of made 30 different cake/brownie recipes and hated them all until I tried the chicken ladys choc cake. Angels sang! And now, whenever I get the urge to try a new choc cake recipe, I just make that one instead. And George Stellas pumkin loaf is my go to spicy, pumpkiny recipe. No others. And then I found a brownie recipe that was based on flourless choc cake and that became the brownie recipe. No coco powder but melted unsweetened choc-that made such a difference (to ME).

I make Kevin Pas recipe for pizza crust and no more trying a bazillion others. YOu know, it's a new way of eating and you have to kindof adjust to the fact that some things just won't be the same. At least that mind shift for me was an important one.
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Old 03-22-2013, 09:11 AM   #32
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Since my OP I've been trying out some new ones and I may have finally found some success. I finally have erythritol and used it last night in Elaina's Pantry recipe for carrot cake; I made carrot cake muffins with it. Her recipe makes about 15-16 muffins. Here's the conversion I used for her agave:

1/2 cup agave = 1/3 cup milk + 1 cup erythritol (I rounded it to 1 cup)

I decided not to mess with my stevia or PolyD yet in Elaina's Carrot Cake recipe, and just see what the erythritol did in the recipe. I ate a muffin last night and got a little bit of gas from it. I ate another one this morning and so we'll see what gastrointestinal consequences may come of it.

At this point though I've eaten inulin and PolyD in 2 other recipes and had a lot of gas but that was it. And the gas decreased each day I ate from those recipes. So that should hopefully be a good sign.

The E is very expensive so I'm going to try with Stevia and a tiny bit of the E next time and we'll see what happens.

Comparison of Elaina's Pantry Carrot Cake recipe with cane sugar vs. the E:

Cane Sugar: Too sweet. Also has a syrupy sticky mouthfeel that is unpleasant
Erythritol: The right amount of sweetness and doesn't have a sticky syrupy mouthfeel, but you will get some gas. Did not detect any cooling effect. And I didn't even have to add any PolyD!

For the cane sugar conversion, I had used 1/2 cup agave = 1/3 cup milk + 1.5 cups sugar.
For the E conversion, I used 1/2 cup agave = 1/3 cup milk + 1 cup E


Oh and another recipe I tried was from LC Food, Inc. It was their gluten-free chocolate cake recipe; I made it into muffins and it made about 10 muffins. It was alright; it was still somewhat bitter and not sweet enough and the texture was a bit dry but it was very filling due to all the fiber and I liked that. And the terrible taste that was so overpowering in their gluten-free brownies was cut back a lot in their cake mix. I give it a 3 out of 5. Not worth the $9 though; I will be attempting my own version of LC cake/muffins soon using similar ingredients to what they used.


Also tried chicken nuggets using grated Parmesan cheese from the green can and added spices/seasonings. I did overcook them but they were good! I ended up overcooking them because I was judging doneness by the color of the crust, which you can't do with parm nuggets. I was expecting the crust to become the nice golden-brown shade of bread-crumb or breaded chicken nuggets, but it won't get that dark when it's done. It will be a lighter shade of golden. Also I think I added too much seasoned salt. Next time I will do better. But they were still better than all the other LC chicken nuggets I had attempted.

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Old 03-22-2013, 09:47 AM   #33
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I am glad you are finding some success.
LC Foods is one of my favorite companies and I like quite a few of their products, however, their cake flour is not as good as all the other flours IMO, which is probably in their cake mixes and such. I have more success using almond flour and now my lupin flour to make cakes and such. Their pizza flour is excellent though. I will be making pizza today too with that flour. The bread flour is also excellent for breading things. Their biscuit flour is really good as well. Its just the steps to make the biscuit is time consuming to me, but the end result is very comparable to high carb biscuits.
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