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VonMagnum 04-24-2012 05:24 PM

Low Carb Ice Cream Adventures
Hello all. I'm currently on a low-carb diet and recently discovered the wonders of unsweetened almond milk (Silk and Almond Breeze brands) and coconut milk and I've been using heavy cream for things like coffee for some time. So I decided to get an ice cream maker and ended up buying a NewAir AIC220 compressor model after reading numerous reviews. I was almost ready to get a Whynter model that you could remove the lid entirely while in operation to eventually put in larger items like full sized raspberries, etc., but the NewAir seemed to be the quietest machine and had no bad reviews (although only a dozen or so total).

In any case, I got the machine today and I've already tried two batches with it to mixed results. The flavor is fine and the machine will harden anything batch after batch thanks to its built-in compressor (runs at like -20F so it freezes room temperature ice cream mixes in 40-50 minutes flat with no pre-freezing or refrigerating.

The first recipe I tried went something like this (after looking at numerous low-carb recipes on the Net):

VonMagnum's NotQuiteRight(tm) Vanilla Low-Carb Ice Cream
-1.5 cups heavy cream (whipped in my 1HP stainless Vitamixer) to instant whipped cream consistency
-1/2 cup of Silk Coconut milk (6g/cup carbs so 3g here)
-1/2 cup Almond Breeze milk (unsweetened)
-1tsp vanilla extract
-18 teaspoons Splenda (reduced to 12 teaspoons to taste on 2nd batch)
-4 medium egg yolks
-2 teaspoons Benefiber (added in the last 5 minutes; I was thinking fiber supplement, not anything else, but it immediately fluffed up, but that could have been a coincidence)

First I combined the heavy cream and milk in the Vitamixer. I didn't mean to put the milk in until I whipped the cream, but it turns out it didn't matter. Within 15-20 seconds I had perfect whipped cream. I think a little splenda and some knox gelatin and this stuff could replace anything sold commercially. It was VERY creamy and neutral tasting whipped cream considering the coconut and almond in it. Anyway, I added the rest of the ingredients (some may not like raw egg yolks, but being a huge egg nog fan, it has never bothered me and I've never gotten sick in 37 years from it so I don't worry too much, although a bit of vodka to kill any germs might help with the ice crystals as well. In fact, I plan to try that next. ;)

I mixed it up and put it in the ice cream maker. In 45 minutes, the paddles were starting to complain with a noise in the NewAir ice cream maker (had timer set to 50 minutes) so I went ahead and shut it off. It came out VERY solid (about halfway between hard pack and soft serve, IMO). At this point, it tasted pretty good. Texture wasn't as creamy as I might want to compare to say Haggen Daaz or Ben & Jerry's, but it wasn't terrible. Just a bit of ice crystal grit (hence I'll try 2 tsp of Vodka next time to see if that cures it). My only other complaint is that it was TOO sweet for my tastes. So in the next batch, I reduced it to 12 teaspoons of Splenda and the flavor was spot-on for me. I put some aside in a plastic container to see how it would freeze and started my next batch. 3+ hours later and it was still scoopable and seemed fully frozen as it was going to get (could be wrong, but it's all gone now so I guess we'll never know. ;) )

The next batch I went with something closer to gelato recipe-wise to see how it would fare with less cream, etc. including less sugar in the form of coconut milk. Basically, it was the same recipe as above but with 2 cups almond breeze and 1/2 cup of heavy cream plus I reduced the splenda to 12 teaspoons and didn't add any Benefiber. It didn't whip up into whipped cream this time, but otherwise, the flavor was GREAT. The problem is ice crystals. It was considerably more gritty than the first batch (less cream = less fat = more chance of ice) and with no sugar to interfere, I think this one needs some work. It was still tasty eaten right away, but a bit gritty. I put some in the freezer and sadly, it didn't fare so well. It was fluffy 3 hours later and I could still scoop it, but it was shaved icy in texture for lack of a better term (i.e. very even small ice crystals). Perhaps I didn't let it harden enough before I put it in the freezer (stopped this one at 40 minutes and some froze to the side of the bowl; I'll try some Pam next time).

So basically, I need a way to get these CREAMY in texture without adding significant carbs. I read about the vodka trick (1-2 tsp into 1 quart) and I've been reading about gums (i.e. guar gum, xanthan gum, locust-bean gum, etc.) and I've already ordered some xanthan gum to try. Supposedly unflavored gelatin can also help so I might play with that a bit as well. I'm not sure if this Vitamixer is the best way to go to mix the base up (might be adding air or shearing something apart chemically). I've had good luck making Creme Brulee with it in the past, though so I figured custard mix was good there, but then that had sugar in it at the time so it's hard to know the exact effects without it. Basically, I have not read of too many success stories with low-carb ice cream freezing properly (either hard as a rock, ice crystals or both). I'm certain there's something that could be added, though.

I read about a product called "Whey Low" that sounds like it might be a perfect substitute for sugar, but it's not carb-free (1g per teaspoon so it could add up fast) and it's not exactly cheap, but at least one person claimed it solved their low-carb ice cream problems. The problem is the serving size would be greatly reduced with more carbs in it (bad thing). I'm going to see how the vodka trick works next, I think with the gelato version (maybe 1/2 batch).

dianafoot 04-24-2012 05:32 PM

Wow, what a great post. I am looking for the perfect ice cream recipe, too. I want low carb and low calorie. I know it can be done, because Breyer's CarbSmart is only 4 net carbs and something like 90 calories a half cup. And it stays scoopable. It may have to do with the polydextrose, which I understand helps with the texture and scoopability. I tried adding glycerine to my last batch, but it had a slimy mouthfeel that I did not like. Please keep on trying and sharing your results!

Aptos Gal 04-24-2012 06:48 PM

I've been using glycerine as well to help with the texture and scoopability. By itself it does have a bit of a slime feel, but mixed in with the IC I don't taste it. I bought mine on Netrition. Hope that helps.

VonMagnum 04-24-2012 07:35 PM

Well, I tried every trick available to me at the moment with the 3rd batch. I added 4 teaspoons of Vodka (probably too much, but it gave me some feedback), a half-packet of knox unflavored gelatin and two teaspoons of Benefiber plus 1/2 more cup heavy cream to the 2nd batch "gelato" and sad to say, it was still 'grainy' (small ice crystals) right out of the machine. I used raspberry extract this time instead of vanilla and it definitely needs more Splenda as well (what was too sweet for vanilla apparently isn't enough for other flavors? Either that or I was using overly heaped teaspoons). I don't expect the freeze portion to turn out well at all. It's obvious to me that alcohol and gelatin aren't going to solve any big problems here.

Next I'm going to try MORE heavy cream, maybe ALL heavy cream just to see if it's creamy without any almond or coconut milk (both of which are very low fat by comparison, which means more water to cause crystals). That will drive the calories up, but the carbs will stay low. Beyond that, I'm thinking I'll need to try some other products I don't have on hand right now. Glycerine sounds like an idea, but I may just give that "Whey Low" a try as well. Smaller portions (it has some sugar in it to the attune of 1g per teaspoon) but better creaminess might be acceptable.

Frankly, I'm tempted to try a regular sugar recipe just to see how the texture comes out for comparison (I'd hate to think the machine is partially to blame, but the reviews for it sounded good and it freezes well and I don't see how it could operate any more efficiently than it has been; it stirs right up until it gets to the slightly harder than soft serve stage). I just couldn't eat more than a couple of spoons of real ice cream on this diet without starting my diet back to induction. Maybe I could invite some friends over to eat the rest? :D

theredhead 04-24-2012 08:17 PM

My hubby has been making his "famous" chocolate ice cream for years. It's wonderfully creamy and rich, using the usual cream, milk, and sugar. Last week, he was making it for a birthday party for a diabetic child, so I talked him into substituting my Ideal (xylitol) sweetener. He said it came out great! After it was in the freezer for awhile, of course, it got really hard, but if you let it set out a few minutes before trying to scoop, it was good again. I'm going to have to get him to make a batch for US now, lol.

*Just a note: If you have dogs, you must not let them get any xylitol. It's poisonous to them. It has significant calories, but no carbs and most people don't have a problem with gastrointestinal issues with it like they do other sugar alcohols.*

VonMagnum 04-24-2012 09:46 PM

Well, as they say, 4th time is the charm.... They do say that right? :stars:

I'm still waiting on the deep freeze results, but the stuff that came out of the machine was smooth as silk. I thought I was eating dream whip or something it was so smooth. Oddly, I think it needed yet MORE Splenda (sucralose), which contradicts the 1st batch since I used just short of it (maybe too much vanilla the first time and that was what was bothering me? But then I was careful not to heap this time, which is hard for me since I'm a 'dumper' / estimate cook at heart, which works for regular food, but not so well for desserts, it seems.)

In any case, this time I used:

2 1/2 cups heavy cream
1/2 cup Silk Coconut milk
17 teaspoons Splenda (I'd increase this to maybe 18-22 depending on how sweet you like it)
5 medium egg yolks (making a white omelet with the rest of these egg whites)
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 packet Knox gelatin (not sure how much effect this had, but I had a half packet left from the previous batch attempt so I used it)

I ran the cream/milk at high speed in the Vitamixer with Splenda this time (made one tasty whip cream; I had to try a spoon of it). Basically, the motor just spins when it's done with that much cream. I then added the egg yolks, vanilla and gelatin and ran it for another 15 seconds at high speed (fluffy mix). I then added it to the NewAir and started a cycle with the timer set to 50 minutes. Most of the previous batches froze at 45 minutes (typical of a compressor ice cream machine from what I've read which is usually 45-60 depending on the type of ice cream). This one froze at 30 minutes! (I turn it off when the dasher stops moving). I could feel the difference just scooping it out. It felt like I was scooping whipped cream almost. It tasted like whipped cream consistency on the soft serve top (at the bottom it's already hard pack). I scooped half into a plastic container for the freezer and scooped the other half down my throat. :yummy: (yeah, I hate to think of the calories I had in pure cream today. Good thing I only ate one regular meal...breakfast. Even so, I think I can feel it coming out my pores. :o )

I'm thinking with some more sweetener and some Nestle unsweetened cocoa added, this could be relabeled VonMagnum's Frosty Dream. :up:

pooticus 04-25-2012 07:17 AM

Great post! Thanks for the experiments. Can't wait to try your final version. I have a Donvier (sp?) that I got from my parents in college. LOL. It still works - so it's hard to replace what isn't broken although it's a pain in the watoosi to freeze the canister!

Soooo could you try another recipe please??? Since it soooo sounds like you have it goin on with the ice cream! Could you eliminate the Splenda granular and maybe use either liquid Splenda or a combination of Erythritol/Xylitol and Splenda? That way you will lower the carbs substantially (at least with the liquid Splenda). I would tend to use either the EZSweetz drops or use some of other liquid Stevia/Splenda mix.

drjlocarb 04-25-2012 08:45 AM

Have you tried not whipping the cream first, just letting the machine do the whipping slowly?

I have found 1-2 T of glycerin and 1/4t Xanthan gum works wonders.

VonMagnum 04-25-2012 10:28 AM

I haven't tried using the blender on low or hand-mixing the cream in. I got the whipping idea from some recipes out there. I assumed it would fluff it up, but perhaps the air ratio gets messed up along the way. It's something else to vary. I've got Xanthan gum on the way. I'd have to order liquid Splenda, glycerin, etc. as I don't think the local places carry it around here (maybe a health food store?) I just discovered almond and coconut flour (as in they exist) so I'm probably pretty far behind the curve.

Anyway, the deep freeze results are in and they are backwards. The mix that was so creamy last night and even a couple of hours afterwards in the freezer is frozen like a rock (typical) while the 'icy' mix scoops pretty easily, but of course isn't super smooth, although I do think it actually improved a little in the freezer.

It's a shame so many low-carb products and ingredients are so expensive, though. I don't think most of the sweeteners mentioned in this thread are available locally (maybe at a health club store?) so I'll have to mail order everything. You used to be able to find low-carb bread, pizza and ice cream around here the first time I went on a low-carb diet. Everything except the bread (which Brownberry made an excellent version) was ridiculously overpriced to the point of gouging (supply/demand right?), but at least I could get it. The Atkins pizza was really fast to heat up and a good thing to have if I didn't feel like cooking for a given meal. One place got rid of their stock at one point and I actually got a bunch for $1 a piece (a real bargain), but that didn't last long and then the product disappeared entirely between that diet and the next time I went on one.

I usually go on a low-carb diet (not strictly Atkins, though as I disagree about things like coffee, etc. that have nothing to do with ketosis but only his dislike of caffeine which I don't share seeing as it speeds up metabolism and helps me get out of sleepy mode (besides heavy cream is awesome in coffee). I also sometimes prefer taking a day off the diet once or even twice a month and starting over to induction rather than add a few measly extra carbs back in that I don't end up using half the time anyway (which causes a different type of stall). I know it works because the first time I tried it I lost 50 pounds in 2.5 months and kept it all off for over two years. But I didn't figure the stalls were caused by those low-carb candy bars, etc. (that I discovered 2-3 months in the first time) until recently. It just seemed like my body adapted and the diet wasn't going to finish the job. I've got another 50 pounds to get to my ideal weight so I'm being strict this time and trying to avoid sugar alcohol (especially malitol) like the plague. The only product I still get is the low carb protein shakes which I mix with almond milk so I can have two full glasses for breakfast without costing an arm and a leg.

But this time even the low-carb bread has disappeared so I'm down to a low-carb shake in the morning, two eggs and two pieces of string cheese for lunch and then a sensible low-carb dinner. Otherwise, I'd never get anything done trying to make breakfast and lunch for work ahead of time, etc.

I'm probably going to order Whey Low and see how well it works. It suppoesdly behaves exactly like regular sugar at an 85% reduction. I figure if I combine that with Splenda or some other sweetener in some partial fraction, I could get the carbs for a relatively large pint (or at least half pint) serving down to something acceptable (assuming a pretty low day for everything else, at least) and hopefully retain the texture benefits of actual sugar products as much as possible.

Here's a question I have for you all, though. Have you had any cholesterol checks since going on low-carb diets? I never had a base-line check (I was only 27 the first time I went on a low-carb diet so I didn't pay much attention to it before that point) and so I don't know if my results are my genetics or may have been due to the low-carb diet or perhaps a combination of both. I don't have the exact figures off-hand, but I was concerned after being on low-carb for almost 5 months (and I mean I mostly ate steak, bacon and ham and eggs those first 5 months along with salads) and to both my docotor and my utter SHOCK, my cholesterol levels (combined good/bad ratio) were exactly 2 points from being off the bottom of the risk chart. My doctor said he never saw a level like that in his life and wanted to know what I was eating (I had been off the diet for some time and was in the middle of a job move, so I was actually eating mostly Taco Bell and Wendys at the time out of sheer convenience) and so I said "Fast Food" and he almost fell on the floor! If I had a camera, I swear I could have won one of those funnest video contests with the looks on his face. He obviously thought it was genetics at the time, but since then they've done some cholesterol studies on low-carb dieting and it shows a spike in good cholesterol that was as good or better than any of the pills out there. Seeing no one else has those kind of cholesterol numbers in my family, I'm wondering if it was the low-carb thing. I've had it checked three more times since then and it's still in the "Don't worry about it you'll die of cancer instead" territory instead. I'm just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience or I just have some lucky genetic condition (and believe me the rest of my genetics suck so I suppose it has to even out somewhere).

VonMagnum 04-25-2012 11:30 AM

I've ordered 1 lb of erythritol, 8 oz guar gum and 1 lb of Whey Low to try and Xanthan gum is already on the way.

VonMagnum 04-25-2012 02:36 PM

Also have Now Foods' glycerine coming as well now. I'm sure I'll be able to find a good combination between these ingredients for the next time (probably another week).

drjlocarb 04-25-2012 02:53 PM

Low carbing is great for cholesterol numbers.

Orphalie 04-25-2012 09:51 PM

Maybe I'm not as picky as you are with my ice cream. I have an older model wooden with an elecric turner. I use all kind of stuff in mine. heavy cream, canned coconut milk, almond milk ect. If I'm going ot cook the mixture I'll add eggs, if not I don't put them in at all. Just cream, milk of some kind, and sweetener +what ever flavoring I'm going to use. Usualy its vanilla and fresh fruit, but sometimes i use a SF jello or pudding powder, Syrup or what ever I have on hand. Mine freezes in about 10 minutes anything thats already cool (like milk and cream) and if i cook mine down i fridge it first to room temp and then it takes about 20 minutes. My kids like to make their own sugary versions. Last year their favorite was Mint with Andies mint pieces. My all time fav is peach made with peaches from my grandfathers trees. Maybe because I remember makeing it with him using the exact same icecream maker as far back as I can remember.

VonMagnum 04-25-2012 10:23 PM

Well, I'm used to eating something along the lines of Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's and some locals favorites that are as good or better yet (one is soft-serve custard that is simply awesome) and they are all super creamy and delicious. So I'm on a mission to replicate something at least approaching that quality but with an acceptable number of carbs while on this diet. I'm hoping Whey-Low will make the difference, though, although I'll probably have to combine it with other sweeteners (Erythritol, glycerine and sucralose, for example) in order to reduce the effective carbs to an acceptable number for a given quantity of serving (i.e. up to 1 pint).

Soobee 04-26-2012 04:14 AM

I have been making ice cream. The key to a better texture turned out to be erythritol. I was surprised at the difference it made on the texture and fluffiness of the finished product. And it's 0 on the glycemic index. I use it in combination with other sweeteners.

PaminKY 04-26-2012 11:26 AM

I mostly use the recipe posted in this thread but I will vary the sweeteners and flavors. I pretty much use 8 tbsp powdered E, some white stevia extract and maybe some drops of liquid splenda. This ice cream tastes great but it will still get hard after about 48 hours in the freezer but I just set it out on the counter for a few minutes before serving.

I've also tried using glucomannan instead of the xanthum but this is one recipe where I prefer the xanthum.


VonMagnum 04-26-2012 02:27 PM

Does erythritol cause any of you gastrointestinal problems? I know when I was buying those low-carb protein/candy bars and Atkins breakfast treats, I had gas something unbelievable and had to quit buying them (although that was probably malitol?). I also think it stalled the diet. It's why I didn't order any Xylitol (read it can cause gas). I'll try a mix of Whey-Low, Erythritol and glycerine first when I get them in along with a bit of guar gum and xanthan gum and see how that goes.

CreekWatcher 04-26-2012 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by VonMagnum (Post 15612629)
Does erythritol cause any of you gastrointestinal problems? I know when I was buying those low-carb protein/candy bars and Atkins breakfast treats, I had gas something unbelievable and had to quit buying them (although that was probably malitol?). I also think it stalled the diet. It's why I didn't order any Xylitol (read it can cause gas). I'll try a mix of Whey-Low, Erythritol and glycerine first when I get them in along with a bit of guar gum and xanthan gum and see how that goes.

Erythritol is unique among the sugar alcohols in that nearly all of it is excreted in the urine before it gets to to the large intestine--so it's super low carb/calorie and it shouldn't cause any digestive distress.

One problem it can cause if used in large enough amounts is a cool mouth feel. Also it likes to re-crystallize, but I don't know if the latter is ever a problem in ice cream. At any rate, you shouldn't have either of these problems if you combine any amount of erythritol with 2 parts of polydextrose (which should also have a good effect on the ice cream's texture). But of course a lot of people have digestive problems with the polydextrose (it wouldn't be advisable to eat half a recipe).

canaed 04-27-2012 05:12 AM

This would probably fall into the category of sherbet or sorbet, but this has helped with my ice cream cravings.... I have a Ninja blender that I put frozen strawberries or blueberries into. I add sweetener to taste, a little water and some heavy whipping cream and blend it. I don't have any amounts, if it is too thick, I add more water or cream and if it gets too thin, I add more frozen fruit. I do an individual serving at a time because it freezes solid, but it takes less than 5 min to make.

VonMagnum 04-27-2012 03:13 PM

Ok, my Xanthan gum arrived today and I just bought more cream and almond/coconut milk (rest of the stuff is still on the way) so I thought what the heck, I'll try a chocolate-vanilla (Wendy's Frosty like) combo.

I put 4 eggs, 20 teaspoons of Splenda, 1 cup of almond/coconut milk (unsweetened), 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 3 heaping teaspoons of Nestle unsweetened chocolate into the Vitamixer and then poured maybe 1.5-2 teaspoons of Xanthan gum in and blended. I figured I'd add the 2 cups of cream after blending this on high to let the machine turn it instead. To my total shock, the blender stopped. I looked in there and I had CHOCOLATE-VANILLA PUDDING! That Xanthan gum is WAY more powerful than I ever imagined! I added cream and it wasn't helping to mix it much (too thick already). I added a bit of water and got mixed up and poured it into the machine. It's going right now. I tasted the mix and man that's some good tasting pudding. :D

If nothing else, I found a way to make instant low-carb pudding. ;)

I'm massively curious to see how this turns out. It's good to see how the individual ingredients affects the mix, I think. That way when I start adding guar gum, glycerine, erythritol and Whey-Low, I won't be taken by total surprise. If anything, I'm thinking maybe this will allow me to reduce the cream amount and still get a creamy result with just artificial sweeteners. I dunno. I didn't expect that pudding outcome.

VonMagnum 04-27-2012 04:02 PM

Ok, the machine is done. I set half aside to test freezing characteristics, but the soft-serve results are FANTASTIC. It could be a touch sweeter (sweetness always drops a bit when it gets cold), but it's not far off at all. It tastes almost EXACTLY like the local custard stand that makes real frozen custard (no ice cream). Their custard is ridiculously smooth (makes Dairy Queen's 'fat cones' seem not smooth by comparison). This stuff is THAT smooth. Just ridiculous smooth. The only thing that would have made it taste a lot better is some espresso to make it chocolate-vanilla-coffee custard. (the local custard stand makes exactly that about every other week and it's SO good).

Now to see how this stuff freezes. I'll need to test in the future how much less cream I can get away with and still have a smooth product (lots of calories there). But this Xanthan gum is incredible. I wasn't expecting that kind of smoothness. I don't think it could get any smoother without just being whipped cream.

jlp2009 04-28-2012 12:05 PM

First, the Adkins bars did and maybe still do contain Maltilol, which causes me horrible gastric distress as does polyD which is in the low carb Breyers ice creams.
Benefiber is guar. It's a soluble fiber. A little of that goes a long way or the end result will be frothy instead of creamy.
I didn't have any luck with glycerin making my ice cream scoopable as some on here did. It did cause me GI distress though....LOL
The mixture must have a lot of HWC in order for it not to be grainy.(it has to do with the fat/water ratio but I'm no chemist!) I make a custard of eggs, sweetener, vanilla, HWC, heated until thick. Cool, then add about 1/4 to 1/2 as much coconut or almond milk as you have cream. Do not whip this, just put it in the ice cream maker and let er rip.

VonMagnum 04-28-2012 01:56 PM

Well, I know it's possible to make smooth gelato with a lot less cream, so I can only assume the grain (really ice crystals) is a result of not using sugar or perhaps the paddle used in these automatic makers. I'm going to try making passion fruit ice cream today with a bit less cream (other stuff still not here).

drjlocarb 04-28-2012 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by VonMagnum (Post 15615675)
Ok, the machine is done. I set half aside to test freezing characteristics, but the soft-serve results are FANTASTIC. It could be a touch sweeter (sweetness always drops a bit when it gets cold), but it's not far off at all.

Now to see how this stuff freezes. I'll need to test in the future how much less cream I can get away with and still have a smooth product (lots of calories there). But this Xanthan gum is incredible. I wasn't expecting that kind of smoothness. I don't think it could get any smoother without just being whipped cream.

Gums will "eat" some of the sweetness too.
AND? Frozen solid or scoopable?

VonMagnum 04-28-2012 03:41 PM

It was frozen, but softened pretty fast and wasn't icy at all. I was curious if a couple of teaspoons of Vodka might have kept it scoopable (the only one so far that was scoopable the next day had Vodka added, but it was also icy, so scoopable icy...eh (shrug).

This batch (Passion Fruit), I lowered the cream again (almost too smooth in some ways last time so I want to see how much I can get away with). I used:

1.5 Cups Almond-Coconut Milk (unsweetened)
1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
22 teaspoons Splenda
3 large eggs (with whites)
~2 teaspoons Xanthan gum
~2 teaspoons Vodka
~2 oz DaFruta Passion Fruit Concentrate (no sugar added)

(~ were estimated poured, not measured)

(DaFruta is a Brazilian company, for those that haven't heard of it. I also have Guava, Mango and Cashew Apple concentrate)

I mixed everything but the cream and vodka in the blender at high speed until thickened (added a bit more Xanthan when it didn't thicken at first; it was like yogurt consistency when done). I tasted it and I then added a bit more passion fruit concentrate. I then added the cream and blended on slow for 15-20 seconds or so and then poured it into the machine. After the machine was turning, I added the Vodka through the trap-door.

The soft-serve was very very good. The sweetness seemed just about right and it had a tiny bit of grain to it which made it taste more like regular soft-serve, rather than the custard consistency last time (still not smooth like dairy-queen, though; I think 50/50 would be about dead-on at this point as long as Xanthan gum is used. The frozen bits at the bottom of the container seemed a tad icy so this is probably a good idea, although I might actually prefer a little texture if I were going to eat it all as soft-serve).

I put half in the freezer and I'm awaiting the final results, although the icy bits at the bottom make me think it won't be as good as the last creamy batch. But the rest of the soft-serve is long gone (yum). I'll be curious to see how the Vodka affects scoopability, once again.

Next time I'll probably try Mango flavored and go 50/50 on the almond-coconut milk and heavy cream. I figure the other ingredients will get here Monday or Tuesday, perhaps Wed at the latest.

VonMagnum 04-28-2012 04:58 PM

Ok, I couldn't wait. I decided to try making Coffee-Chocolate-Vanilla Custard. That's the nice thing about this compressor machine. I can make ice cream on the fly on a whim with no pre-cooling of ingredients or freezing gel bowls. 45 minutes and its' done.

Coffee Vanilla Chocolate Custard
1.25 cups Almond-Coconut Milk (unsweetened)
1.25 cups Heavy Whipping Cream
26 teaspoons Splenda (after tasting batter adjusted to this)
2 demitasse Espresso (using Dunkin Donuts whole bean and ground to espresso grind and made in my Cuisinart Espresso Maker)
3 teaspoons Nestle unsweetened chocolate
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
4 large eggs
~2 teaspoons Xanthan gum
~2 teaspoons vodka

Made pretty much like the last batch with coffee in initial blend and cream added after whipped and vodka added after batch is started in the coffee maker. The base tastes delicious. It's in the ice cream maker right now.

So far, on a 1.4 hour soft-freeze, the Passion fruit ice cream is just lovely (not too icy, easy to scoop still, but harder than soft-serve).

VonMagnum 04-28-2012 06:31 PM

The coffee custard came out fine except even with the most Splenda of any batch, it seems like it could stand to be sweeter. The passion fruit ice cream is just right and it uses less (and believe me, the passion fruit concentrate is not sweet at all), so I guess there's some interaction going on there or something. The consistency of the coffee one is similar to the passion fruit one but I was going to a bit creamier. I think by using espresso which is watery I should have used less milk and more cream to compensate despite already using more cream than the passion fruit one. Otherwise, other than the desire for more sweetness, it's pretty good. I assume it will freeze similar to the passion fruit one, which is already getting harder, but still manageable after 3 hours.

VonMagnum 04-28-2012 08:18 PM

Well, they're both freezing hard (icy isn't getting worse though; still pretty smooth tasting. Flavor in the passion fruit is perfect. I still think the coffee one could be a bit sweeter, but otherwise is good). Anyway, so much for the Vodka theory. I'm starting to think Whey-Low might be the only thing that significantly improves the hard freezing problem since it's got real sugar in it.

jlp2009 04-29-2012 05:35 AM

Have you tried it with the Whey Low yet? Just curious of the results. Thanks!

VonMagnum 04-29-2012 02:46 PM

The Whey Low hasn't arrived yet (or the glycerine, guar gum or erythritol). I'll probably get them in sometime in the next 3 days.

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