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Barbo 04-27-2009 07:02 PM

Low Carb Food for $20.00 for 1 week
Most from .99 store
1 head cauliflower 1.00
1 bag slaw mix 1.00
1 head broccoli 1.00
2 lbs. grnd beef 4.00
1 lbs. cream chs 4.00 if at Walmart, $2.00 if at .99 store
1 qt .1/2 'n 1/2 2.00
1 head romaine 1.00
1 bag red onion 1.00
1 celery head 1.00
2 doz. eggs 2.00
Chick Drums 3.00

I went over one dollar.

I can make quite a few recipes with just these ingredients.
Most of us have things on hand to incorporate with these

It is just to show us that if we had to go this low on budget, we could still stay low carb. I see soups here, crack slaw, oopsies, chicken soup,
or chicken with cream cheese etc. lots of things can be done with
this group of foods.

I would love to see as many posts like this as possible.
It would certainly be a help to our budgets.

Houston Heather 04-27-2009 07:18 PM

I have an older reciept from Foodtown - dated a few weeks ago:
3.5 pounds Chicken thighs: $3.55
Beef soup bones, 2 pounds: 4.56 - will make almost a gallon of beef and veggie soup with my garden veggies
Beef Arm Roast: $3.66 - 2 pounds or so. It made almost a week of delicious roast meals.
Celery bunch - $1
18 eggs $2
Cheese - 1 pound $4
1 bag frozen veggies $1

I also got some good stuff this week:
Pork Chunks - no idea what cut they are, but made a delicious crock-pot meal. $1.20 a pound, I got 3 pounds. $3.60
Pork chops - 2 pounds at $1.19 each - $2.40
Beef skillet steaks - 3 steaks, 1.4 pounds - $2
Eggs - 1 dozen - $1.30
2 Quarts of strawberries - $2
Still plenty of money left to buy veggies, cheese, butter... yum.


Barbo 04-28-2009 12:31 PM

Please let's keep this $20 food for the week thread
If we keep it going through using our ads and coupons, i think
it will be a big help to all of us low carbers. Helps us with ideas
and even if we spend over the $20 we shall learn the values
of the local foods and how to fix economical meals on low carb.
For some folks this low carb way seems to be a financial draw-

I'm going to Trader Joe's, .99 cent store, CostCo and
to regular markets only with coupons, Also I take advantage of
my local farm market who gives double ads and senior discounts
on Wednesday. The economy has given a lot of us a big disadvantage,
with less money than before due to price increases and lost jobs.
Lost income for some of us who are retired.

What do you say? Keep the $20 per weeks thread going and
a low budget menu plan going?

Let me know what you think please. :shake:

Cuppa 04-28-2009 02:13 PM

I love this thread!
Especially if you could post a menu, using these foods??

mac24312 04-28-2009 02:17 PM

I agree..

I know this would be unusual but wonder if the mods would make this a sticky so we would not start a new one everything we lose the old one...

Nigel 04-28-2009 02:28 PM

I like your thread, Barbo, but I could never do it.
We don't have any of the 99 cent stores here or farmer's markets, etc...just a walmart and an HEB and dollar general, which doesn't carry much in the way of LC food.
Maybe a $50 per week or less thread might be beneficial also? Just a thought. Thanks for starting this.

ETA: I think I eat a lot more than that per week also.

Barbo 04-28-2009 02:45 PM

Nigel thanks for your input
Even if we made it $50 per week, it would be miraculous.

Let's get this thread going. I am also going to post some
recipes that I use with my weekly shopping.

I appreciate everyone's input. I am growing some veggies
as well and we will be able to utilize them in a few months.
I planted garlic in pots, basil, dill, cilantro from seeds and they
are coming along. I am going to do whatever I can to save.
Some of our low carb items are very expensive and they make
low carbing more than tolerable. If we do the work we will be
better able to afford the specialties.

CarolynF 04-28-2009 04:29 PM

Barbo: This is a great idea. I do think that processed foods are the most expensive things we buy, of course.

My favorite salad dressing is made from scratch and probably costs pennies to make it..

Any type of vinegar 4 Tbs.
Any type of oil (mild olive is good) 1/2 cup
Splenda 4 Tbs.
Italian herbs (1 Tbs or more)..

Either mix this in a Bullet, or a whisk or shake it up in a bottle..

bwylde 04-28-2009 04:38 PM

Is this $20/person or $20/household because I'm not used to buying/budgeting for just one person :) (plus it's often more economical to buy bigger packs). We don't have those kinds of stores around here as well.

If I had to for just me this week:
$5 for two dozen eggs (cheapest)
$5 tub of salad greens (usually lasts me a week)
$4 picnic roast (4lbs, on sale for 99 cents/lbs)
$1.50 small head cabbage
$1 small turnip
50 cents worth onions & head garlic (onions 20 cents/lbs and garlic is $2/lbs)
$3 hamburger (less than 2lbs of cheap store crap)

It would be a lot of running around and boring eating, but doable if I had to. I could switch out the veggies for more meat or chicken but I like veggies :)

PMoon 04-28-2009 05:57 PM


I buy for 4 people and spend a little over $100 a week (including necessary side trips.) I try to shop every two weeks.

none of our $1 stores sells food (except for processed dry food and candy.) But I do have a grocery store that has 5 for $20 meat specials all the time. Basically, you get 5 packs of meat that average $5 each by themselves, but if you buy 5 of them, you get it for $19.99. And it seems the more you get, the exponentially longer they last.

like 5 packs will last 7 or 8 days. But 10 packs will last three weeks. And 15 packs easily last a month. :)

So, if I buy the 10 packs for $40 every two weeks, I always have extra meat in the freezer, and every few shopping trips, I can skip buying meat altogether.

P. Moon

Nigel 04-28-2009 07:28 PM

I had to go to Walmart today, so I tried...I do moderate carbs so I eat a little fruit...this week, it's oranges

buffalo wings 6.24
boca burger 2.28
lc pudding mix .40
lc pudding mix .78
l lb bacon 2.25
l lb bacon 2.58
bag of oranges 4.00
tomato juice .98
sour cream 1.24
l lb american cheese 4.22
cream 1.58
Total $26.55 (if I added right)

I have stuff at home already, so I didn't get that much today. Thanks to you, Barbo, I'm going to keep track of this, even though it isn't actually a week's worth per se.
I wanted s/f lemon pudding mix and they didn't have that in generic, so I had to pay nearly double for name brand.
On the bacon, I decided to forego my 12 oz center cut oscar meyer and try two l lb different brands of bacon...the center cut is $3 for 12 oz...this time we'll see if I actually get more bacon for the discount price and 4 more ounces. I'll only know after I cook it up.

I think this will be an interesting thread.

wifey 04-28-2009 07:38 PM

Jeez I spend like 200 bucks easily every week. I'm gonna watch this site!! Thanks!

Barbo 04-28-2009 08:35 PM

Did my weeks shopping today
Got a huge load for 28 bucks. Too tired to write about it tonight, but
will tomorrow.

I'm encouraged that so many want to do this experiment.

I made 4 big servings of crack slaw for about three bucks...

Tomorrow I need to hit up Walmart for a few items that they sell
cheaper than anyone.

manana :cool:

Charski 04-28-2009 09:01 PM

I don't shop for the week per se so not sure how I can really contribute, except to say this week at SaveMart they have a whole pork shoulder for 69 cents a pound - that's a bargain! Makes great carnitas, chile verde, pork stew etc.

I will say, I don't shop in ANY of the "regular" grocery stores unless they have a bargain or I have a coupon. Safeway and SaveMart have gotten totally RIDICULOUS on their "regular" pricing. I mean, c'mon, a jar of Smuckers sugarfree jam for $5.39 when I can pick it up at Target for $2.39? That's highway robbery!!

Barbo 04-29-2009 04:26 PM

Really got the bargains $32.47 give or take a $
2 boxes strawberries, will make CarolynF's pie 2.00
Will make some compote
1 lbs. Danish creamery butter 2.00
3 lbs. Zacky chubs grnd Chicken 3.00
Will make meat balls and chicken patties.
1 lbs. roasted peanuts for p'nut butter 2.00
2 Breakstone Sour Cream 1.20
Zacky Farms Jumbo Jumbo Franks 16 oz. 1.00
Can of sauerkraut for the franks 50
1 doz. eggs. 1.00
2 8 oz. Philly Cream cheese 2.00
1 lbs. ground sirloin 2.00
2 bags Dole Slaw mix 2.00
(Crack Slaw and Coleslaw)
1 Cauliflower 1.00
Will make clam chowder
Shasta Sugar Free Soda with Splenda
Lemon Lime and Orange 1.60
CRV .20
3 Large red peppers 1.00
3 lbs. Yellow squash 1.00
(to make my Squash/Cheddar Soup)
6 onions 1.00
Large bag green onions 1.00
1 box sliced crimini mushrooms 1.00
1 box whole white mushrooms 1.00
Large Green Cabbage
4 lbs. skinless boneless chick thighs 4.47
1 quart of chicken broth 1.00
1 package white asparagus 1.00
1 box cherry tomatoes 1.00

So even with an addition of LC milk
some cheese
maybe some pork chops
with what you have in your pantry you
can do pretty good.

I visited Walmart, Dollar Store.

M.Dove 05-01-2009 07:39 AM

I really appreciate this thread and I will try to contribute to it.

Thank you!

PMoon 05-01-2009 09:12 AM

I love to get cabbage. It's good for you and I think it is the cheapest vegetable you can buy! Plus, it lasts for two weeks in the fridge. I usually get two every two weeks when I got shopping. We eat it three or four times a week. It's great at stretching out meat based meals.

dawna 05-01-2009 12:06 PM

Last weekend I went to Sam's club and got a 9 lb pkg of "pork stew meat" for $1.88/lb.

All of the fresh vegetables (other than the onions) came from the 99-cent store. Most are in a 3-pack for 99-cents. The frozen cailiflower also was from the 99-cent store. The stewed tomatoes are from either Costco or a good sale at the regular store. The spices I had on hand, are often buy on sale.

I came home and made three separate dishes from it. I wanted completely different flavors so we would not be bored.

Dinner #1: Italian stew
3 lb pork
green pepper
italian seasoning
1 can italian seasoned stewed tomatoes
1 jar lowest-carb spaghetti sauce
olive oil

This was absolutely wonderful. Definitely more carbs (tomato products) than I usually use, but was incredible and so worth it. I set aside a few servings for myself, then added noodles for the rest of the family. This made enough for one dinner and three four substantial lunches for the family, as well as two lunch servings for me (sans noodles). We are a family of five adults (DH, me, 21 year old DD, 19 year old DS, and 17 year old DSS). Next time, I think I will add green beans, and leave out the pasta for the family. I would also add fresh mushrooms if I had any.

Dinner #2: Curried pork
Canola oil
3 lb pork
16 oz pkg frozen cauliflower
green peppers x2
2 jars TJs curry simmer sauce
thai seasoning, curry seasoning (dried spices)

This made one dinner for the family (they ate theirs over rice), four lunches for DH and DS, and there is a large container in the freezer (hope it thaws okay).

Dinner #3: Mexican pork meat/chili
This started out as mexican meat, but was too spicy, so I added beans.
3 lb pork
green pepper
2 cans diced green chiles
tons of seasonings (creole, paprika, dried chili powder(s), etc)
Simmered this forever, then realized it was way spicy, so added a few cans of drained kidney and pinto beans (I just pick most of them out of my servings).

This made a crazy chili dog enchilada dish one night (layer of chili, layer of cheese, layer of tortillas wrapped around a hot dog), layer of chili, layer of cheese). The recipe called for canned chili, which would have tasted more like an actual chili dog, but the family enjoyed it. I just pulled the tortilla off my portion. The enchiladas actually made two full dinners for the family.

Wanting something different, the next day a portion of the chili got turned into a creamy chili soup (tweaked from Linda Sue's cauliflower bisque). This was awesome, and made one dinner plus six breakfasts/lunches.

Another container of chili is in the freezer.

hummingbird11 05-01-2009 12:11 PM

great idea 4 a thread! :up:

i shop mostly at Trader Joe's; Sam's Club + I get my beef from a local rancher that I found at Eat Wild

I'm looking into getting some chickens -- free, fresh, cage-free, healthy, organic eggs!

Barbo 05-01-2009 12:41 PM

Great job. Wonderful sounding meals, and all different.

I hope someone gets cheap chicken and fixes it in different
ways. i just did the apple/brie chicken breast and was it good.
I also have the chubs of ground chicken and I shall make patties
for frying with gravy and my chicken meatballs with lc pasta or
soups. I think in this economy we need a thread like this.

Thanks all for participating.


Wendalina 05-01-2009 02:59 PM

Great Idea Barbo!

I am anxious to see this thread grow and to get some creative ideas for it as well. I feed a family of 5 for $300 a month. I shop every two weeks and I am a coupon maniac. If I can save money else where it kinda makes up the diff for some of the lc stuff :) Ok, so DH is a hunter, so we have a fully stocked freezer for meat (1 big ole hog, 2 deer and my fil is a cattle farmer so we got 1/4 cow for now. I still would love to see and post what else we can do!


Houston Heather 05-01-2009 03:04 PM

I'm going to Foodtown tomorrow. They have picnic hams for 88 cents a pound! The pork chunks, whatever cut they were, were delicious in my crock pot.

LindaSue 05-01-2009 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by Barbo (Post 11912910)
I think in this economy we need a thread like this.

I know what you mean. My husband has pretty much quit low carbing so I fix cheap high carb dishes for him such as mac & cheese, tuna casserole and spaghetti so I have to keep my own meals very cheap. I rely on marked down meat for myself for the most part which is why I haven't been posting many new recipes on my site lately. At least I'm enjoying some nice steaks and burgers for half price even if I can't afford any veggies to go with them. I can't complain but I miss trying new recipes. I do have a few things planned to try in the next few months though and they'll all be inexpensive to make.

I try to stick to a budget of about $50-60 per week for all of my groceries including toiletries, etc. for the two of us now that our son has moved out. I don't generally shop each week according to what I'll be cooking that week so it would be difficult to post a list in this thread. I buy things as I see good deals on them even if we won't eat them until a month later. For example, one week I might buy 12-15 pounds of ground beef that I saw marked down to .99 pound. This will all go into the freezer. My current week's menus are usually based on food that I've already got on hand in my pantry and freezer.

fawn 05-02-2009 11:14 AM

What a great thread! I was excited to find my 100% grass fed beef at a local market here for $4.99 lb. That's about all I can afford in the grass fed dept. so we're eating salmon (Trader Joes has some great wild salmon for about $6 lb) ground beef, eggs and chicken.

Chicken thighs are a nice inexpensive high fat meat. I like to slow roast them with olive oil and sea salt at a very low temp. for a couple of hours. They're so moist inside and crispy outside.......you can douse them in a little hot sauce too!

Lindasue, you went zero carb a while ago didn't you?

hdyhouse 05-02-2009 11:38 AM

I plan my menu's 1 week at a time, based on what is on sale. When items are particularly well priced, I will stock-up for use when the weekly sales are not so good. I just finished my shopping for the week. Pork steaks were the best item on sale for $.97/lb. so I planned this weeks menus around 3 different meals for 7 dinners. This week I will be having Dreamfield's spaghetti pie with a lettuce salad, Dijon pork w/onion in mustard cream gravy, cauli-rice, and either asparagus or broccoli, and the other dinner menu will be a taco salad. For my lunches at work I will take grilled pork w/BBQ sauce and my deluxe fauxtato salad. Breakfasts will alternate between Maggie's cereal and an omelet, unless I decide to have some l/c pancakes from the freezer.To implement these menu's my shopping this week was:
2 heads cauliflower @ $.99 each Total: $1.98
8 lbs pork steak @ $.97/lb 7.76
(1) 3 pound bag of onions 1.19
1 pint grape tomatoes 1.39
1 bunch leaf lettuce .99
2 18 pack cartons of eggs @ $1.35/18 pack
(with 2 $.50 coupons that were doubled) .70
1 cucumber .50
1 lb asparagus 1.99
1 and 1/2 pounds broccoli crowns @$.99/lb 1.48
1 bunch celery .79
Total: $18.77

The other thing I do to check on the cost control of my meals is to calculate my cost per meal. As I am using leftover cooked Italian seasoned ground beef from the freezer for the spaghetti pie, the cost of which was already allocated to the original recipe for which the meat was prepared, this weeks cost is quite modest. In calculating these costs, I include an allocation for items from my pantry like condiments, spices, and a pro-rata cost for items purchased in bulk only part of which was used in the recipe. Excluding 2 weekend lunches that I usually cobble together from leftovers, I have calculated that the cost of my meals for this week will be $18.78.

LindaSue 05-02-2009 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by fawn (Post 11916928)
Lindasue, you went zero carb a while ago didn't you?

Pretty much but I'm not strict about it. If I feel like having some veggies now and then I do. I just have to be prepared to put up with the consequences for the next few days. More and more I'm coming to the conclusion though that the constipation and bloating from veggies, no matter how good they taste, just isn't worth it. When I've been eating meat only for a few weeks, I feel great and things move along like they should. One small serving of veggies can set me back for several miserable days. It's really a shame but I'm learning to live with it.

fawn 05-02-2009 03:59 PM

What a bummer!
I'm so glad I can tolerate the veggies.......I really feel for those who get the bloat and stomach ache......

Houston Heather 05-02-2009 04:44 PM

I already had a meaty soup bone (no bone, though!), eggs, and frozen veggies in the house.

Today I went to Foodtown:
Other stuff:
Ajax dishwashing liquid: 88 cents
Diet Dr 6 pack $2.49
Taco mix, 2 packets at $.69 each
Banquet Meatloaf Dinners (for DH): two at $.99 each (or could get for 90 cents at Walmart)
Small can nacho jalapenos: .66
20 ounce Diet Dr Pepper, drank while shopping- $.89
Total for "non essentials" $8.32

Beef Neck Bones: $2.78 (1.5 pounds) I took some bony parts and combined with an all meat "soup bone" to make about 2 quarts of beef and veggie stew. The remainder will be frozen and become stew in a week or two.
Diced tomatoes with peppers and garlic, 16 ounce can: $.66
Pork Neck Bones, 1.7 pounds, $3.27 - will become green chili stew with the above item
Seasoning blend, one pound: $.88
Ground beef 85/15, almost 2 pounds: $3.84
2 ounce jar chili powder: $1.33
2 ounce jar cumin powder: $1.33
2 ounce jar oregano: .66
Treetop Natural Applesauce (no sugar added), 24 ounces: $1.29 (my stomach has been acting up, I can eat this when queasy to get my pills down)
1 package Oscar Meyer Turkey Dogs: $1.29
Beef Chuck Roast, a little over 2 pounds: $4.18
Parade green tomatoes and chili (DH likes them it on hot dogs, also good in soup): .69
5 key limes: $.34 cents - I plan to slice them into a pitcher of water
.63 pound acorn squash: $.81
One "Tuna" - prickly pear fruit (I'm curious): $.20
Ten ounces cheddar: $2.39
1 pound Mozzarella: $3.99
3 small lemons $.60

Total: $30.84

Let's break it down.

At least 5 nights, I can have soup off the meaty cut I already had and about 1/3 of the beef neck bones. I have them soaking in a marinade (1 T apple cider vinegar, the cheap kind, 1 T tomato paste, and 1 cup water) overnight to help leach out all the calcium I can get. Tomorrow I'll cook the stock and pull the meat off the bones. Bones go to neighbor dogs, and then I make a soup with freezer/garden veggies and the meat. At least 5 good meals.

Pork neckbones go to green chili stew: I used the canned tomatoes and chilis as a marinade for the bones the night before cooking. The acidity helps leach the calicum out. I'll use a little chicken stock, the marinade, black pepper, cumin, and oregano to make it. Maybe some onions, I don't have the recipe handy. Anyway, 3-4 meals, and the neighbor dogs get more bones.

The Seasoning blend frozen veggies will be used in the soup.

The ground beef will be used for DH, who is on a taco meat kick right now. However, I could easily cook the ground beef with some of the chili powder and a little bit of onions and garlic, and mix that with eggs for a breakfast. I could get a week of breakfast easily, put it on top of scrambled eggs (cook up a big mess of scrambled eggs, divvy them up into containers, put the seasoned meat on top, cheese, and then freezer). I could also get some ground bulk sausage and cook that up - it was only 99 cents a pound today. I would cook that up, do the same thing with the eggs, then I could alternate beef & eggs, or sausage & eggs. If I had a bigger freezer! :laugh: I can get a dozen eggs for about a dollar, so you could do enough breakfasts for 2 people for a week for about $7 or so.

Sometimes I want a quick, salty snack. That's why I got the Turkey Dogs. They are good and salty, low-carb, good tasting, and I just like turkey dogs for some reason.

Pot roast is so delicious in the Crock-pot. I can use some beef stock from the soup, some onions, a little garlic, and black pepper to season it. I just put it in there, set it on low and ignore for about 12 hours. Tasty! I eat a lot of meat at a sitting but that's at least 4-5 meals for me.

I have leftover cooked skillet steaks and pork chops in the freezer, and some cooked pork roast and pot roast leftovers too. The fresh meat all has a sell by date of 4 days from now, so plenty of time to eat some leftovers first.

Thank you! I had fun playing! When I get the green chili stew recipe down I'll post it. :)

Fizgig 05-04-2009 01:04 PM

I look at Couponmom.com every Wednesday when the new ads come out (Target on Sundays), and base my menu on that. Couponmom is free but you have to register.

You can look at the long list, and then mark the ones that interest you and print that off. I include whatever I might like to eat, and then stick the list on the refrigerator for reference. It's helped a lot.

Examples of what I got this week -

Chicken leg quarters $0.60/lb
Chuck pot roast $1.47/lb
Green cabbage $0.33/lb
Avocados $0.33/each
Cream cheese $1/each

Wendalina 05-04-2009 02:53 PM

I do the couponmom site too! I like being able to plan. Plus since using coupons I have bought $2400 worth of stuff for $300! total savings and makes lc even more affordable! Not a lot of coupons out there for lc stuff though :(

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