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smasty 12-29-2002 12:17 PM

Coconut Oil Fudge Recipes!
Ok....this thread is for everyone's Coconut Oil Fudge recipes....I love this stuff...and you can do a ton of different combinations!!

1. Chocolate Pecan Fudge:

4 T melted C Oil
3 squares of premium baking chocolate, melted
3 T of ground flax seeds
2 T of shredded coconut
Chopped pecans
Scoop of PP
2 packets splenda

line an 8x8 pan w/ foil, spread in pan and refrigerate, cut into 8 bars

2. Vanilla Walnut fudge

4 T melted c oil
3 T of ground flax seeds
2 T of shredded coconut
scoop of PP
1 tsp vanilla
2 packets splenda
1 T. Davinci french vanilla SF syrup
chopped walnuts

pour into an 8x8 pan like above

Other ideas: maple fudge, orange fudge, german chocolate frosting fudge, Leenies mint fudge (post a recipe!), mocha fudge....what else?! Just got to thank Leenie for starting this off with a great recipe....this stuff is wonderful! I can't believe it's health food!


p.s. I actually put a lot of unsweetened shredded coconut in my batches, probably 1/4 c, also, the vanilla fudge is wonderful!!!

jlsdunn 12-29-2002 12:31 PM

Sue, do you have any nutritional counts for these?


DiamondDeb 12-29-2002 12:48 PM

YUMMY Coconut Candies!!
These make a meal! :D I'd love to take them on-the-run, but I figure they'd melt...

I have yet to see unsweetened coconut around here so here's what I do...

Mounds Bar

1 serving chocolate protein powder
2 T melted virgin coconut oil
a few drops of coconut extract
1-2 packets Splenda
warm water to reach desired conistency. A little will make it stiff and lumpy, more will make flat thin candy.

Mix. Plop between wax paper and smoosh. Let harden in refrigerator or freezer (if you're in a hurry ;) )

My variations:

York Peppermint Patty

Add mint extract instead of coconut


Use vanilla protein powder, a few drops of rum extract and a couple shakes of nutmeg

Peanut Butter Lumps

Add a couple tablespoons of natual peanut butter to your chocolate protein powder mix

Lemon Drops

Vanilla protein powder with a few drops of lemon extract

Chocolate Banana

Yep, banana extract...

EDIT: I just realized I have caramel SF syrup! :eek: I can almost taste it now...Chocolate Caramel Chews!!! :p

The flavors are limitless! I'm waiting for my next gallon of coconut oil to arrive, but I've got LOTS of extracts to try, as well as a few great flaors of DaVinci's. I can't wait to make a mocha one.

My Tip: This stuff is so good you may find yourself eating more than you should in one day. :eek: To avoid this, I make 1 serving at a time. I always make sure I use most of my oil for stir-frying so I get all those great fiber-filled veggies in! :D

smasty 12-29-2002 01:13 PM

Hey Jen....the chocolate version made with cocoa runs 654 cals , 65.4 gr fat, 11 gr carb, 5 gr fiber, 14 gr protein in Lifeform. I should eat it all in a day, but I just can't fit it in, been doing a batch and eating it over 2 days, however this vanilla walnut version is SO good, it might get eaten in a day.

--Deb....great ideas!!! Peanut butter! Hey, you're right, I make limited batches every couple days, in my old, low cal life, I definitely would have binged on these, but in my higher cal life, I'm absolutely in control....however, these could be dangerous!


jlsdunn 12-29-2002 02:29 PM

Sue.......how many calories are you eating now, and how many are from the coconut oil concoctions? :) Is your weight still going down. I am really scared of upping my calories so much.


DiamondDeb 12-29-2002 02:46 PM

Not Sue, but...

Originally posted by jlsdunn
Sue.......how many calories are you eating now, and how many are from the coconut oil concoctions? :) Is your weight still going down. I am really scared of upping my calories so much.


We don't coconut oil count calories! But I get [COLOR=red]702 calories[/COLOR] from coconut oil!

From what Iunderstand, not all oils have the same amount of calories. Mine-virgin coconut oil-has 117 calories per tablespoon. The other amounts I've seem have higher calories.

I am taking 1082 extra calories from good fats. If I was counting them, I'd end up not eating! These fats are not the same as other fats so i treat them differently! No one is gaining weight from them-just the opposite! :D

In otherwords, Jen, if you want to benefits from the oil, just add it to what you're eatring now. Don't try to figure out how to work it in to your alloted calories. It doesn't compute... :)


Leenie 12-29-2002 03:18 PM

Looks like you have my favorites listed! I make one batch each day also and eat throughout the day. I've found it's an awesome post workout energy boosting meal.

Yep, about 700 calories a day in coconut oil for me.

My weight is holding steady at 144 (even after LOTS of splurges this past week) but my belly measurement is down another 1/2 inch and I have some new cuts showing in my legs.

I really think this coconut oil is going to be key in me not gaining any fat while I'm trying to increase lean mass.

Deb I'm going to add CLA for my cycle 1 & 2, how much are you taking now with the coconut oil?

DiamondDeb 12-29-2002 03:23 PM


Originally posted by Leenie
Deb I'm going to add CLA for my cycle 1 & 2, how much are you taking now with the coconut oil?
10g CLA. Same as I took before I started the coconut oil. The least I would take is 6g of the CLA.

Leenie 12-29-2002 03:29 PM

Thanks Deb!

inatic 12-29-2002 03:31 PM

:) what is cla and what is its purpose?? :)

beagle chaser 12-29-2002 07:32 PM

Leenie - I made your prococonut balls finally and I have a question. I added two scoops of protein powder and it was still fairly soft so I rolled in wax paper to make a log and refrigerated it and it set up fine. The problem - it's really "sticky" as it sticks to my teeth. Too much powder or is that normal?

Sue the fudge sounds great - I'll make that tomorrow.

Also - cheapest source of local coconut oil I've found was at an Indian market. One of the engineers at work (who's Indian) suggested I try there as certain parts of India do a lot of cooking with coconut oil. The brand is Punjas, its from Fiji, it says it 100% pure cocnut oil and a 750ml bottle was $3.79. I had to nuke it a little to squeeze it out into my empty Spectrum jar and it filled that and there's still about 1/3 of the bottle left.


smasty 12-30-2002 11:45 AM

Jenn.....don't ask me about my weight....I went from 1400 cals a day to 4000 cals for 3.25 days....and gained 9 pounds of fat....yes FAT (no, not water). But....I'm still very nervous about the c-oil calories. I'm up to about 2000-2200 cals a day now with it. I'm not losing, but not gaining, but I've been off weights for 11 days (cardio only). I'm starting weights back up again today....so I need another week or two to see what happens to my weight since it's been so volatile. Basically, today is my start of C5 on Brx....starting weight is 183....so we'll see where it goes from here.


jlsdunn 12-30-2002 12:11 PM

Sue, I lost the recipe you posted of the coconut oil "stuff" that had the walden farms chocolate sauce in it. I don't think it had flax seed either. Could you post it again. I promise not to lose this time. :)


ps........sorry to hear about the weight. :eek: I wouldn't worry to much about it. It'll come off in no time.

smasty 12-30-2002 12:29 PM

Hey Jen! BTW...been thinking of you because I think our BFL anniversary is the same date, 1/7/02?? So....happy anniversary!! You've been a great inspiration! Ok...no science to it, just mix some walden farms chocolate sauce in with the coconut oil and add a bunch of shredded coconut (unsweetened...I've found big bags at TJ's) and sliced almonds....it's really good!


jlsdunn 12-30-2002 01:37 PM

Thanks Sue!!!!!!!!

And yes, my (our) BFL anniversary is coming up. Happy anniversary to you too! :) I started a new "challenge" today. I'm continuing to do my own thing. 4 day weight split and 4 days cardio.

I'll be adding the coconut oil in when it arrives. I think I am going to count the calories in the coconut oil, but raise my calorie allotment to allow for them. I know others don't count it, but I am. I think I'm going to top out at 3 tablespoons. (I read where 3-4 tablespoons were recommended.)


DiamondDeb 12-30-2002 02:18 PM

Jen, the 3-4T is if you are taking the oil for the lauric acid. If you're taking it for the MCT, as I'm pretty sure you are, then you'll need to take 4.5-6T to get enough for fat-burning.

beagle chaser 12-30-2002 02:30 PM

Smasty - couple of questions on the fudge recipe:
1) you say 3 squares of baking chocolate - do you mean the unsweetened kind? Mine comes in 1 oz squares that are divided in half - do you use three full squares or three halves?

2) Are the calorie counts you posted not including the coconut oil and flakes? Is is for the entire recipe or per piece? I'm coming up a lot higher but I'm counting everything.



smasty 12-31-2002 08:24 AM

Hey Anne.....I use the "Food and Wine" baking chocolate that has about 6 bars of chocolate in the package....I suppose it's probably about 1 oz that I was using....no science to it, just enough to make it "chocolatey", I think everyone should do their own counts once they figure out their own way of making their favorites...buts here's what went into the counts I gave:

4 T melted coconut oil
1 scoop PP (every mfg's scoop is a different size...this a 14g scoop at 57 cals, EAS simply protein)
2 T. flax seeds (before grinding)
2T. unsweetened shredded coconut
2 tsp cocoa

that's it, so my count did not include any nuts either. The way I make it now, I think I'm using 3T flax and 1/4 c coconut. Also...I think using a good quality cocoa tastes about the same as using the baking chocolate....maybe the chocolate is just a little better. I had a bunch of baking chocolate around from my old old atkins days and thought this might be a good way of using some of it up.


I made the chocolate/mint version yesterday with bakers chocolate and peppermint extract...pretty good! tastes like GS cookies.

smasty 01-01-2003 05:42 PM

Here's the one I made today....superb!!! BTW, it probably doesn't quite fit into an 8x8 pan...I've been putting mine in a 6" round casserole and cutting it into wedges.

4 T coconut oil
2 T Peanut Wonder (low fat peanut butter...my Safeway is now carrying it in the health food section)
3 T shredded coconut
2 T flax (before grinding)
2 splenda

This could be my favorite so far!

2B Me 01-01-2003 07:18 PM

Hi All,

This all sounds great. I was reading Atkins book today about essential oils and am planning to get more organized with my supplements.

Does coconut oil provide any of the similar benefits as the omega 6's?

inatic 01-08-2003 09:45 AM

'cause i just got in my coconut oil!!! and i thought the newbies might be interested too.:D

wish all the recipes for coconut were in one place 'cause when you do a search the word oil is too small and it doesn't come up. :(

smasty 01-08-2003 10:15 AM

I think the peanut butter versions are my favorite. I'm anxious to try vanilla-maple-walnut, also I absolutely love anything ginger...so maybe I'll try some with minced ginger root (and SF orange syrup??). I also add more flax seeds now, about 3 T before grinding. Really gives it substance.


inatic 01-10-2003 10:02 AM

to add... duh... I was working off an recipe that i must have copy/pasted wrong :D ingnore this...

:o :o :eek: :D

smasty 01-19-2003 08:54 AM

Ok...made a new one this morning....Cranberry Pecan fudge!!


About 10-15 frozen cranberries, cut in half or thirds
1/4 c chopped pecans
1/4 c shredded unsweetened coconut
3 T flax seeds, measure then grind
1 scoop PP
3 packets splenda
3-4 T coconut oil
3/4 t. vanilla extract

I'm crazy about cranberries...don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!!


Important note I forgot: be sure to heat the cranberries the same time you heat the oil (in the oil) otherwise they'll harden the oil if they're cold!

DiamondDeb 01-19-2003 09:14 AM

LOL! Sue you really should add a little disclaimer to these recipes to let people know that not all the ingredients are considered "legal!" This newest sounds great! I think I'll try it...minus the nuts! ;) I still haven't found unswweetened coconut around here, but I really haven't looked much either.

smasty 01-19-2003 09:21 AM

Hey Deb...depends on which program people are doing, I'm back to mostly low carb, so not a problem. You're right though if folks are doing BRx.


DiamondDeb 01-19-2003 09:36 AM


Originally posted by smasty
Hey Deb...depends on which program people are doing, I'm back to mostly low carb, so not a problem. You're right though if folks are doing BRx.
It's not on BFL either! Of course, coconut oil isn't listed on any of them either! I just think that with so many newbies, it might be a good idea to be clear about what recipes are good for which plans. :)

You chopped the cranberries by hand? Would a food processor pulverize them? I can see berries shooting all over the kitchen as I try to chop them up... ;)

Leenie 01-19-2003 11:25 AM

Wow, that sounds good Sue.

I've been off the coconut oil for about 2 weeks so starting back on it again today.....I have big batch of fudge in the refrigerator right now.

I'm hoping to drop this extra inch at my tummy within the next week

smasty 01-19-2003 11:59 AM

Deb...don't use a food processor or you'll have cranberry juice and pulp. It's only 10-15 cranberries, and you want them very coarse, really, just cut them in half if small, or thirds if large, and it works great. Oops, one thing I forgot to add was to throw the cranberries in w/ the oil in the double boiler to heat them up, otherwise they'll harden the oil since they're frozen. ....Also Deb...I think the whole issue of coconut oil fudge recipes is more fundamental than which program you're on....it's "do you want coconut oil in your diet." Then each person has to review the additional additives to see if it fits in their program. I believe all the recipes posted are appropriate for low carbers, of which there's a huge amount here. You're right, both coconut and ground flax seeds would never fly on BFL eating (flax seeds are 11 gr of fat in 3T.) (or nuts or coconut!).

smasty 02-22-2003 09:53 AM

I'm adding about 1/4 c of raw oatmeal to the fudge concoctions now....it adds great texture to it.


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