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KrystaLyn 02-24-2007 11:53 PM

Anybody have a recipe for a LC Green Smoothie??
I want to start making green (spinach based) smoothies, but all the recipes I find are REALLY high in carbs. Does anyone have a LC version?

Charski 02-25-2007 09:17 AM

I think Fawn makes a green smoothie - you might need to PM her - she usually hangs out more in the Main Lobby I believe!

FAAAWWWWNNNNN!!! We need you Girl!

catkin 02-25-2007 09:40 AM

Here You Go!
Ode to Green Smoothie

March is National Nutrition Month

Everyday Foods that Can Make You Smarter, Healthier, Less Stressed

Plant-derived omega-3s may aid in bone health

New mechanism for nutrient uptake discovered

Key Nutrients for Every Body - from Cradle to Rocker

As the Russian proverb says: New- is something old, that has been long forgotten. This summer I re-discovered green smoothies. What do I mean by green smoothie? Here is one of my favorite recipes: 4 ripe pears, 1 bunch of parsley and 1 big cup of water. Blended well. This smoothie looks very green, but it tastes like fruit. I like green smoothies so much that I bought an extra blender and placed it in my office, so that I could make green smoothies throughout the day. More than half of all the food I've had
in last several months have been green smoothies. I have so much more energy and clarity that I have removed green juices from my diet. (Juicing has been something that I've been doing regularly for years.) Green smoothies have numerous benefits for human health.

1. Green smoothies are very nutritious. I believe that the ratio in them is optimal for human consumption: about 60% - ripe organic fruit mixed with about 40% - organic green vegetables.

2. Green smoothies are easy to digest. When blended well, all the valuable nutrients in these fruits and veggies become homogenized, or divided into such small particles that it becomes easy for the body to assimilate these nutrients, the green smoothies literally start to get absorbed in your mouth.

3. Green smoothies, as a posed to juices, are a complete food because they still have fiber.

4. Green smoothies belong to the most palatable dishes for all humans of all ages. With a ratio of fruits to veggies as 60:40 the fruit taste dominates the flavor, yet at the same time the green vegetables balance out the sweetness of the fruit, adding nice zest to it. Green smoothies are simply the best tasting dishes for the majority of adults and children. I always make extra smoothie and offer it to my friends and customers. Some of them eat a standard American diet. They all finished their big cup of green smoothies with complements. They were quite surprised that something so green could taste so nice and sweet.

5. By consuming two or three cups of green smoothies daily you will consume enough of greens for the day to nourish your body, and they will be well assimilated. Many people do not consume enough of greens, even those who stay on a raw food diet. The molecule of chlorophyll has only one atom that makes it different from a molecule of human blood. According to teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, to consume chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion.

6. Green smoothies are easy to make, and quick to clean up after. Many people told me that they do not consume green juices on a regular basis because it is time consuming to prepare green juices and clean the equipment after juicing, or to drive to the juice bar.

7. Green smoothies are perfect food for children of all ages, including babies of six or more months old when introducing new food to them after mother's milk. Of course you have to be careful and slowly increase the amount of smoothies to avoid food allergies.

8. When you consume your greens in the form of green smoothies, you can greatly reduce the consumption of oils and salt in your diet.

9. Regular consumption of Green smoothies forms a good habit of eating greens. Several people told me that after a couple of weeks of drinking green smoothies, they started to crave and enjoy eating more greens. Eating enough of green vegetable is often a problem with many people, especially in children.

10. Green smoothies can easily be freshly made at any juice bar, restaurant or health food store for the great convenience of health-oriented customers. Please bring a copy of this article to your local juice bar.

I encourage the readers of this article to start playing with green smoothies, and to discover the many joys and benefits of this wonderful delicious and nutritious addition to the menu. Here are more ideas for your green creations. Some of my favorite greens to add to green smoothies: parsley, spinach, celery, kale and romaine. My favorite fruits for green smoothies are: pears, peaches, nectarines, bananas, mangoes and apples. Strawberries and raspberries taste superb in green smoothies, when combined with ripe bananas.

Delicious Combinations

2 large mangos
1 bunch parsley

6 peaches
2 handfuls of spinach leaves

2 mangos
1 handful of lambs quarters, stinging nettles, purslane, etc

1-cup strawberries
2 bananas
1/2 bunch romaine

4 apples
1/2 lemon juice
4-5 leaves of kale

4 very ripe kiwis
1 ripe banana
3 stalks of celery

4 ripe pears
4-5 leaves of kale
1/2 bunch of mint

Finger banana-spinach
10 finger-bananas
2 handfuls of spinach leaves

Bosc pear-raspberry-kale
3 bosc pears
1 handful of raspberries
4-5 leaves of kale

I'm getting a Magic Bullet blender soon for this very reason! :cool:

LoveMyGSDs 02-26-2007 02:27 PM

This thread has Fawn's shake: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/sh...d.php?t=475165

You may have to tinker with it a bit, as she is in maintenance.

Nigel 02-28-2007 07:25 PM

Good Morning Greens Smoothie

This smoothie is a delicious, easy and healthy way to start your day. Yield: 6 servings
1 granny smith apple, washed, cored but with skin
4-5 stalks celery, ends & tips removed, use leaves
2 cups chopped romaine lettuce
of a large Haas avocado
bunch cilantro or parsley (depending on your preference) stems removed
3-4 cups filtered water
Chop vegetables into 1 inch pieces for easy blending. Fill blender with 3-4 cups filtered water (more or less water depending on how thick you desire your shake). Add all ingredients into blender. Puree till smooth or desired consistency.
* You can also add the juice from one half of a lemon or lime and even tsp sea salt and/or cayenne pepper
I suppose you could leave out the apple if the carbs are too high for you.

Meli-Mel 03-01-2007 06:32 PM

I've made smoothies in the past with spinach leaves, a scoop or two of LC (1-2 carbs) protein powder, a few frozen berries(6-8), 1/2 cup Carb Countdown milk (2), 1/2 cup low sugar juice (3) and ice. That would be around 15 at the most. Definitely better for OWL or maintenance. Not induction friendly.

mightyminx 08-30-2009 10:05 AM

I know this is an old, old thread, but I just started really LCing after struggling to give up vegetarianism for a long time, and I wanted to share the low-ish carb concoction I made after reading the thread about Fawn's shake:

1 c. water
1 c. unsweetened vanilla hemp milk
1/2 mixed frozen berries (this is what helps give it the smoothie-like consistency and temperature, although I suppose you could leave it out to dip under 10 g. of carbs)
4 cups spinach leaves (or kale, chard, dandelion, mustard greens, etc.) I've read its best to switch out your greens each day, so I buy 2-3 at a time. Spinach has the mildest flavor, so you might want to ease into green smoothies with this first.
3 tsp. flax seeds
1 Tb. almond butter

I basically just dump everything into my Blendtec and run the smoothie cycle twice to get the berry seeds pulverized. I used to make green smoothies with bananas and tropical fruits before I started, and I have to say that although this definitely does NOT taste like a regular smoothie, I almost prefer the bitterness of the greens and the almonds than the cloying sweetness of a regular green smoothie.

Now for the important part: I ran this smoothie through DailyPlate and came up with 27 total carbs (yikes!) but only 11 net carbs. So it's obviously a tradeoff. Taking out the flax seeds and getting rid of the berries would obviously really reduce the carb count, but I'm willing to go for it for the health benefits of both.

In the future I'm going to play around with some savory green smoothies (more like V8 juice), so I'll post some recipes and nutrition information when I get brave enough to try it. :)

jumpingbean 09-05-2009 03:07 PM

I make green smoothies almost every day. I try my best to keep the sugar low; it's tough because most greens taste bitter. My favorite way to disguise the taste is by putting a whole lemon in the smoothie, peel and all. I wash it and cut it into quarters (making sure to get the seeds out) and it really cuts the "green" taste and is very refreshing. Lemon is supposed to be very alkalizing as well. I like to use Swiss chard, spinach, dandelion greens, kale, etc. for the greens and add half a frozen avocado, some frozen berries of some sort (usually blueberries or raspberries), a lemon, sometimes a granny smith apple, and celery or beet greens. I usually add some stevia for my 10 year-old but I don't find I need it. I feel so great after drinking these that even when they're bitter, I still drink them because I know I'll feel great. :) Edited to add that I always add 2 cups of filtered water as well. I love my KTec Blender. I think I could make rock smoothies with it. lol

Kissa 01-30-2010 10:41 AM

Any more lower carb suggestions? Green egg cream suggestions anyone?


Boudica 01-30-2010 01:15 PM

My Green Smoothie
This is what I drink every morning. SUPER healthy, good for you, pretty LC and VERY filling:

2-3 cups Raw Spinach
1-2 TBLS Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1/2 C Full Fat Yogurt* (I home make mine)
1/4 C chia gel
1/4 C Aloe Vera Juice (found at WalMart or Walgreens)
1-2 TBLS dried Goji Berries
1 TBLS Hemp Hearts
1-2 C Cold Water

I have a BlendTec Emulsion Blender so I set it on Whole Juice and let it run a full cycle. Then I add:

1 TBLS Life's Greens (Can be found at Puritan's Pride website)
1 TBLS Psyllium Husk Powder

Push Pulse 2-3 times just until the greens and husk powders are blended in then DRINK QUICKLY!!! This should fill a 32 ounce cup.

This drink does take some getting used to. You drink it quickly because the psyllium husk powder will thicken it a LOT if you try to sip on it.


*It has been shown that full fat yogurt only counts as 4 carbs per cup, so I count the half cup at 2 carbs.

LC4aHealthyMe 01-30-2010 08:05 PM


cerulean 02-26-2010 03:11 PM

Hi, I'm a new poster (but have been lurking for a long time), and just taking in all this wonderful info. I saw your question about the LC green smoothie (not sure if it's still a current topic??) and had to chip in. I've been making the best green smoothies lately!! I don't use measurements, but I'll estimate: I use about 1/4 cup coconut milk (sometimes more), maybe 1.5 cups water, 1 raw egg, 1 teaspoon wild blueberries, a giant handful (maybe 2 cups) of swiss chard, 1 cup beet greens, any other greens I have on hand, and 3-4 drops Now brand liquid stevia. It is really yummy, and satisfying...

GingerAnn 06-28-2012 10:35 AM

Anyone have any additional suggestions?

GingerAnn 06-28-2012 12:30 PM

Just made a really tasty one..

2 scoops of chocolate protein power
1/2 avocado
1/2 pint blueberries
2 handfuls baby spinach

Wow that was good! Serves 2.

Net carbs per serving look to be around 16g. Leaving the blueberries out would bring it down a lot.

ouizoid 06-28-2012 03:43 PM

2 handfuls chopped kale, juice of 1/2 lemon, a little stevia, cup of almond milk, 5 frozen strawberries. Delicious.

Sharbysyd 03-27-2013 01:25 PM

I am ready to do low carb but also unwilling to give up my green smoothies so I did an internet search looking for ideas and was led here - which is kind of funny because I just signed up for this site last week and have made the pizza recipes (it was phenomenal) so far.

I started doing green smoothies last June and then increased my amount to about 1 Vitamix pitcher full all day long without eating anything else until 5pm. It was my version of modified fasting. I've read that modified fasting is very beneficial for health. After starting the green smoothies that way, I noticed such wonderful energy that I hadn't had before (even though my thyroid levels have been off) and have kept them up for that reason.

The thought that comes to mind for making the smoothies low carb would be to use cucumbers, tomatoes and other acceptable savory fruits (i.e. green pepper, avocado etc).

I also wanted to mention that anyone doing green smoothies should be rotating the greens on a regular basis. It is not good to do one green all the time because of the alkaloids in the greens.

One last thing I wanted to mention is that as a rule it's best to just have greens and fruit in the smoothies with nothing else (like yogurt, protein powder, etc). I'm not sure about stevia but maybe that wouldn't be as big of a deal. It's the fruit that doesn't combine well with other things so technically it would be okay to mix the greens into a protein shake without the fruit. Greens combine well with anything.

It's also good to wait 40 minutes before and 40 minutes after to eat something.

Editing to add that I've also heard that green smoothies do not raise the blood sugar but I don't know how true this is since I don't have the means to test myself.

pocahontas 03-27-2013 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by Sharbysyd (Post 16339631)
I am ready to do low carb but also unwilling to give up my green smoothies so I did an internet search looking for ideas and was led here - which is kind of funny because I just signed up for this site last week and have made the pizza recipes (it was phenomenal) so far.


I have really been enjoying this smoothie with the addition of greens and some coconut oil. http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lo...-smoothie.html Its simple, basic and best of all, lower in carbs than most. You could play around with it and add apple or peaches or even a couple brazil nuts if you so desire.

Minxz 04-01-2013 11:41 AM

I have been wanting to try something with Parsley and Cilantro I was thinking the one that tastes a lot like V8 with tomato lemon and celery might work with some extra green?

Minxz 04-01-2013 11:47 AM

I just found this one:

1 cup raw baby spinach
6 frozen strawberries
6 ounces plain Greek yogurt
1/3 cup Crystal Light orange drink mix
2 (1 g) packets Splenda sugar substitute

Lize636 04-11-2013 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Minxz (Post 16348256)
I just found this one:

1 cup raw baby spinach
6 frozen strawberries
6 ounces plain Greek yogurt
1/3 cup Crystal Light orange drink mix
2 (1 g) packets Splenda sugar substitute

Thanks I think this has to be the lowest carb one so far!! I am hoping to get a blender and try this very soon!!!

Gabby1 08-15-2013 07:05 AM

My husband and I are doing the ketogenic diet for cancer and so I have been trying to develop high fat, very low carb meals for us that also incorporate green veggies. Here are a couple of smoothies that are working for us so far:

Tropical Ultra Low Carb Green Smoothie:

1 c Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk
1 scoop Jay Robb Tropical Dreamsicle Whey Protein Powder
2 c baby spinach leaves
1 tbs coconut oil
5 drops Stevia (or one packet)
few ice cubes

Blend well.
cal 271, fat 16, carbs 4.2, fiber 2.3, net carbs 1.9, pro 27.7

Peanut Butter Chocolate Green Smoothie:

1 c Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk
1 scoop Jay Robb Chocolate Protein Powder
2 tbs natural (no sugar added) peanut butter (Kirkland brand is a good one)
1 tbs cocoa powder
2 c baby spinach leaves
5 drops Stevia
few ice cubes

Blend well
cal 366, fat 19, carbs 13.1, fiber 5.9, net carbs 7.2, pro 38.7

These are my first attempts. I am not committed to having the spinach (or other veg) in the smoothies, but I thought it would be great if I could sneak some in there. In the Tropical recipe, the spinach flavor goes well with the orange and coconut flavors. In the PB Choc recipe, the PB and choc flavors completely mask the spinach.

If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know!

rosethorns 08-15-2013 12:10 PM

These all sound really great.

kind 05-31-2014 05:41 PM

Is this site still good? Like to get a green smoothie buddie. Have been doing green smoothies over a year. Love it.

Hawkdog1 06-01-2014 07:25 AM

I'd like to give them a try as well. I just don't see how something liquid can "hold" me as a meal replacement. I seem to need solid food. If we drink them as a supplement and a means to get extra veggies in then I can see it being really helpful.
I bought a Vitamix two years ago and it sits in my pantry. I'd really like to use that expensive little item to improve my health and spark some new cooking interests.

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