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CMIODOWS 03-22-2005 10:15 AM

Great but ugly snack!
Someone mentioned grilling greenbeans in the oven with a bit of olive oil. I do this only cook them till they are actually crisp. At about 275 degrees for an hour or even more. They are the best snack I have had so far. They look darn right ugly, but they have a kind of onion ring sweet taste. Put a little salt on them and then dip in low carb ketchup. I just love these things. I am not sure if all the nutrition is gone with cooking them this long, but even so they are worth it! I have tried cooking at a higher temp, but they tend to burn.

I get the big bag of frozen bean at Sam's. They are thinner than most beans to start off with.

canadiandina 03-22-2005 10:18 AM

do you cook them from frozen or do you thaw them out first?

CMIODOWS 03-22-2005 10:23 AM

Frozen. I just pour a bunch out on a cookie sheet and then toss them in a little olive oil. Spread out and put in the oven to crisp up.

canadiandina 03-22-2005 10:26 AM

i'm gonna try that...i love green beans. yum!

Mule_Freak 03-22-2005 10:30 AM

Those sound killer good, I am another green bean freak, gonna stop and get me some green beans.
So you use french cut or whole beans, I know I know probably silly question, just making sure I get the right ones :D
Chef Tell I am not, he he

CMIODOWS 03-22-2005 11:20 AM

They are not french cut, but are thin whole green beans. Checked the bag to see if they said anything different, but no, nothing different. I put them in a ziploc bag and keep them in the pantry. I was afraid if they went in the fridge they might not stay as crisp. They are a great snack.

Charski 03-22-2005 11:25 AM

Oven-roasted veggies are my fave, and green beans my all-time favorite!

I'm gonna try them like this though, slow-roasting til crisp - sounds good!

Brussels sprouts are great that way too - the crispy brown leaves are the best.


stewcarol 03-22-2005 11:49 AM

Hey, so long as nothing happens to increase the carb count while they are cooking, I'm not as concerned about the nutrients that might be reduced due to the heat. Am I bad? Going to make some right now.

Lisam1131 03-22-2005 03:00 PM

Sounds good, thanks for the idea!

Aediekins 03-22-2005 03:02 PM

When you cook something like that the sweet taste is because the natural sugars in the veggie caramelize. I think this ups the carb count a bit, but I'm not sure how much.

Beachgirl 03-22-2005 03:10 PM

I want to see a picture! What do they look like?

pdianne 03-22-2005 03:53 PM

The only way it ups the carb count is that 1 cup of cooked veggie is not the same as one cup of uncooked veggie.

CMIODOWS 03-22-2005 04:05 PM

Not very good with the picture thing. I tried with a post that I believe Beeb did, but it didn't work. They kind of shrivel up and curl and get quite dark. You don't want them to burn. I did say it was an 'ugly' snack.

MORE2GO 03-23-2005 07:44 AM

Sounds good, will have to give them a try, maybe put a little of the powdered parmesan cheese on them??

Vanessa120 03-24-2005 02:52 PM

Ok I got these in the oven -- I sprayed them with butter flavored Pam and sprinkles Jamaica Me Crazy seasoning on them. I can't wait to see just how "ugly" they turn out!

Vanessa120 03-24-2005 03:36 PM

OMG :eek: I am in heaven -- if you close your eyes and eat these they taste like FRENCH FRIES.

I bought the frozen bag of whole green beans from Sam's Club and put them on a baking stone and baked for 1 hour and 15 minutes. My only mistake was not making enough because now I have to wait another hour to eat these again!

Thank you for this YUMMMMMMMMMMY idea!

P.S. They were UGLY :hyst:

sligh 03-25-2005 11:01 AM

I had some fresh green beans in the refrigerator and now they're in the oven. I hope fresh works as well as frozen - can't wait to try these.

sligh 03-25-2005 01:41 PM

This is just the BEST snack. DH thinks it would be great to take to to the movie and eat like popcorn. Thanks for sharing your discovery.

Charski 03-25-2005 03:57 PM

I'm gonna make these tonight - just bought 2 bags of frozen green beans!

Here's a hint on the olive oil - you can put the beans into a ziploc bag, pour in a little EVOO, shake them up and then onto the pan - that way each and every bean gets a light coating without any mess - toss out the bag afterwards!

That's how I do all my oven-roasted veggies nowadays.


SCOTTSDALEJULIE 03-25-2005 04:58 PM

I'm going to try these with my barbequed ribs tonight. I'll let you know. thanks Julie

LowCarbConvert 03-25-2005 05:37 PM

Mine have been in the oven for about an hour & 15. they don't seem to be crisping up yet, although they are starting to look quite ugly. Maybe another 15 or 20?
I can't wait to try these!

notfatforlong 03-25-2005 07:25 PM

Rushing out to Sam's to get the green beans.
Thanks-can't wait to try these.

KellyMarie38 03-25-2005 07:36 PM


Originally posted by CMIODOWS
Frozen. I just pour a bunch out on a cookie sheet and then toss them in a little olive oil. Spread out and put in the oven to crisp up.
Just threw some green beans in the oven to try this! I put the oven on 375, is that right? tia


Charski 03-25-2005 08:35 PM

The original post on this thread says 275*. That's where I started mine. After about an hour, I cranked it up to 325*. After about an hour and a half, I cranked it up to 350*! LOL! And THAT was in my convection oven -

Finally took them out after a total of 2 hours - crispy, brown, ugly, but NOT burnt - and very very yummy! DH could hardly keep his hands out of them.

I did as I suggested above, tossed them in a bag with EVOO - 2 bags of beans - then onto a roasting pan lined with a silicone sheet, sprinkled the lot with garlic salt and into the oven.

Ugly as homemade sin but tasty to be sure!

I've never cooked them THAT far before, but I sure will again!


CMIODOWS 03-26-2005 06:28 AM

Glad to hear that you are liking these. I am surprised that yours didn't burn at 350. I must have a tempermental oven. Most recipes never take as long as the time stated. I even went out and bought an oven thermometer, but it just shows a few degrees over whatever it is set as. The first few times I did do them at 350, but always ended up with too many burnt to a crisp.

I also mentioned in a post above that I was going to store them in the pantry, but they didn't stay real crisp in there. So now I just keep them in the fridge. Good that way, but can also be reheated very quickly and crisped up again.

Loved the idea about taking them to the show. We will do that for sure.

KellyMarie38 03-26-2005 06:46 AM


Originally posted by KellyMarie38
Just threw some green beans in the oven to try this! I put the oven on 375, is that right? tia


Well, I threw these in at my exhubby's house and then had to be to work for 11pm and they weren't done before I left. Exhubby says they were good though. I'll have to try it again tonight and add some garlic. I love garlic.


SCOTTSDALEJULIE 03-26-2005 05:23 PM

I loved these as did my mom, but Dh who doeswn't love greeen beans anyway wasn't quite as enamoured. I would like to try this deep fat fried. anyone try this yet? If you do it befor me, let me know. Next time I make burgers, I'm gonna try deep fat frying them.

JaneyDoe 03-26-2005 05:51 PM

Yummy! I will definitely try this, thanks!

VAmomof2 03-26-2005 07:36 PM

I am so glad to see someone else had to up their oven. I did these at 275 and after an hour they weren't even lightly brown. I turned it up and used convection but needed 350 degrees and almost 2 hours to get them 'ugly'. They are in the pantry now. I tried just one little bite because I am too tired to taste but they were yummy. I hope they stay crispy. Has anyone reheated in the micro? Might that crisp them up if you nuke them in a paper towel in case they get a bit mushy in the ziploc?

silkandsand 03-26-2005 09:51 PM

I made these today and they look just like browned scorpion tales!!! I USED FRESH AND LEFT THE WHISPY END AND THEY LOOKED LIKE THEY EVEN HAD STINGERS!!!! :eek: And my kids were amazed and thought mom cooked up scorpions for dinner. They loved em and now I am envisioning these for a party theme...a dirt cake with gummy worms and scorpion tales as a salty snack. These are good!

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