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Atkins In Advance #2

45. chicken cacciatore

1 lb skinless boneless chicken breasts
Salt and pepper
1 tbsp olive oil
1 med onion, chopped
1/2 med green bell pepper, diced
3/4 cup sliced mushrooms
1 garlic clove
1 can tomato & puree (I make my own)
2 tbls dry white wine
1/4 cup minced parsley
1 tsp basil
1/2 tsp oregano
Season the chix with the Salt and Pep, then brown in olive oil. Remove. Add onions, pepper, mushrooms, & garlic, cook until translucent. Add tomatos & puree. Stir. Add wine, parsley, basil, oregano. Cut chix into 1 inch pieces and return to skillet along with any juices that may have collected. Reduce heat to med low and simmer until chix is cooked though and sauce thickens. (about 5 mins.) The prep time is about 20 min, and the cook time about 15. This is so good that 3 people in my office has asked for the recipe and I eat it every day for lunch.
47. Make beachgirl's cheesecake. Slice or make in cupcake containers. The full recipe makes 24 cupcakes.
49. Make big bowl of tuna salad (tuna, mayo, celery, onion, salt, pepper, dill, chopped pickle). Scoop on celery sticks.
50. Salmon - slice filet into portions, freeze on a cookie sheet, then store in a baggie in the freezer. Put a frozen filet on a sheet of foil, add some olive oil, butter, dill and lemon - make a pouch out of the foil and pop into the oven for 20 mins at 375. DINNER! Sam’s sells salmon filets in bulk.
51. Smoked Tuna Dip - A BIG can of tuna, softened cream cheese (about half the amount of the tuna) and drops of liquid smoke to taste. Serve with pork rinds for dipping, top with jalepeno slices.
52. Make SF jello
53. Make Guacamole-- gets watery after 3 days.
54. Make Atkins Muffins on Saturday - freeze
55. Shred a head of lettuce, grab a handful for a quick salad. Shred carrots, cheese and radishes too.
57. We keep cut up cauliflower and celery in the fridge for quick snacks, as well.
58. I also shop ahead... like I know I want tuna on my green salad at lunch, but I don't want to open a smelly can. So I buy my salad greens, divvy them up into 5 ziploc baggies and then buy 5 vacuum-pack thingies of tuna for the week. That's five lunches, if you add some ranch and some bacon bits.
59. I buy a green and a red pepper and cut into pieces each sunday. I snack on that instead of nuts.
60. Buy bags of salad
61. Avocados... I go to the Mexican market in my neighborhood for the very small Haas avocados... I buy two ripe ones, two semi-ripes, and two greens. That way I can have one a day or one every other day. I start ripe and work my way down.
62. fresh veggies, cleaned and cut up and ziplocked
63. broccoli and cauliflower salad
64. Chocolate cream cheese (8 oz. nuked for 45 seconds; blend with 1 T. cocoa powder and vanilla davinci syrup to taste); chill & eat w/spoon any time.
65. Dooalot's flax-bran muffins...sometimes make a double batch; freeze half; keep others on hand for snacks or quick meals (w/schmear of cream cheese). By substituting vanilla syrup for the water & splenda in the recipe, I can get these down to about 1.5 carbs per muffin.
66. homemade low carb ice cream in 1/2 cup containers(put in freezer) Make your own icecream while you're doing your other cooking for the week and get small containers at your restaurant supply store or reuse yogurt containers so you have portion control.
67. FILL THE GRILL!!! With meat & veggies--all kinds, whatever is on sale or what you like or whatever will fit on the rack! Leftover grilled mushrooms, peppers and squash tossed with strips of steak or chicken and a splash of Italian dressing is DELISH--hot or cold.
68. DOUBLE or triple anything you cook during the week or on weekends; freeze half, and you've got a second meal cooked with little extra effort. If you don't have a freezer, do it anyway and divvy it up into lunch-sized containers and refrigerate. You'll have lunches made for the week and can save yourself some $$$.
69. Make Atkins flan (custard) and divide into four servings to have ready for breakfasts, desserts or snacks.
70. Lately, I've been making big batches of coleslaw and eating it all week. It gets better after a few days anyway.
71. Salad for dinner at least 4 nights a week - have leftover for lunches.
72. Shrimp ****tail is great & easy to make. Make up bruceh's ketchup and add in some horseradish. Wonderful.
73. Whenever you bbq, add a few add'l pieces of meat/poultry while you're doing it. It doesn't take any more time or energy to make a few extra pieces of meat.
74. Make up a veggie tray in a covered plastic container and use it for munchies or order a veggie tray/meat tray from your local store with only the items you enjoy on it. Maybe there are some people at your office that might enjoy having a meat/cheese/veggie day and will share in the cost.
75. Cottage cheese is always good. Add in some of your favorite seasoning or davincis and you're good to go.
76. Marinate fresh brocolli in Italian salad dressing.
77. Make up a batch of zuchini and/or cheese sticks to the stage before frying and freeze them on a cookie sheet. Remove them when solid and store in freezer bags till you're ready to fry.
78. Make a log of your fave lc cookie dough and keep it in the fridge. Slice off a few cookies and bake when you're in the mood. Nothing like cookies hot out of the oven.
79. Find a lc friend in your area and have a cooking day! enjoy the company of a fellow lc'r and get your stuff done at the same time.
80. I LOVE soup; I buy mixed chicken parts (cheap) OR a small whole chicken. Add celery, green onion, peppercorns, but NO SALT ( I'm very sensitive to sodium) and simmer til the meat is cooked. Then I have salt-free, low carb chicken broth. I can freeze in small containers, then transfer to food saver bags. When I want soup, just cook lo carb veggies in the "broth ice cube" which melts quickly. I make a few quarts in a stock pot. Of course, you can do beef stock, pork stock, etc.
81. Clean all the romaine lettus on Sunday and put in Ziploc for the week.
82. Clean all my celery - ready for a little cream cheese anytime.
83. I put numbers on my bottled water (1-5) to keep track of my water consumption.
84. Nuke a whole package of pepperoni slices and put in ziploc bags. I put one in frig at work and one at home for quick crunchy snacks (like potato chips).
85. Pumpkin custard... Slice into 6-8 pieces, wrap in Saran, and freeze individually. Can be warmed up in the microwave with a pat of butter on top.
86. Get a roast sliced for beef jerky, dehydrate and keep in container in frig.
87. buy a big package of chicken legs and cook those on Sunday afternoon for my lunches. Sometimes I make some sort of veggie casserole (this week it is spinach). I keep canned green beans on hand, and one can is good for 2 days of lunches. I do not do bacon ahead of time - it takes 2 minutes to nuke it in the microwave, and I can do that while I cook my eggs in the morning. I keep a couple different cheeses in the fridge for snacks, and also single-serving SF Jello cups. I make a double batch of Dobie muffins and freeze them in packages of four each, and take out one package at a time.
88. *"Fry" up chicken legs w/Atkins bake mix, egg and heavy cream in the coating.
89. *Keep pepperoni slices to nibble on (the kind that go on pizza)
90. *Deli roast beef, turkey, or ham sliced and rolled with cream cheese inside.
91. *Lo carb deep dish pizza, cold or warmed in the microwave.
92. *Atkins muffins, freeze and defrost when needed.
93. *Celery and cream cheese.
94. *Frozen prawns or shrimp. Defrost and cook in wine and garlic. Peel and dip in drawn butter.
95. *Make cucumber sandwiches w/slices and cream cheese in between.
96. I don't like crunchy veggies in omelettes, so I saute a bunch of onions, peppers & mushrooms to use during the week. This has to be better than the usual 4-5 strips of bacon with my eggs every morning.
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